As a slight addendum/update to the last post, my commentary on the first five pages of Transformers: Regeneration One #88 is now live over at the official Transformers facebook page.

2 Responses to RG1 #88 COMMENTARY – NOW LIVE

  1. Tankorr says:

    I like so much the new Scorponok and his plan.

    The key and the “decepticon gene” are a wonderful return of the Beast Wars concept saw in “Dark Designs”, shown on a planetary level (BM Megatron level, we can say) in a way that remember “The Return of Optimus Prime”.

    The new origin of the Warworld are intriguing (Bludgeon reminds me the IDW Scorponok subplot on Nebulos and the cybertronian-like technology spread around the universe, like Gorlan Prime)….the return of lost IDW subplots or the beginning of a new G2-centric storyarc? We will see…

  2. Sean says:

    Just saw Guido’s cover for issue 91. Amazing. Why isn’t that dude doing interior art?

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