Once again, just shy of its release date (Wednesday Feb 13th), another of my patented teases of what’s to come, this time in Transformers: Regeneration One #88, the third part of the game-changing ‘Natural Selection’ arc. As usual, be warned, though I try to be as oblique as possible in these rambling digressions on what went into a given issue and why, there are inevitably minor spoilers, so please cease and desist now if you prefer to indulge without a single preconception. So, if you’re a fan of multiple plot strands advancing more or less in tandem, there’s a whole heap of ’em to enjoy in RG1 #88, as we not only have Scorponok (back) on Cybertron, rapidly bending Hub Capital Iacon (and its inhabitants) to his will, we also have Hot Rod on a (potentially lethal) voyage of discovery in the depths of Cybertron’s ancient interior, and more on the Bludgeon/Soundwave alliance and a hint of what that means to the future of Regeneration One. Oh, and I’ve squeezed some more Galvatron-Starscream-Shockwave stuff in there too, just in case you’re still feeling short-changed. As we’re kind of the mid-point of the whole arc, things really start to accelerate, with Scorponok’s endgame revealed, his spider-fly relationship with Grimlock highlighted (how’s the big ‘G’ going to get himself out of thisΒ one?), and a major discovery right at the heart of Cybertron itself that is utterly pivotal (with a capital ‘P’ for…???). Drama, danger, action, mystery… this one really does have it all. And keep an eye on the official Transformers facebook page too, as there’s an exclusive (first five pages) commentary by me lurking in the wings. Update, official IDW preview is now live. You can check it out here.



  1. Tristan says:

    Hi Simon, I’m really liking your regeneration 1 so far and have enjoyed your previous work, I left a question on a previous post and might have put it too late. I’m a fairly new fan and Grimlock is my favorite character, mostly cause of his attitude and strength. My question is on transformers wiki it says Grimolck is among the strongest of the transformers, as strong or stronger than optimus and megatron. However in your older stories Megatron always easily defeats Grimlock. Is Grimlock really powerful or it’s the fans saying he’s powerful? I’ve been wondering about this for a while cause when I think of Grimlock I think of how he is in Fall of Cybertron. Thank you for your stories and thanks if you read this and respond.

    • simon furman says:

      I think Grimlock believes he’s as tough as Megatron, but the reality is kind of less so. He’s pretty darn tough, up there with the heavy hitters, but not Megatron level.

      • Tristan says:

        Thank you for answering simon, it’s kind of a bummer though. I really felt he could take Megatron, especially in War Within ( you did an amazing job with that story, it made me a transformers fan ) and fall of cybertron.

      • Tristan says:

        I suppose it depends on which transformers universe as well, I realize I’m being stubborn, some versions of Grimlock seem much stronger than others.Fall of Cybertron for example. However YOU are the transformers writer and what you say goes. Grimlock will always be my favorite though, and just once I’d like to see him beat Megatron in a fight. Thanks again for answering and helping me become a transformer fan.

      • Tristan says:

        This is my last post on this subject, I know I should just grow up and accept it but grimlock is what brought me to the transformers universe especially in dreamwave’s book. A character just as strong as prime and megatron who is a anti hero. I really feel he could take Megs ( I don’t hate megatron) in dreamwave books and fall of cybertron. But maybe not in the marvel/uk/regenration1. I do like megatron and KNOW he’s not a wimp and leader for a reason, I just wish prime wasn’t the only one who could take him. If not grimlock winning about at least a draw? I KNOW I’m being childish but I just really like grimlock and wished he had more credit. I know this isn’t what this post is for and apologize for my wining, I just wanted to get this off my chest. I read somewhere that simon said grimlock is a favorite of his and I hoped he felt the same way as me, if anyone doesn’t want me to post anymore I understand. I’m just really passionate about grimlock and owe it to simon for writing such a great character.

      • Eh?

        I used to read TF when it was out at first and in my eyes, no matter how many times Megatron beat him up, Grimlock was the more powerful.

        The problem was that Grimlock, being obviously more powerful than Op or Meggy, couldn’t really be used in story lines. Think about it:

        “Oh, no – we’re losing the battle, Op.”

        Don’t worry, the Dinobots are here.”

        Cue a pasting for the Deceps.

        So they had him disappearing for ages (“Let’s get out of here Dinobots; I’ve had enough of Prime’s sanctimonious crud”) or getting duffed up – once even by Blaster. BLASTER, for Christ’s sake!!

        No, Simon – god-like overlord of Transformers you may be, but Grim’s the best. The easy way to explain his defeats would’ve been to claim he was over-confident and that Megatron, being just the right height, was quicker than old Grim.

        Remember when Grim fought Op over who should lead the Autobots? (Op decided to make Grim the leader of the Earth force.) It was a draw.

        You wrote that.

        Plus the Dinobots also gave Trypticon a decent fight.

        Ahh, remember that one too? Grimlock speaking normally and showing a great grasp of command. Then (seemingly) ever after, it was back to the “Me Grimlock” nonsense.

    • ray says:

      I think it really depends on the continuity. I remember the old Marvel UK comics. They put out a fact book and the question of who the strongest Transformer was, was Grimlock. I think Hasbro would put him at the top in their Aligned Continuity based on Fall of Cybertron. Even at a comic publishing company like IDW with diverse writers, there are probably numerous opinions.

      • Tristan says:

        Yeah, Megatron’s top dog in the marvel/uk books, he is megatron after all, but in idw and the alligned continuity? Time will tell. Please Grimlock appear in season 3 prime!

  2. Bass_X0 says:

    Grimlock is powerful, Megatron is even more powerful. He is Megatron after all. In the old Marvel U.K. comics, Grimlock battled Power Master Optimus Prime and even with Prime’s more powerful upgrade, it still ended in a draw. Power and strength alone doesn’t always win a battle.

    Interesting preview with some nice cameos (who is the green tank at Iacon? Guzzle?). Bludgeon creating a Warworld is very G2. So even under different circumstances, he was going to create it anyway. Scorponok and the mind controlled Autobots don’t interest me that much. The other Decepticons do though.

  3. Ian Hewett says:

    VERY nice Scorponok picture right at the start there. Can’t wait to read the issue itself (it seems Scorponok isn’t above killing his original troops. Poor Misfire). I have to say though, after Brainstorm and Hardhead’s faceplate shenanigans last month, it’s a pity to see Dreadwind has also succumbed to this phenomenon (though it is absolutely fantastic to see he and Darkwing still knocking about; these are 2 characters I do not want to see killed. I have a bad feeling!). Looking forward to reading the whole issue, as ever.

  4. Bass_X0 says:

    Eh. If anyone Decepticon deserves to die by Scorponok, its Misfire. The guy’s a liability and is likely to hinder progress unintentionally due to his aimless shooting.

  5. Sean says:

    I do hope the story accelerates. We only have two issues left of the arc after all.

  6. Lukas says:

    Preview looks promising. I wasn’t very keen on that zombie/transgenic Bots/Cons stuff but now I can feel myself dragged in. Nice concept with anarchy reigning on streets of Cybertron.

    But I’m still waiting for the upcoming events with Bludgeon’s invasion on Cybertron and fate of Optimus on Earth. So far so good – it was worth waiting for the continuation of classic stories

  7. casperionx says:

    Seen the preview…wow! Im so glad I pulled my original comics out of the draw to catch back up – love the artwork too. Simon, I have to say Im an old fan of your work – TF G1 is in your blood. You sir are a legend for being able to bring the story back to life after so long. (Though my wife hates you for making me collect comics again!!)

  8. SKYHAMMER?! Shut up and take my money!

  9. Benson Yee says:

    I’m really enjoying the series so far Simon! Thank you for all the fun cameos!

  10. Sean says:

    Well I must say I enjoyed this more than last issue. Way more. Was ther storyline progression? Well the Autocons and Scorpy are still taking over Cybertron, Soundwave and Bludgeon are looking at new toys, and Galv/Screamer/ and Shockwave are trying to leave Earth. By issue 95 I think they might actually start up the engines, and they may even leave the planet by issue 97. So, as usual progress there is, but the progress is SLOW. Almost to the point where as much happened here as the last issue. The only REAL progress we got, and something that after 7 issues actually peaked by interest, was the Hot Rod storyline.

    Now that’s good stuff, and was the most interesting developement in the series yet. Hot Rod is apparently Primus, holds his essense, kinda like a son, or something. Right when it gets interesting it ends. I remember when you could get all this and more in one issue, back in the old days.

    A good single issue. Still we’re half way in and I wonder if the story will pull off a well paced and satisfying conclusion by 90. Maybe the arc won’t end all together and will flow into the next making it easier to digest. Will definitly be annoyed if it’s all wrapped by 90.

    • Sean says:

      Oh, and man I don’t think I can stand Shockwave being a little puppet much longer. I was hoping they would have freed him and all 3 started planning something by now. Shockwave is to great a character to be glued to a ship for multiple issues doing nothing. Nor can I stand Starscream being mute. The series is missing that wonderful voice of his.

      • simon furman says:

        Once again, wait and see! If you think i have the slightest intention of leaving Starscream mute or Shockwave glued to the Ark, you really don’t know me at all.

    • simon furman says:

      It’s funny, Sean, you keep making these wild projections about what and when stuff will happen, and it seems to be winding you up. Leave the planet by #97??? Where is THAT come from? If I said you were 7 issues out, would that make you feel better? Seriously, relax, enjoy the ride, wait and see. Isn’t that half the fun?

      • Sean says:

        I’m just being an ass having fun with your slow pace. I don’t actually believe your gonna keep gal, screamer, and shockwave on the planet that long. Atleast I hope not. Still, “7 issues out”? Are you saying they won’t be on cybertron till issue 95? Really? And I fully expect you to get shockwave and screamer back in action. My point is that it’s been to long already. Either it’ll be what 3 or 4 issues before we get see them have fun again? They’re two of your most interesting characters, and they are doing nothing. People don’t want to just see shockwave, they want to see him actually do something. Will both screamer and shockwave even amount to much when they return?

  11. Jim Semonik says:

    I haven’t posted here in a while so I thought I’d drop my 2 cents. Simon, what you are doing is driving me insane…in a good way. These issues leave me with such a tantalizing feel from issue to issue. I just want more. I have 1-80 in trade form and I recently started getting a bunch of the old issues just to read those old letters pages and the satisfaction of owning the most important comic of my formative years once again. By the end of the run, my copies were so tattered, I got rid of them in favor of trades. So, enough of that…onto my questions.
    1. The little Galvatron pieces here and there are driving me crazy. More please!
    2. I also was wondering if Scorp’s rule of Cybertron was gonna last long enough for Ultra Magnus’ batch of Autobots, Soundwave/Bludgeon, Galv/Screamer to see the chaos. I’m hoping Scorp doesn’t get wasted so that we can see some interaction between all these cons.
    3. Now that the Ark will be leaving Earth, Prime has no way off there, unless they go back for him. While I want to see him kicking more ass, I get that it is time for him to retire. It is appropriate in a way.
    4. Just a curious question, I am a cancer survivor. Is there a TF equivalent to cancer? The scraplets doesn’t quite seem the same.

    Again thanks for a splendid comic. Keep em coming?

    • Kent says:

      Maybe Starscream is a cancer survivor so to speak (or not in his case!) My wife is a genetic counselor for cancer patients. I am glad you survived Jim!

      • Jim Semonik says:

        Thank you, Kent πŸ™‚ I had to undergo genetic counseling with my case. If you’d like to discuss, you may contact me at I think Kup comes close to being a survivor (i.e. Scraplets). I am really surprised that this issue hasn’t come up yet in any of the comics. Now that Simon has gotten into genetics, I am interested in the subject. Certainly if Transformers have DNA or CNA in their case, they would be prone to mutation. Especially in the war environment. Tons of harmful things there. What do you think, Simon?

    • simon furman says:

      Hi Jim,

      Some quick answers: 1) The various characters in RG1 bubble along in subplots until they step into the main story/arc, and Galavtron plays a big, BIG part in “Destiny” the third arc. And beyond. 2) Wait and see. All I will say is that there is an ending of sorts in #90. I want each arc to have a contained/cohesive story within the larger framework. 3) Prime (Optimus Prime that is) still has a big part to play in RG1. And he won’t be stranded on Earth indefinitely. 4) No equivalent that I know of. Glad in your case there’s a sub-title to the big “C”.

  12. Hey Simon, i’m loving your Regeneration One books so far and i’m also a big Megatron fan so my question is whether his death was permanent in issue 85 or you do you still have future plans for him? anyways keep up the great work.

  13. Lukas says:

    Mr. Furman, I have questions about few characters involved in the last issues of classic G1 stories.

    1. What has happened to the Bots who died during the battle on Klo?
    I mean Jazz, Nightbeat, Getaway, maybe Bumblebee and so on. In Natural Selection we can see eg. Siren, Crosshairs, Slapdash and others (revived by Last Autobot, I suppose?), but I can’t see eg Nightbeat alive who was in the same position as Siren 21 years ago (meaning: destroyed by Bludgeon’s troopers and airbornes).

    2. Isn’t it Hosehead, who should be dead after Edge of Extinction? Correct me if I’m wrong, but Hosehead’s alt mode was set destroyed at the first pannel of Still Life..

    I must say, Springer’s death was a bit shocking for me, but it’s a story for elder fans. Heroes dies, things happens..

    Anyway, great story so far. I have nostalgia for TF The Movie from my childhood, but it’s good you’ve found your, original path building this story. Hot Rod’s journey, Clash of the Titans in # 85, Grimlock-Scorpy’s relationship, nice pieces of storyart.
    Keep going this way πŸ™‚

    Best Regards

  14. simon furman says:

    Sean, I mean YOU are 7 issues out in terms of your estimate.

  15. generaltekno says:

    Enjoyed the read, Simon! Intrigued to see where this is going.

    Have to say, I’m curious – do you hear any particular voices in your head when you write characters like Scorponok? As his current iteration strikes me as channeling David Kaye’s BW Megatron in an “excellent, yes” way.

    • simon furman says:

      I tend to channel movie villains’ voices more than anything. John Malkovich from Con Air has crept into Scorponok’s dialog, so has Alan Rickman from Die Hard. It’s that kind of civilized veneer over utter brutality vibe I’m questing for.

      • Sean says:

        I hear Kaye as well. I’ve been using Kaye’s voice for Scorponok even when I was reading the Marvel run. Definitly will need to try Rickman’s voice for the character though.

      • generaltekno says:

        Once I hit the Kaye revelation, it was kinda interesting – I thought experimented him doing different variations on his voice for the 3 different Scorponoks (original, Zarak, and original w/ Zarak influence).

        The Zarak voice would probably be closer to his own speaking voice, in my head, with the original recipe Scorponok lacking the intelligent veneer of BW Megatron and being more of an aggressive warrior.

  16. Coptur says:

    Is Reflector going to to make his debut in the RG1 πŸ˜‰ even if it is getting his head blown off in the background.

  17. Jim Semonik says:

    Also wanted to say how I love the cameos by ‘formers that were never in this book before. Putting Punch in there was genius. I was tickled to see the deluxe insecticons early on. I always wanted to see them as a kid. I’d love to see Thunderwing again. I just bought a vintage one off ebay πŸ™‚ Hmmm…Trypticon has to be lurking somewhere…maybe shut down or something. Straxus’ head was a nice touch. Was that Pretender Starscream’s helmet or one of the Unicron zealot’s? Reflector would be sweet, the other clone (Pounce/Wingspan). The Pretender Monsters might not exist in this time. I wonder what gestalts even still exist as a complete team at this point? All in all, the series has great Easter eggs with each issue. Starscream’s shell is hopefully somewhere? Stunticons? Combaticons? All dead? Some of these guys, I just can’t recall if they died in the Underbase saga or what. Also Scourge and Cyclonus should be somewhere as the appeared in Headmasters. I hope we find all this out as well as the fate of the other heads on Nebulos (Fort Max? Snapdragon? etc).

  18. generaltekno says:

    One thing I really hope that we see in this book though that’s been lacking a bit so far – some classic Furman minting of new characters.

    One of the high points of the classic Marvel US run was taking characters who only had a tech spec to their name and making them into fan favorites. That hasn’t really happened in RG1 yet. Would love to see one or two of the late-G1 characters get their turn in the spotlight other than just cameos.

    Even the IDW run was great for that, as Doubledealer/Hardhead/Banzai-Tron got some good page time under Furman’s pen. But this hasn’t happened much with the current run.

  19. Jim Semonik says:

    Ah yes, Banzi Tron. I second that. Also Treadshot and Krok. I know they appeared before but I’d love to see more of them.

  20. This issue kind of proves that Scorponok is full of crap. The Autobots affected by the Magic Key of Evil aren’t just “free of inhibitions”.. They’re lunatics. The Decepticons in this issue are so much more mellow and free thinking. Just a question though, since the dead Autobot Headmasters could be brought back, could Fort Max theoretically be restored as well now that they know he’s dead? Also, you’ve mentioned not wanting to use dead characters like Quake… Yet Quake survived after #75 (even the letters page mentions it) and Hosehead’s corpse was seen in #76 yet he’s alive and well. Sure, there’s tons of untold stories in the 21 years, I guess…

  21. Tantalizing issue. I do wonder why Scorponok didn’t unlock Grimlock’s “warrior gene”. I figure either he gets satisfaction from making Grimlock follow him willingly, or Grimlock’s “warrior gene” is and has been active for his entire life, he’s just better at controlling it than others. This kind of reminds me of that old cartoon episode “Attack of the Autobots”, only this has a more grown-up explanation behind the personality change.

    • Brent says:

      Also reminds me of the red plague in Return of Optimus Prime. I also wondered why Scorponok didn’t use this on Grimlock.

      • Yeah, I thought of the red plague too, though I remember that being sloppily executed (suddenly infected Decepticons stop hating on each other and team up because the plot required it?)

  22. Dave Grew says:

    Simon, this series is getting better and better. Music to my ears that Shockwave is not going to be permanently fixed to the Ark!

    Also its great to see that the Ark will fly again. I feared that this 3rd crash in #79 was the most serious and indeed terminal!!!

  23. Darren says:

    Another fantastic issue. Thanks again Simon and the team.

    Great to see famous landmarks in the story & characters we never ever thought we would see! We just don’t know how who might pop up every month.

    I was hoping that Megatron would return as it turned out that the one on earth was his body double Megaplex but I serious doubt we will ever see him!

    Please can you manage to squeeze Double Punch before the end if possible? He was one of the rare Action Masters that Transformed and looked like Scorponok!


    • Jim Semonik says:

      I’d also like to see some love for the later 4 decepticon cassettes. Overkill, Slugfest, Squawktalk and Beastbox. I never see these guys in the comics.

      • carlos says:

        anybody out there know how i can get my hands on a transformers g2 alignment novel by simon furman?the transforce site that had it is gone so if anybody out there is willing to sell me the complete novel please let me know.

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