I really wanted to have my say on the events in #85 of Regeneration One, and the Allspark were kind enough to host a little Q&A. You can read the full interview here.

9 Responses to POST GAME – #85

  1. Ian Hewett says:

    Intriguing stuff yet again. Interesting how Earth and Nebulos are paired up in the interview. I’m probably way off course, but I’m wondering if the Nebulos of now is somehow Earth 10,000 years hence via some temporal gubbins; it was always described as a world that had seen 10,000 years of peace. Perhaps the previously unseen ‘war’ of all those millennia ago was Megatron’s barren Earth; Nebulans would be the human survivors’ descendants, and would go some way to explaining why Blackrock’s Circuit Breaker/Smasher technology was so utterly compatible with Nebulan binary-bonding technology; both were designed around what is essentially human anatomy. I’m probably entirely wrong, but this is the way you’ve taught me to think over the last 3 decades! I look forward to whatever unfolds.

  2. nath says:

    great interview i have one problem though all those teaser pages from next issue how long do we have to wait for it and that front cover with scorponok leading the dinobots WOW i cant wait for the next issue

  3. Sean says:

    Still think the character of Ratchet deserved a better conclusion then being a head on a skateboard and shot in the face.

  4. nath says:

    sean i think that was a good conclusion considering that megatron has probably wanted revenge from way back in issue 7 was it, where ratchet tricked him into believing he had got rid of shockwave, i guess ur thinking meagatron should have destroyed ratchet instaed of keeping him alive ,but shockwave also made this mistake hanging the autobots upside down in the ark like decorations and leaving optimus’s vocal chords connected as im sure he didnt need prime to speak to extract the matrix from him, im sure megatrons plan for using ratchet as”head on a skateboard” as u put it is to wind prime up when he finally saw the fate of his cheif medical officer

  5. I guess I have to live with the whole “heads still on Nebulos ” .I do think you are wrong about “there are two (crucial) parts to each Transformer: a Spark and a brain module (and the cranium that houses it)” ,I only believe that there is just the Spark ,and I believe you are just using this excuse to bring back Scorponok .Yes I know the Heads where left on Nebulos blah blah blah ,but I still think you are nit picking .Just an opinion ,and you are in the drivers seat and is making / resetting the RULES .
    Thinking about the new Transformers rule (look above ) ,then one could say that in the Live Action Movie Universe , Megatron , Sentinel Prime ,and so on could still be ALIVE !! Opinions ??
    I do have a question for you ,one I asked you back in March 1990 when we met in Woodbrigde NJ (yes a long time ago ) .Did Nightbeat undergo the Headmaster process like his toy ?? The answer you gave was -just because the toy has a feature or ability does not mean I am going to use it in the comic- so I took that as a no .So thinking back did he ever become a Headmaster ,also will we see him again ,I believe he is still kicking (unless the past 21 years were not kind to him . I also just want to say just because I may disagree with you ,does not mean I am not enjoying RG1 ,quite the opposite ,I am enjoying it .

    • Paul says:

      I do think the heads on Nebulos holds its weight. Sure there was a mental link between the original transformers heads and their nebulon counterparts, but it is entirely possible that the Transformers could have moved their sparks into their original heads prior to giving up their bodies (These are machines so I believe that it wouldn’t be that hard for them to do something like that). Further proof of this occured in Beast wars. Think back to when Optimus Primal removed Optimus Primes spark (which was fused with the Matrix) and put it inside of himself. Beast Wars Megatron also removed G1 Megatrons spark and put it inside of himself too. Therfore, by that logic alone I would say that the sparks (laser core) of the original Headmaster Transformers were no longer in their bodies and that they were very much still alive in the original heads that are on nebulos. The key here is to remember that a Transformers spark can exist outside of its body and that it is not bound to stay in one place like a human heart.
      Live action movie Universe? Are you refering to Bayformers? If so, I don’t think any G1 Transformer fan considers those to fit anywhere in the Transformers Universe. They are more like Transforming Bionicle than actual Transformers. In my opinion Michael Bay was the wrong choice for Transformers. He knows nothing of the mythos and doesn’t care about long time fans.
      Personally I think there were many Headmaster, Powermaster and Targetmaster toys that were never binary bonded to a human or nebulon in the comic and I believe that Nightbeat was one of them. I sure hope we see him again. He was such a great character. He brought us one of the first Transformers detective/mystery type adventures. What a great character!

      • Paul ,great point about Beast Wars ,did not think about that .To be honest I was not a fan of how the Headmasters worked in the Western version of any TF Universe ,just like the Pretenders ,Japan had a better idea for both .Now I know that it is not Bob Budiansky’s , David Wise’s or Simon’s fault ,they did the best anyone could with Hasbro’s concepts for the two lines .
        I can tell that Simon in a way is doing some “clean up ” ,which is hard ,the series in a whole is a bit of a mess and Simon is just trying to add some modern day storytelling logic to it .Which is why I really enjoyed what he did with both the Headmasters and Pretenders in IDW Universe .
        I hate the term “Bayformers ” because it is more then just Michael Bay that works on and creates for the movies ,so it is not just his movies .That being said I have been collecting TFs since 1985 ,and when I say since I mean I have never left the series “to grow up ” and “returned when it became relevant again ” I have been with them (TF ) the whole time ,and I am a big fan of the “Live Action Movies ” ,one cause Bay is good at what he does .So I am a G1 fan and I DO CONSIDER THEM A PART OF THE TRANSFORMERS UNIVERSE ,just like Armada ,RID ,Prime and The Kiss Players .

  6. Paul says:

    I completely agree that the way that the Headmaster process was presented in the Japanese series was WAY better than what we had in the G1 cartoon here in the states. However, I did like the way it was handled in the later Marvel comics. Without the human componet to the headmasters there would have been no conflicted Scorponok at the end and that was one of the best things about the orginal Marvel run. Scorponok assumed the mantle of leadership of the earthbound Decepticons not because he was the best suited for the role, but rather because he was the strongest. Therefore, no one could challenge him.
    I haven’t read many of the IDW comics However, originally I was reading Infiltration (made it up to issue 5 I belive), but I was kind of annoyed that IDW didn’t just pick up where Dreamwave left off. For me venturing into a third (Marvel, Dreamwave and IDW) Transformers comic universe was not something that I was willing to do.
    Well, we will have to agree to disagree on the New Transformers movies. Personally, I can’t stand them. Mostly because I am too much of a purest at heart when I comes to the Transformers. I loved G1 season 1, season two was about 40% good and season three was maybe about 10% good. Amazingly I enjoyed almost all of Beast Wars. I thought it was a very mature show. I guess that is my problem with everything that followed it. Too much comedy and too many goofy kid characters or goofy robot charcters. Which is probably the reason why I have always considered the original Marvel comic to be far superior to any other incarnation of Transformers. Sure it began as a comic geared towards children and selling toys, but it eventually grew into a mature story where people and Transformers dies and they faced dire situations and often did not live to tell of them. I am not much for comedy in the middle of a universal war. I think Transformers should be presented as gritty and real (well, as real as one can get when dealing with giant Trasnforming robots).
    I have never seen Kiss players and I do enjoy certain elements of Transformers Prime… except for the DAMN KIDS! 😉

    • I do agree with you about the Transformers Marvel Universe is the best out of all Universes ,and Simon is mostly responsible for that .I think I see the quality in all the series ,but a lot of your points do make sense . Since I am a fan of Anime also ,I guess I don’t mind humor at times ,TF Animated took it to far at times ,even for me .Like I said I believe that Simon handled the Headmaster concept better then anyone else could of .Which is why I guess I am wary of the direction he is now taking it .I feel it will be a reset plot devise type of story ,if that makes any sense . But I do trust him more then any other writer and I know it will be a great read ,that I am sure of .

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