Out this week (April 10th), the rip-roaring conclusion of ‘Natural Selection’, the second searing story arc of Transformers: Regeneration One. We’re midway though, halfway to #100… already! How’d that happen? Yep, RG1 issue #90 hits stores this week, and as is standard here’s my post-script musings on the issue, avoiding anything too spoilery but of course it contains a certain amount of stuff you may or may not want to read at this stage, so you have been warned. Right then, get ready for a truly packed issue, with pretty much wall-to-wall action (on various fronts, levels and depths of Cybertron… and Earth!). The main thrust of the issue is, of course, the final showdown between Grimlock and Scorponok, which plays out rather tantalizingly above the Sonic Canyons, as Scorponok prepares to fire his monster-sized Gene Key, converting (en masse) every right-minded Autobot or Cybertronian citizen on the planet, freeing their inner beast. Could it happen? Could the entire planet soon be ripe for true, unchallenged Decepticon rule? Not if Grimlock’s got any say in the matter, but at this stage, what can he do? We all know he’s not as dumb as he makes out, but does he really have a last minute, game-changing strategy of his own, or it all just a doomed tilt at an already lost cause. Whatever happens, the reverberations from Scorponok’s dark reign will continue right to the very end of RG1. What else? Well, there’s Ultra Magnus and the Autobots returning from Earth, blissfully unaware that they’re headed into a firestorm of their own, there’s Hot Rod at the core of Cybertron, discovering things he’d rather not have known about their creator, Primus, and Optimus Prime, on a collision course with future Decepticon Galvatron. Or not. Trust me, after this one, nothing will ever be the same again… for anyone! You can view the official IDW preview of the issue here.




  1. David Grew says:

    WOW – Optimus Prime on a collision course with Galvatron!!!!!

  2. Mike P. says:

    I do enjoy how you’ve set up Grimlock and Scorponok as sort of “two sides of the same coin”.

  3. Jim Semonik says:

    Can’t wait for this. We have a loooooong wait til #91.

  4. will the Wreckers be seeing more action in the next arc? i’d love to see Ultra Magnus get down and dirty in a fight and i want to know if Magnus and Galvatron may be facing each other in future issues. also i had another question, is Jazz alive or dead in RG1? anyways thanks for these awesome stories.

  5. Can’t wait till I get to enjoy the issue . I do wager a bet that Grimlock will win the showdown .

  6. Kent says:

    CANNOT wait!!!! I have really enjoyed the plot lines of this series!!!!! When do we find out more about Optimus Prime’s vision of Unicron from issue #81????

    • simon furman says:

      I wouldn’t read too much into that ‘vision’. Unicron isn’t in RG1. Most definitely dead and gone. But his absence is a big part of what’s to come. I kind of saw that ‘vision’ as a representation of Prime’s troubled state of mind.

  7. Peter Hodgson says:

    Can’t wait to read the 2nd arc. One thing that would be good for #100 would be if the issue is in the same format as Generation 2 #12 – with the story in 4 parts but would different artist for each part [keeping it for a surprise with only Andrew listed on art in the advance listing & preview pages. Maybe Andrew, Geoff, Guido, Nick doing a part each. But IDW if planning this should keep it secret until the issue is released.

    • simon furman says:

      A story in four parts? Hmm… keep watching this space for a BIG announcement soon.

      • Dave Grew says:

        Not a “ReGeneration Annual” by any chance…..? 😉

      • Paul says:

        Tell IDW to make RG1 an ongoing series! The sales have to be good. It always seems to sell out within a week at my local shop.

      • Jasmine says:

        Hi Simon. Can I ask why the comic will end at issue 100. I’m sure its possible to continue. The original series will always be better than the modern stories.

      • simon furman says:

        To answer Jasmine’s question, it ends at #100 because that was always the idea. To end it. As far we know, this will be a Transformers (of any media) first… an actual, unequivocal ending to a story.

  8. Jim Semonik says:

    Hey Simon! You’ve done it again! Thanks for another great ride.
    That last page sent shivers down my spine and I wonder what Prime will do. It seems the Scorp/Grimmers story created another loose end as I don’t think we’ve seen the last of them. Spinister/Needlenose…great moments there. What does Starscream have up his sleeve? I hope he is not a detriment to Galvatron. I so want Galv to have his day. The cover for 91 looks explosive and Bludgeon seems to be ready to cause some chaos.
    Not that I really care, but I guess Jihaxus is gonna rear his ugly head soon. I’m not really a fan of him, but I understand his purpose.
    Any teases you can give on these questions? Thanks again, man. 10 issues to go!

    • simon furman says:

      I’m not sure a Starscream/Galvatron team-up is really on the cards. You’ll see why in an issue or so. But Galvatron certainly has his day. And yeah, Jhiaxus will soon start to make his presence felt. Quite different to G2 Jhiaxus (in some ways). I wait (with bated breath) to see what people think.

      • Hmm. In G2, Jhiaxus described his past self as a horrific sadist that he’d like to forget. Is this who we’ll be seeing in RG1? Makes me wonder if Overlord (from Last Stand of the Wreckers) was Jhiaxus in another reality, if Jhiaxus was the “Galvatron” form of Overlord. But most likely I just have an overactive imagination.

      • Jim Semonik says:

        Oh how I’d love to see Overlord appear in this continuity. I’m more nervous about Galvatron surviving. I’d love to see him clash with Jhiaxus….and win.

  9. Just read it, great stuff as always. I like the 3 autobots’ reaction when they were cured, and the nod to the Mechannibals (was that Landmine? Sounded more like his style of chatter than Cloudburst)

  10. Eric Witte says:

    I had to say awesome job on the latest issue! It seems like Crosshairs isn’t taking crap anymore, which is nice to see! Question to anyone who cares to comment: do you think Megatron’s soul went to Galvatron’s dead body under the frozen lake when he was killed in #85? …seems like Galvatron doesn’t remember any events from this universe as Megatron, but it’s interesting to mull over…especially with all the hints at re-incarnation that Galvatron keeps dropping…(evil reborn, references to the Phoenix, etc)

    • charles says:

      first off galvatron was not dead when he was thrown into the frozen lake,more like deactivated for a while,but maybe megatron`s spark joined with galvatron`s spark, as for galvatron saying that evil was reborn he probably meant since that universe`s megatron was dead he being from a parallel universe was still megatron,in other words he`s hard to kill.

      • simon furman says:

        I don’t think this Galvatron has no memory of being Megatron. He is (or rather was) Megatron, same as in the TF: The Movie timeline. But Galvatron (II, as he’s been dubbed) is very much Galvatron. He just doesn’t think in terms of who he was. Only who he now is.

  11. charles says:

    hey simon i hope galvatron gets rid of those two backstabbing traitors shockwave and starscream for good.

    • simon furman says:

      Or the other way around… maybe?

      • charles says:

        the reason i want the two cowards starscream and shockwave gone are their history of betraying megatron and plus during the unicron war those two ran like chickens,brave autobots and decepticons died and those two worthlesses lived,why?

      • charles says:

        one question:will optimus prime last long enough to appear in the last days of optimus prime 2 page comic strip that you did before?

  12. Jim Semonik says:

    I don’t think it’s a reincarnation thing but something weird is definitely going on with that crack in time and such. Like, with Megatron dead, how can there be a Galvatron? It’s a paradox because he came from another time. I’m surprised Galv hasn’t tried to seek out Fort Max for revenge. This is my most anticipated story in comics for the last 20 years so I’m all over it. I’m dying to see what happens. One thing is for sure, this summer is gonna rock with this new arc. One question I wonder is how did Kup know who Galv was in 81 in the sim fight. I get that Fort Max probably sent holo images of him from their fight but how do they know his name? He never told Fort Max who he was in 79. I also worry that Starscream may screw Galv’s plans up. So many possibilities.

    • simon furman says:

      Okay, two things here:

      There are a few paradoxes in RG1, all of which are causing problems (and we’ll see what the others are soon).

      And this business of knowing who Galvatron is comes largely from Fort Max, who fought him on Earth. This visual ‘shared’ memory/data slug tallies up with a mystery ‘bot a bunch of Autobots and Decepticons, including Kup, saw on Cybertron (in #75).

      • Paul says:

        It’s amazing that Galvatron was actually the catalyist in getting the united Autobot/Decepticon forces to stop running and actually start fighting Unicron.

      • But, again, no one knew Galvatron’s NAME. He was just a ‘bot they saw/fought….

      • rkpres17 says:

        There’s also Galvatron’s attack on the surface of Cybertron in #71-72. He was seen, at the very least, by Xaaron’s Autobots and he could’ve mentioned his name off-panel.

  13. Kent says:

    Awesome as always! I guess we are gonna have to start the petition for it to keep going. Liked the nod to the Breems* from one of your first US issues.

  14. Paul says:

    Grimlock is Da Man! I’d really like to see this keep going. If Gi Joe can keep going why not Regeneration One? Someone tell IDW to keep this going.

  15. Sean says:

    Simon I want you to hear me out. You can erase this and that’s fine, but I just want you to read it. As a fan of your original work, and with the help of another, I think I’ve figured out your problem. See Simon your writing for the trade. Your not very good at it. Your type of pacing can’t be restricted to a set limit. You say you like to have multiple plot theads going on at one time. This works fine in TV Shows, books, and movies, but with only 22 pages to work with having 5 different stories going on at one time isn’t gonna give each story enough time to breath. That’s why we get 2 pages of Hot Rod still looking for Primus(which I predicted he wouldn’t fine this arc, and apparently won’t find until 93), 1 page of Galvaton standing in a random area with only enough time to say one thing to advance his story, 2 pages of Starscream and Shockwave, no advancement of Soundwave and bludgeon, a few pages of Prime, and the rest given to the main plotline. We are never given the time to feel for these people or their individual stories. And since nobodies story is moving at or near the same speed it messes with the pacing. In other words your doing to much to fast. In your old work you never had THIS MUCH going on. At most you’d have 3 plotlines, here you have up to 7. You can’t do it. Your not good at it. What you should have done is have it all breath. Give one issue to Hot Rod entirely and really flesh out the storyline and give it a better pace. Have half an issue devoted to both the 3 Evils and/or Prime (shock,scream, and Galv) and the other half Scorp and Grimlock. I honestly think this is the problem I feel you have, and probably the big reason why I see RG1 as a major disappointment compared to your earlier work.

    • E-dog says:

      And yet you continue to read every page of every issue as it comes out….here’s the deal; you love the series, and you also love complaining about everything humanly possible.

    • Sean ,I agree with you about Simon writing for the trade .I have brought this up once myself and if I remember right so have Simon .It does restrain a writer ,unlike the good old days .I also feel that Simon is trying to be both creative ,and give the fans what they want .The problem with that is ,you can’t please all the people all the time . I wished that it would of lead in to Generation 2 ,but apparently it is not . But I look at it as Simon is in the drivers seat and we are here for the ride .We may not like the direction ,but I am sure we will enjoy the trip ,and destination.

    • simon furman says:

      The trouble is, Sean, and why I don’t want you posting here on my blog (post elsewhere to your heart’s content, but not here) is that you’re both completely negative in your posts and downright rude. Phrases like “you’re not very good at it” and “you can’t do it” are just incendiary, designed to provoke a reaction. I’ve read heaps of positive stuff about and reviews of #90, even from detractors, but still nothing is how you want it. Well, I’m sorry Sean, but I’m writing for a much wider audience than you. Now please, respect my wishes and stop posting here. Or, with regret, I’ll have to block you. Something I don’t like doing.

      • Dave Grew says:

        Simple use of the “BLOCK” key required going forwards I think, we dont need to read this rubbish from this guy!!

  16. coptur says:

    I’m enjoying the continuation and when it finishes each time I re-read the old g1 stuff I’ll toss a coin after issue 80 the result will dictate whether I read regen or g2

  17. Bloodrose says:

    After this we need a Regeneration 2. 😛

    • Michael says:

      Or a miniseries about the Spacehiker kids and how they’ve become hard boiled, cigar smoking freedom fighters that help Circut Smasher defend the Earth from zombie decepticons. They’re probably around our age by now, too (30s?).

  18. Tankorr says:

    I like to consider this arc as a sort of evolution of the Spotlight Grimlock/Maximum Dinobots saga (mixed with other elements, especially BW and BM’s ones).

    it is known that you had to change your original finale for Maximus Dinobots…..can we consider this RG1 90 (or at least part of it) as a sort of “real” Maximum Dinobots end?

    • simon furman says:

      It’s funny, but apart from the fact that both feature Scorponok and the Dinobots, I really don’t see the similarity between Max Dinos and RG1. They feel like quite different, um, beasts.

  19. Darren says:

    Well in my opinion without a doubt the best issue so far! This had everything you could want!

    I knew Grimlock would have a master plan. He always does and is constantly underestimated. Great to see Scorponok’s reaction when he realised that he had been played all along. I hope that we haven’t seen the last of these two fantastic characters.

    Can’t wait to see what Galvatron has planned. Or Shockwave for that matter. Does he even know what the concept of revenge is? And now Starscream is back to his best, conniving and planning his next move. The Shockwave Starscream double act was always one of the highlights of the old series.

    I have a couple of questions again please if that’s ok.

    Will Slag be back in action again anytime soon?

    I see that Blaster is set to return. Under Bob Budiansky Blaster became one of the most fascinating characters in his rein. A tough guy loner, rebellious and straight to the point. I know you never got to use him much but I’d love to see you really use this guy.

    And finally will any of the combining teams be making a come back? I don’t know if they all died as zombies on earth or if some were with Bludgeon

    Seriously please thank all the team for their efforts Simon. This is Transformers at its best now.

    Can’t believe we are half way through already, its going far too quick!


    • simon furman says:

      Slag is back as of #91. And in action. No pesky quarantine for him! Blaster gets a chance to strut his stuff in #92 and then again in #95. That latter appearance features the clash everyone’s been waiting for!!! Combining team in #93-95. How’s that for service?

  20. KYLE says:

    What happened to the other head masters , are they still sitting on a shelf back on nebulos ? And what happened to the constructicons , insecticons , and all the other non zombieized transformers that have been missing since around issue 50 ?


    • simon furman says:

      There are still some heads on Nebulos. Hopefully I’ll find some space to clarify that. We’ll be re-visiting Nebulos in the final arc so there’s a good chance. And others like the Contructicons are either still around (and we haven’t seen ’em yet) or still on ice somewhere in the Ark.

  21. Spencer Boaz says:

    I really liked this issue, the art was fantastic and just the look on the Dinobots faces (Especially Snarl’s) on page 21 conveyed a lot of emotion. I noticed that you’ve been using characters that haven’t had too much screentime like Crosshairs and Hosehead, which I really love by the way and hope to see more of it in future issues. One thing that has been bothering me however is who would be considered dead or alive, mainly being the Decepticons. For example, on earth the main lineup for the zombified Decepticons were characters that had been killed on screen by the underbase powered Starscream while the cons we’ve seen on Cybertron are made up of characters that were under the command of Thunderwing and Bludgeon. So the question is, would characters that we haven’t seen on either side yet like the Constructicons and Combaticons be considered dead as well? or are they also running around on Cybertron somewhere. Thanks.

  22. Dan says:

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every issue of Regeneration One so far. #90 was a really fun issue to read, and the art is always great too. I love how it feels like going back to simpler times.

    I agree with Darren. Wish it didn’t have to end at #100!

    Sean does have a good point about so many plot threads all happening at the same time, because it is frustrating to keep jumping from place to place, when you’re really interested to find out what’s happening with Hot Rod, or Grimlock. But I hope you won’t be offended Simon, because I came here just to tell you how much I’m enjoying this. 🙂 When I see really vitriolic criticism, like you’re ruining Transformers by writing something people have asked for lots of times, I wonder if I’m reading a different comic!

    Like somebody said, you can’t please everyone. On the whole, I’m just thrilled to be getting a continuation of Marvel G1.

    Somebody mentioned Skyquake. I’d love to see Thunder Clash too, and the rest of the European toys from 1992. It was great to see the Skyscorcher jets in the first issue, even if they got killed off so quick. Any chance of the Predators or Turbomasters being featured? Hope I didn’t miss any cameos already!

  23. Simon, I just read #90 and enjoyed it. I love Perceptor’s part… Also you managed to off not one but TWO Decepticons named Roadblock. Was this intentional? Also, am I wrong on any of these in my “thread of the dead”?

  24. Bass X0 says:

    I think the problem some people have with the comics, is that they are clearly written for the trade. And in general, by any writer from any publishing company, these kind of stories tend to only be appreciated fully when the reader is reading from the trade (or has the full set of comics), not from individual issues once a month as we are doing so now.

    Its like if a movie is split into chapters of about twenty minutes each and delivered to us at a rate of one chapter a month. While the writer can appreciate the full story as its supposed to be read from the get go, the reader doesn’t get the same experience until much later.

    Oh, I also heard a rumor that Carnivac is coming to Regeneration One? I hope he is just the same as in Marvel U.K. as the Budiansky issue he appeared in had a very flat and generic personality.

    I’m also surprised Nightbeat hasn’t been used. Perhaps he will come later as well?

  25. Lukas says:

    Another great character is gone. After Springer and Ratchet we’ve seen Grimlock for the last time. Or maybe not, I hope? Anyway, spectacular end of this story.

    For me, whole of this series says something about style of leadership and its consequences so far. Prime’s isolation policy brought us to devastation on Earth. Grimlock’s hyper -proactive policy resulted in sufferings from Nucleon for many Bots. Then brought a chaos to Cybertron trying to solve this problem. I wonder, who will appear as the proper leader in this series. Hot Rod/Rodimus? Magnus? 🙂

    Anyway, I’m really curious what solution will be found for the problem of the Primordials. Seems Primus’s plans and actions weren’t always as good and proper as man can think. Interesting concept, I’d like to read more of this in next story.

    I keep waiting for the next story. Bludgeon’s master plan, Galvatron vs Magnus, Mayhems in action, Blaster back online – all looks promising. And I hope we’ll finally have the answer what’s the role of Optimus. Will he survive or be replaced by his successor? Can’t wait for this.

  26. Azurek says:

    Ordered it on Wednesday and read it as soon as i got home today. I started reading transformers back in Poland when i was around 10-13 and you really raised the bar high.
    Since matrix quest i fell in love with Thunderwing and years later got spoiled with ‘Stormbringer’. I hope that he will be back i have my fingers crossed that somehow he would be if not ‘the’ then maybe one the final baddies of RG1.
    Great stuff Simon. Hope this is not your last project and we will see you writing TF.

  27. Nebulith says:

    Hi Simon,

    Always been a big fan of your work. Always thought Transformers was at it’s best when you were at the helm. Glad to see you continue Generation 1…even if it’s only til issue 100. Look forward to your next installment. Story seems to be hinting at Hot Rod becoming Rodimus Prime, but maybe not. Will be interesting to see how Hot Rod’s story line plays out. Keep up the great work!

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