It hardly seems any time at all since we were trumpeting the much-anticipated release of Transformers: Regeneration One #80.5, the continuation of the original (Marvel) Transformers comic series (cut teasingly short back in 1991), and here we are ā€” with the release of the first trade paperback collection of issues #81-85 (the ‘Loose Ends’ arc), plus that aforementioned and already highly collectable (Free Comic Book Day) issue #80.5. Transformers: Regeneration One, Volume 1, is out today (23rd Jan), so if you’ve missed out so far or, like all sane collectors (myself included), you want the same thing again, only in one neat bookshelf edition, rush to your local comic book store and grab a copy now! And then scour the shelves for copies of #86 and #87, on the off-chance your comic shop still has them. Because boy, are you going to want to read on…



11 Responses to TRANSFORMERS RG1 VOL 1

  1. wildman says:

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    Simon Furman’s thoughts on the first arc collection of Regeneration One. Who would have thought. eh? Seems like only yesterday it was a possibility, and now we have our forst TPB.

  2. Glenn says:

    Excellent. Love this series so much, will definitely be buying the collected version. Are there any extras in this? Scripts, covers, etc?

    • simon furman says:

      I haven’t seen a contents list, but I imagine there might at least be a gallery of the variant covers. No scripts, but keep an eye on my ebay auctions (I always flag ’em up here), as signed RG1 scripts are starting to make an appearance amongst the goodies on offer.

  3. Chris McAree says:

    As a happy Daddy to a newborn baby boy, I have had to cut my comic collecting from almost obsessive levels, to one comic per month.
    Naturally, the choice was RG1!
    And so far, I have not been disappointed, save only that the end seems all too close already.

  4. Johnny D says:

    Simon, you are the finest and most brilliant of writers for TF. Whether its been your defining moments from Marvel, to your unfinished business at Dreamwave, or the road you paved with IDW. You’re imagination in storytelling when it comes to my favorite childhood characters blows everyone else out of the water. I will be picking up this trade today, and cannot wait to relive 1991 again!

  5. Ian Hewett says:

    Christmas has come early! Or slightly late. I shall most definitely be buying the TPB; so far, it’s been a fantastic series, and it’s such a joy catching up with the definitive versions of these characters. As much as I would give anything for it to continue beyond #100, I cannot wait to see how it ends (and all the twisty-turny bits in between now and then). Great work as ever, chaps.

  6. Jasmine says:

    Hi Simon. I’m a girl (well 39 now) and I have always loved the G1 stories. I only got into Transformers because of an art project I did for College and I really got into the story. It was sad when the marvel comic ended and hoped that this new G1 would pick up straight after and not set 21 years later. I hope we find out more in the intervening years.
    My favorite artist is Geoff Senior. Will he be just concentrating on covers or will you be letting him loose on the strip?
    I love his work because he draws transformers how they should be drawn without making them look human.

    • simon furman says:

      Hi Jasmine, Truth is I’d love to get Geoff to do some interior art for RG1, but the problem is two-fold. One is Geoff’s time, which is almost all occupied by his advertising work, and two is that (ideally) we want Andrew to do the whole 20+ issue run. One idea on the table is an Annual, which various creators could contribute to. But this is still just at the idea stage. Nothing definite. So for the time being, just sit back and enjoy his alternate covers. Just seen the one for #90 and it is amazing!

  7. Jeff Steele says:

    Hey, Simon! Transformers: Regeneration One Volume 1 was great! And I’ve already pre-ordered Transformers: Regeneration One Volume 2 via

  8. Tristan says:

    Hey Simon, for one I think you’re a terrific writer and do enjoy your stories but I have a question, I’m a fairly new transformers fan and Grimlock is my favorite character. Your war within story is what brought me in, and according to the transformers wiki Grimlock is among the strongest of the transformers, as strong or stronger than prime and megatron. But in your old stories megatron always easily defeats grimlock. My question is is grimlock really that powerful or it’s just the fans who say he’s powerful? I don’t want to sound disrespectful and really do enjoy your books, I just really like grimlock and the question regarding his strength has been on my mind.

  9. Tristan says:

    One more question, will regeneration one be in the idw collections or are they just collecting the idw continuity?

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