Could it be the perfect gift for a Transformers fan? A signed original [unpublished] script or script/comic pack [for Regeneration One]? Check out my current ebay auctions here.


5 Responses to SCRIPTS – WRAPPED

  1. Ivan says:

    Just saw the solicits for Januarys TFRG1 and see no Stephen Baskerville credited on the cover. Say it isn’t so – love Andy’s work – but it’s Stephen which brings it alive.

    • simon furman says:

      Never fear, Stephen is with us for the long haul.


      • Ivan says:

        Great news. So does issue 100 not only end the series but either your tenure on Transformers? I’d like to think we haven’t seen the end of the original continuity forever.

        Maybe do something like a origin series for this continuity using the hints and sequences shown over the years. Oh, and of course bring back Emirate Xxarom – best character in the serries.

  2. Ivan says:

    Poor spelling mistakes in my last post – D’oh!

  3. Chris McAree says:

    I am massively enjoying RG1 and have the same wonderful feeling of feverishly excited anticipation as I once had for my weekly dose of TFUK goodness as a kid in the ’80s! Any chance at all that any of the old dumb stubbies might allow even a cameo of a certain freelance peace-keeping agent or is that being a little too optimistic? Or what about Centurion?

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