UPDATE – preview is now up, here!

This was always going to be a difficult one. As regular readers of this blog know, it’s my habit (pre-release) to uncover some of the inner workings that led to the creation of a given comic issue. I try and be as spoiler-free as possible. Just teasing/tantalising with a few details or thought processes/decisions that contributed to the finish item. Well, with Transformers: Regeneration One #85 (out this coming Wednesday, November 7th), the climax of the Loose Ends story arc, the amount I could reveal about the issue and not spoil it dwindled to next-to-nothing. Pretty much everyone now knows it features what I hope is the most titanic and revealing Prime/Megatron clash ever. I’d always felt vaguely unsatisfied that the two towering titans of Transformers-dom had never really had an appropriately epic smackdown in the (original) comic series. Circumstances and story direction just seemed to have them in different corners of the storyline, or the clashes would end in stalemate. When I came on the (US) book, with issue #56, the first thing on my mind was to get Megatron back in the fray. But through twists and turns (of my own devising) somehow I could never get them face-to-face, toe-to-toe (if you discount the Mega-Ratchet combo fight with Prime, where it’s fair to say Megatron wasn’t exactly feeling himself). So uppermost in mind when we got to continue the saga beyond it’s abrupt conclusion in issue #80 (in Regeneration One), was to put that to rights, to accelerate Optimus and  Megatron into a showdown where all bets are off, the stakes and surrounding elements too mighty to brush off with an inconclusive draw (another stalemate was just not on the cards). In one corner, you’ve got Prime, who’s been head in the sand for the past 20 years, in the other Megatron, who’s been laying waste to Earth with almost the sole aim of sticking it to Prime and getting his attention. Well, now he’s got it — big time. The gloves are well and truly off. And just when you think it can’t get any more extreme (in terms of Prime’s state of mind), any worse — it does. In fact, it’s worth noting that IDW editor John Barber has been really sympathetic to this defiantly non-spoilerish lead-in to #85, and the preview you’ll eventually see is not the standard first 7 pages. It’s 5 pages from safely within the issue. It’ll give you the flavour and some of the stakes, but won’t spoil some of the OMG jaw-droppers in this issue. Anyway, I digress. As well as a totally titanic battle, I really wanted to get under the skin of the truly time and space-spanning grudge these two characters have. I wanted to understand this strange, almost symbiotic relationship a little more, before, well, it ends. Forever. All I can say is, whatever you might think you know from the covers and forums and whatever else has engendered a mountain of speculation, think again. Nothing can be taken from granted. And the Prime/Megatron clash is just one part of this packed issue! There’s Autobots (including Ultra Magnus – wait till you see that incredible Senior variant cover!) vs zombies, Wreckers vs Guardians, Spike vs Auntie and a tail end shock (or should that be ‘sting’) or two, including the return of… and… But that would be telling! Issue #85 hits the stores this coming Wednesday. Shout about it! Be first in line! Read nothing (online or otherwise) until you’ve read the issue. Trust me… fur will fly, feathers will be ruffled!

79 Responses to SCRIPT (W)RAP – TRANSFORMERS RG1 #85

  1. mikeladano says:

    “…tail end shock (or should that be ‘sting’)…”

    Cool!! Can’t wait.

  2. TFcomics says:

    Sounds amazing Simon! Can’t wait!

  3. Argus says:

    All Hail Galvatron!

    • Coptur says:

      Looking forward to this is an understatement slowly been re-reading through all my old titan tpb on the last one now and will again read 80.5 – 84(85).
      Just one question is the first gijoe crossover included within your continuity with the re-gen stuff!?!? as shockwave does make reference to cobra (i don’t remember the issue number).

      ps where’s Reflector lol lol

    • simon furman says:

      There’s actually a GI Joe ref in #83. Spike refers to the previous occupants of Argus Base as ‘having fought your lot in the past’ and there’s a distinctive eagle/flag logo ion the table. So yeah, same continuity.

      • Coptur says:

        will have to look again as i’ve totally missed that. thanks Simon.

      • Darren says:

        Thank you for this Simon. I think we have all been waiting a very long time for this and now it’s almost here! Feel like a kid again!

        My favourite one on one Transformer clash has always been the original confrontation between Galvatron and Ultra Magnus in Target 2006 but something tells me this is going to be the best yet!

        Any chance of Scorponok v Galvatron to finally decide who really is the most powerful?


  4. Tankorr says:

    I loved Op Vs Meg in War Within, I loved much more Op Vs Meg in Escalation, can’t wait for this!!

    Ps: autobot Headmasters’ heads are still functioning on Nebulos….why not Decepticons ones?

    I’m waiting (and hoping) for the rebirth of Scorponok…the REAL Scorponok (your G1 Scorponok was more Zarak than Big S)

    • Bass X0 says:

      I liked Zarak becoming Scorponok. I found the real Scorponok to be a two dimensional generic evil leader. No distinguishing characteristics other than being evil for the sake of being evil. Zarak fleshed out Scorponok a lot.

      I’m hoping for something different and new from this Optimus Prime vs. Megatron battle. I, like so many others here, have been reading since the 80s. I’ve taken in numerous different Optimus Prime vs. Megatron battles over the years across a variety of different continuities.

      I’m glad that the Optimus Prime vs. Megatron battle has been done this early so that the comic may now explore a variety of other characters. There’s numerous different characters to focus on, not just Optimus Prime. And despite the series finishing in 2014, fifteen issues left seems like a small number.

      I’m still hoping the wily old buzzard himself, Impactor, will make an appearance since he’s not dead in the Regeneration One continuity.

      • Tankorr says:

        Yes, the real Scorponok was a bidimensional evil character…but he was never written by SF. and his IDW Scorponok was wonderful. So…why not?

      • Darren says:

        There was Worlds Apart but that was Transformers UK.

        After reading the preview I’ve changed my mind….I now thing both Megatron and Prime will die!


  5. Dave Grew says:

    Simon this issue best live up to my very high expectations. I have booked a day off work ESPECIALLY so that I can be at Forbidden Planets door at 09.30 on Wednesday morning!! As a reader of the original Marvel Continuity as a kid, this is THE BIG ONE!!!!

  6. inkmancomics says:

    WOO SIMON!!! Can’t wait – special trip down to my LCS this week for it! – – Luke

  7. Mansoor Ali Choudhury says:

    My favourite fight was Scorponok vs Shockwave in #73. I can still quote the odd line of dialogue from that one.

  8. DeceptiDon says:

    Simon, I have been reading Transformers since issue 1 in 1984, and to say I had high expectations for this issue would be an understatement in the extreme. But may I be the first to say…..UTTERLY AMAZING!!! You really blew it out of the park with this one. Already counting the days to 86!

  9. simon furman says:

    Re: Scorponok. The one thing he won’t be is two-dimensional. Let’s just say his Headmaster experience has changed him. But fear not, he’s still an utter bad b@st@rd!

    • Paul says:

      So, is Scorponok aware of how Zarak sacrificed himself in order to help stop Unicron and that (in a way) he actually became “friends” with Optimus Prime? Also, in the orginal series Grimlock and Scorponok were both described as not really being Autobot or Decepticon, but somewhere inbetween. Is that going to be explored? Can that be explored?

      • simon furman says:

        Scorponok is aware of Zarak’s death, because they inhabited a shared mind. But the difference is, Zarak’s death did not kill Scorponok. But neither is it a clean break. Scorponok won’t just revert to who he was (exactly). I think both Scorponok & Grimlock, regardless of allegiance, are outsiders. And wait’ll you see Scorp’s remedy to that!

  10. Michael says:

    Niiice. Funny how this battle turned out pretty much how I predicted from the start, including the way [CENSORED] was defeat. Guess it’s the writer in me. Also, I’m guessing it’s more than a simple coincidence that [X] woke up at the exact same moment

  11. Andy S says:

    Just wanted to let you know how much I LOVED this issue – though as great as the dialogue between the main protagonists was, it was all about how it looked and Wildman and the boys knocked it out the park!

    That last page – ooh, you tease!! 🙂

  12. Jim Semonik says:

    DUDE!!! Simon! Thank you! Seeing the last few pages of this book made my day. 2 favorite characters returning. I just can’t get over it. I do question the coincidental awakening and defeat mentioned above and am intrigued. We also didn’t see Starscream fall over like the rest correct? Brilliant issue and IMHO the best since #75.

  13. Sean says:

    To much praise. MY TURN. Alas, I can’t go on a bashing spree like I was anticipating. As a single issue it was pretty great actually. For some one known for offing great characters at a wim, you held back this time. We only lost Springer and Megatron, and poor Ratchet as well. Once I saw all the old G1 bots, I just knew you’d start killing them, but you didn’t. Interesting. The fight between Megatron and Prime was pretty good, and a worthy battle between the two. The issue was way more dense then the last two issues. I didn’t like that Ratchet who had a great character arc throughout the Marvel comic, and a fitting death, offically goes out being shot in the face as a head on a skate board. It was also predictable.

    As an opening arc it’s pretty average in my opinion. Many of us who didn’t like it still claim that this thing could have been condensed, and I personally feel Prime should have had a bigger part in the story.Which is also interesting concidering that after 4 issues of being a side character, he’s a primary character here.This issue did a lot to pull it all together though, so I’ll give you that. Looking forward to the next arc, it sounds interesting. I’ve had enough of exposition and loose ends, I now want to get into the meat and potatoes of this whole thing.

    So are we going into another TIME WARS story with Galvatron?

    • Michael says:

      I actually agree with you on Ratchet — my only real regret with this issue is that we never got to see any of his thoughts or feelings in this Regen One arc before he was obliterated. Though I guess we can assume he was ready and willing to be sacrificed if it means obliterating Megatron.

    • simon furman says:

      As with everything in RG1, there are shades of things past but presented in a new (and hopefully surprising) way. So no Time Wars. But a certain resonance with its underlying conceit. Maybe. Glad you enjoyed the issue.

    • simon furman says:

      Hey, Sean, glad you liked the issue. For me, this arc did everything i wanted it do. Now it’s on with, as you say, the real meat and potatoes of RG1.

  14. Mansoor Ali Choudhury says:

    Kudos maestro, kudos.

  15. I won’t say too much for fear of spoiling things, but this was a fantastic issue.

    But I do have a question. Namely, that at the start we see Tracks, Ironhide, Prowl and others who were deactivated on the Ark and revived by Nucleon prior to the Unicron battle. However, they appear to have retained the ability to transform, or recovered it somehow. I was under the impression that those who used Nucleon, like Grimlock, had lost that ability. Is it the case that not all those revived by it were affected in the same way (if at all)? I assumed Grimlock’s search to regain the ability to transform was less personal and more a quest to restore all those who had been similarly cursed by his using the Nucleon on them, but is that not so?

  16. Bass X0 says:

    Perhaps the others were able to purge the Nucleon after seeing what it did to Grimlock before it took over them as well.

    • simon furman says:

      The Nucleon situation will be clarified somewhat in #86. But the truth is that it affects no one ‘bot the same way. And there’s not a negative effect to everyone. You’ll meet the negatives in #86.

      • Ian Hewett says:

        “Meet the Negatives” sounds like a comedy film waiting to happen. 🙂
        I’ve just received #85, and it was incredible. Although I guessed the outcome and resolution, it was no less powerful. Nice to see Auntie and the Guardians (which sounds like a late 70s cartoon series), as ultimate a tribute to the Marvel UK stuff as you can get.
        Nice cliffhanger, too. I wonder if we’ll get to see some bitter Nebulans along the way, like Llyra (Zarak’s daughter), or perhaps an explanation of why they look exactly like humans. Are the two planets linked in some way?
        Anyway, brilliant stuff as ever. Intrigued, eager for #86, but fearing the end…

  17. Eric says:

    just got the issue, and I won’t spoil it, but it was well and truly fantastic! Question: does the mind link with megs/ratchet get explained ever? To what extent does it exist? Is there any proof that killing one will kill the other? It wasn’t completely obvious after reading the issue, and that’s all I’ll say…plus, the timing of some events related to that topic towards the end caused me to think about this…

  18. Sean says:

    That was all explained in Simons original Marvel run. In fact the brief glimps of the fused Megs and Ratchet should give you the idea of how and why it works.

  19. Michael says:

    I will say a couple more speech-y things. As a teen, two core things that really bothered me about the 12-issue G2 run was that the Ratchet/Megatron issue was never swept out from under the rug (except in that one random memory of Prime), and that Galvatron never busted out of the ice, except in Simon’s post-G2 Botcon story ‘Alignment’, which I never got to read. This issue hit a great milestone in handling both of those threads. Thank you.

  20. Darren says:

    Wow what an issue! Never ever saw that coming with Springer! This was one of the best battles ever between two iconic Transformers.

    I guess Megatron had gone completely insane and was ready to die along with Prime. Prime even seemed sad at the end that his greatest rival for millions of years has finally died.

    A fitting ending to one of fictions greatest villains. Thank you Simon.

    Now looking forward to seeing what Scorponok is up to and what he meant by rewriting “the entire evolutionary path of the Cybertronian race.”


  21. nath says:

    simon excellent issue cant wait for the next one ,darren maybe this new path are bodies with total obidience built in so instead of megatrons zombie army scorponok will have an army of obidient warriors it will be interesting to see what grimlocks price will be once he accepts his new body

  22. Paul says:

    It’s interesting that as soon as Megatron died Galvatron finally emerged from the ice… it’s too bad that we didn’t get an issue or two with them joining forces (like was hinted at in the original series). However, I can fully undersrtand why you didn’t go that route. I mean Megatron AND Galvatron- TOGETHER! I don’t think anyone could have stopped them. A few questions if I may ask them
    1.) Where is Shockwave? Last time we saw him he was getting pummeled by Megatron and Galvatron. If he survived that he is definately tuffer than I thought.
    2.) Why would the Autobots keep Thunderwings carcass? After what he did wouldn’t cremating that thing be numero uno on the Autobots to do list?
    3.) Omega Supreme? it would be nice if someone gave him some character development someday…

    I am seriously hoping that Galvatron doesn’t kill Optimus Prime. It just seems wrong to me. Actually, having Optimus Prime die and stay dead seems completely wrong to me too. Ugh, I hope I am wrong about this feeling 😦

    • simon furman says:

      1) Issue #87.
      2) Because it’s their only remaining direct link to Primus. They’re working on a way to purge what they call the Matrix reservoir.
      3) You never know. There’s a reason we haven’t seen him that will be explained in the third arc.

      • Paul says:

        Damn, it seems like you really are covering just about every loose end that there is, but pehaps you can shed some light on Circuit Breaker. After she “fried” Unicron I think that she was only in one issue and then she just vanished from the remaining 5 or 6 issues. What happened to her in that time?

        Also since you seems to be covering so many loose ends, how about sheding some light on what happened to The Mechanic, Bomber Bill, The Spacehikers and Brick Springhorn and the Tenth Avenue Band? Sorry, I had to see if I could stump you somehow.

        Great job so far. I can’t wait to buy the TPB of all these comics.

      • Michael says:

        Seeing the mechanic again would be _awesome_, especially since he was never caught. I could see him becoming like that Dr. Archevil character in the TV series, only less silly.

      • simon furman says:

        Answer to Paul & Michael: what, and leave no room for RG1 fan-fic? But seriously, if we ever get some extra RG1 space I’d love to go back to Earth, pre- or during the Megatron rampage and show what happened to various characters. Here’s a hint, though, we will find out what happened to Buster.

      • Michael says:

        I almost forgot about one of the more important G1 humans. Ethan Zachary! The guy who saved Optimus Prime’s life, in a manner of speaking. Regarding that — how do we know the Optimus he transferred to the disc is the real, original Optimus and not some clone? Something I always wondered growing up on this stuff.

      • Paul says:

        How a prequel to regeneration one! That would be awesome. I don’t know if I am looking forward to hearing about what happened to Buster, Sparkslug, Jessie, O and all the other humans who were on earth. 😦

  23. simon furman says:

    And just generally, thanks to everyone for the kind words. We’re putting our heart and soul into RG1, all of us, so it’s nice when the feedback is almost all positive.

    • Jonathan says:

      Well deserved positive feedback Simon, you and Andy smashed this one! Really felt like the same series it did 20 odd years ago. Good to see Mirage and others, still wondering what happened to some classic characters but I suspect we will find out… looking forward to the next arc!

    • Darren says:

      No thanks to you and the team for producing such fantastic stories. Very much looking forward to 86 and beyond!

      I have a couple of questions please if you have the time.
      1. Will Prowl be given a bigger role like he had in 75-80.
      2. Is Mindwipe returning as his original form and is he loyal to Scorponok?
      3. The rumours are that Jhiaxus will be making an appearance but will The Liege Maximo at all and the other 13 original Transformers?

      Thanks again & keep up the good work.


      • simon furman says:

        1. We’ll be seeing more of Prowl (in arc 3) but I wouldn’t say his role is pivotal in the way that other characters’ will be.
        2. Mindswipe is still around, but there’s not a big link between him and Scorponok in upcoming stuff.
        3. No. We’re not going as far as including the Liege Maximo. Jhiaxus is it in our RG1 re-appropriation of the G2 story strands.

      • Paul says:

        “re-appropriation of the G2 story strands”? I thought Generation 2 was being disgarded?

  24. mikeladano says:

    What I’m curious about is, “What has Scorponok done with the original head of Fortress Maximus and the others?” But I have faith that Simon will address these and plenty of other issues I didn’t anticipate.

    • Ian Hewett says:

      As an aside, whatever did happen to the Targetmaster Nebulans? The last we saw of Recoil, he was in a glass display case (I assume he ended up on eBay). I always loved Rodimus Prime’s flashback to when Firebolt was killed, quite jarring at the time as he was still a new character when that story was published, and also that the mortality of fleshlings was never explicitly shown (though constantly threatened by Megs). In this continuity though, have they all passed on or repatriated?
      In terms of the binary-bonded Nebulans, they didn’t exactly leave Nebulos on good terms. Would they be branded heroes or traitors on their return?
      Also, can we assume that in this continuity, Cyclonus and Scourge didn’t time travel and join Scorponok (and therefore Nightstick and Fracas likewise never joined the Decepticons)?

      • mikeladano says:

        He ended up overpriced on eBay! Wasn’t even mint, had lots of battle wear 🙂

        Here’s another thought: We saw Skullcruncher in an earlier issue didn’t we, with Bludgeon? Well, what of his original head? Could we see two Skullcrunchers?

      • Ian Hewett says:

        That thought had crossed my mind too (Weirdwolf too; I’m surprised they’re still alive as Simon seemed to wipe out a lot of the gimmicky Transformers in the Unicron War). The recent description of the Headmasters as ‘avatars’ is an intriguing one; how much of the ‘shared mind’ finds its way back to the original head across space? If so, Fort Max is going to have remnants of Galen and Spike floating around in his noggin (and Cerebros, if he actually counts as an individual, though he pretty much seemed like an avatar for whoever his head was that day).

      • mikeladano says:

        …and does Spike still being alive have any impact on Fort Max at all? Didn’t seem to have much impact on post-surgery Spike, but he was declared dead at one point too right? What did his “death” do to the original Max head, assuming it’s still around? The mind swims with questions.

        I’m glad you did this Simon! I’m not excited about it ending at 20 issues, but it sure is a heck of a lot better than nothing! It’s quite great in fact and fulfills a lot of wishes for seeing certain characters in action.

      • Darren says:

        Cyclonus and Scourge were in this continuity, they appeared in the Headmasters mini. It was never explained in the USA how and they weren’t seen again. However the in the Transformers UK story Simon showed how they travelled back in time.


      • simon furman says:

        Cyclonus and Scourge do exist in RG1, as do the other Targetmasters. They just don’t have Nebulan weapons any more.

  25. Albert says:

    Well, all I can say that’s this Issue actually made me feel something (and hey, I’m cold as stone). Point is I ‘ve never been so excited about (transformer) comics since the original Marvel run.
    After 5 issues , I can honestly say that this actually is exactly what I always wanted, and more, of a continuation. Truly a childhood dream coming true. Thanks for that!

    Issue #85 is rocking TF fandom , And for good reason, enough said about this one already ; so ill say simply : superb!

    I love it that the ‘loose ends’ are being handled in such detail; the little issues including. So all the small questions as “I always wondered where X was at that time” etc. seem to be being answered. Love it!

    Makes me wonder though ; It sees highly possible this way that we are going to see Metroplex appear at some point for the first time (as well as the return of one big Dinosaur). Now one thing that always annoyed me in the original series (and this has little to do with the writing i admit) was the fact that the ‘height’ of the characters were totally weird, and changing.

    So we had a towering Omega Supreme, who shrunk to the size of simply a big bot. A towering Powermaster Optimus Prime (in special mode) who Shrunk to his actual normal size (which I recall was almost never seen). Combiners who Shrunk etc.
    And than we Have the biggest of em all : Fortress Maximus! Now the idea that he wasn’t so big as in the Cartoons, was fine by me. There’s storytelling issues, artistic problems maybe etc.but he also shrunk to the size of Galvatron .But he IS supposed to be even bigger than Metroplex.

    So , are we going to see a very small Metroplex, if he would show up in the series? Or maybe explanations of why FORTRESS Maximus was , well, small?

    Sorry, about this, real kids stuff, but stil wondering..

    Thanks SO much for bringing us this series!


    • simon furman says:

      Not sure we’ll get to Metroplex. I’m glad I got to use him in Space Pirates but otherwise his sheer, game-changing size is problematic. By necessity, both Fort Max and Scorponok were closer to normal TF size than their toys might have suggested.

      • Bass X0 says:

        I think how they handled Metroplex in season three of the cartoon was ideal. He was brought out usually to fight against Trypticon but other times served as the Autobot’s base.

  26. Dave Grew says:

    Simon you say you would love to gain some extra page count to go back to Earth, pre- or during the Megatron rampage and show what happened to various characters. Ok heres an idea – Transformers Regeneration Annual 2013, (released in August 2013), artwork by Geoff Senior. What do you reckon??????

  27. Dave Grew says:

    Simon, I need to ask, is it copyright reasons that Circuit Breaker and the Neo Knights have been omitted from this series. If so then how come you have managed to get GB Blackrock included. Im just curious. Thanks.

    • Brent says:

      I had to look his up myself. The rule of thumb with these characters when they were created was basically if they made their first appearance in Transformers then Hasbro would own them. If their first appearance was in another marvel title, marvel owned them. Circuit Breaker actually made her (very) first appearance in Marvels “Secret Wars” comic, apparently very briefly and for this sole reason to retain ownership.

  28. Dave Grew says:


    Simon, the IDW thread is doing well as you may have seen, and a number of people including myself have also emailed IDW re the idea of Transformers Regeneration Annual 2013!

    It may be prudent to pitch the idea of Megatrons domination of Earth 20 years ago to John Barber, I bet he would be more than accomodating to your idea/pitch 🙂

    I hope that this happens!!!!!!!

  29. nath says:

    re circut breaker i dont think simon left them out for copyright reasons as gb blackrock is there i assume josie beller was left out as she would be 50ish and would look very wrinkly in her costume and id assume that maybe shockwave disposed of her as she is the only real threat to the decepticons, and guys yes to a regeneration one about how megatron rose to powerr that would be interesting especially seeing how megatron vs ratchet happened and the lobotomisation of the decepticon army

    • Brent says:

      G.B. Blackrock made his first (and only) appearances in TransFormers, therefore Hasbro owns him. Circuit Breaker first appeared in “Secret Wars”, so Marvel owns her. (Good point about how she might look today though) I would be curious about the Neo-Knights though. I couldn’t find any evidence of them being in anything other than TrandFormers, however seeing as how they came in 5 or 6 years after GB and CB, I assume its possible Marvel took ownership of them upon their creation. It’s a shame Marvel hasn’t “lent” her to IDW, seeing as how they have actually never used her since Secret Wars (Almost 30 years ago). I believe the Image founders also discussed how Marvel would require an artist or a writer to create characters from time to time that Marvel would then own. This would of been around the late 80s early 90s. But in a nutshell, characters like GB and Buster can be used, and apparently Circut Breaker can not:( maybe and hopefully that will change (when RG1 becomes UNLIMITED:) I wish….)

  30. Any chance when you get to issue 100 we can go back to the UK storylines and do issues 333 – 350 to tie up those loose ends?

    • Bass X0 says:

      Why? You want a retelling of Regeneration One that happens to be in U.K. continuity instead? Most of the events in Regeneration One also apply to the U.K. continuity. So far the only major difference is that in the U.K., most of the Wreckers were killed. But given how other Transformers come back from the dead, its not too far fetched that they did too for Regeneration One. Twin Twist could be absent because he stayed dead.

  31. Glenn says:

    Hi Simon,
    Loving the series, so amazing happy to see it back!

    Can you settle a debate, though?

    ***************MASSIVE SPOILER***************

    Who ultimately killed Megatron? Some are claiming that it was Kup, as he’s the one who shot Ratchet, and this killed Megatron. It seems obvious to me though that Kup caused, essentially, massive brain damage to Megatron but he would have lived (although maybe in a catatonic state) if Optimus hadn’t,,,well, done what he did.


    Thanks for reading this, and thanks for the great series. Your comics are my definitive Transformers continuity.

  32. nath says:

    glenn i think when kup killed ratchet that finished megatron off but prime was angry and didnt know that kup had stopped megaratchetron so permanently killed megatron in his rage so id say kup did it but prime finished him off

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