May 24, 2013


This time next week, I’ll be bound for Derry in Northern Ireland for what to me is one of THE comics events of this or any year — the 2D Comics Festival (which runs over the weekend of May 31st-June 2nd). I genuinely can’t think of a more user-friendly festival than Derry’s 2D, and this year’s guest list is beyond phenomenal. The biggest and best ever. (Well, Derry is the 2013 City of Culture!) I’ll be there on the Saturday and Sunday, for both the daytime 2D Comics Fair (where I’ll have a fixed spot to meet and greet) and the evening panels at Sandinos. And with me will be the one and only Geoff Senior, making a truly rare convention appearance. I’ll have my usual signed scripts, comics and script/comic packs for sale, and no doubt Geoff will have art prints available. And on the Saturday evening, Geoff and I (along with Mike Collins) will be hosting a dedicated Transformers panel/Q&A. And we’re joined over the weekend by a host of the top comics talent, including Andy Diggle, Robbie Morrison, David Hine, Mick McMahon, Garry Leach and many more. For full details (and the full guest list) check out the 2D website here! Look forward to seeing you there!


May 13, 2013

This is it. The beginning of the end. The pieces are all now in play and Transformers: Regeneration One #91 kicks off the climactic confrontation(s) that will, like dominos falling, culminate with the shocking, searing uber-battle that is issue #100. In the meantime, #91 goes on sale this week, Wednesday May 15th (officially anyway… it was released to digital buyers a week early… or on time… and we knuckle-dragging print ‘n’ paper folk are behind a week… I don’t know. Anyway…), and as usual I present my  delve into the darker recesses of the brain that produced it (ie. mine) with the pure and simple aim to tantalise and torment. BUT, should you prefer to read #91 with wide, agog, clear-of-potential-spoilers eyes, then abort now. Okay, so the first chunk of “Destiny”, our third RG1 arc, kicks off a certain amount of aftermath from the shocking events of Scorponok’s dark reign, as you’d expect, and a certain amount of rumbles of the gathering storm that will rock Cybertron and the Cybertronians to their very core (and yes, I mean that quite literally). Just about everyone is now either on Cybertron or en route to Cybertron, with a wide and complex set of festering motives. There’s Bludgeon and his nomadic group of Decepticons, armed with a WarWorld and a whole heap of Matrix-powered clone war machines, coming back to even several raw and burning scores, and Galvatron (displaced from an alternate future), determined to have what he most desires, and was denied in his own timeline — total domination of Cybertron (and in his way a certain ‘Cybertron’s Greatest Warrior’). And meanwhile, Hot Rod (acting C-in-C on Cybertron in Optimus Prime’s absence) has concerns more close to home on his mind, and a restless populace about to let him know exactly what they feel about his current scheme to reunify them with their distant (and feral) ancestors. It’s an incendiary situation about to combust in spectacular fashion, especially as one key player (so far not on the board) ramps up his involvement. Phew… and if you think you know where all this is going, think again. We’re about to toss in a huge and entirely unexpected curve-ball mid-arc, which will throw a bunch more stuff into the cauldron that is RG1 (and shatter a fair few pairs of trousers in the process). News of that soon! In the meantime, RG1 #91 hits stores in a mere two days, and you can view the official IDW preview here. Trust me, we are at the top of a really big rollercoaster, and the plunge downhill starts now…

UPDATE – creator commentary on the first 5 pages is now up at the official Transformers facebook page. And while we’re on the subject of facebook, don’t forget that RG1 has its own dedicated facebook page.



May 11, 2013

Once again, a veritable treasure trove of signed/exclusive ebay goodies are up for grabs over on my ebay page, including a once-in-a-lifetime chance to own a signed RG1 TPB plus all six of the original scripts that make up its component stories (#80.5 – #85 – Loose Ends) and some luscious (and hyper-rare) Geoff Senior retailer incentive/variant covers co-signed by the man himself and me). Hurry, before they all go. You can check my ebay auction page here.