Once again, a veritable treasure trove of signed/exclusive ebay goodies are up for grabs over on my ebay page, including a once-in-a-lifetime chance to own a signed RG1 TPB plus all six of the original scripts that make up its component stories (#80.5 – #85 – Loose Ends) and some luscious (and hyper-rare) Geoff Senior retailer incentive/variant covers co-signed by the man himself and me). Hurry, before they all go. You can check my ebay auction page here.



One Response to GO EBAY, YOUNG FAN!

  1. Chris Butterfield says:

    Hi Simon hope you are well. Just an off topic issue here.
    I have been a huge Transformers comic fan for 20+ years. I have every UK comic/special and Annual in mint condition.
    The IDW “Transformers UK volumes” were music to my ears when they came out.

    Because I know every page in the UK comics blindfolded I am spotting huge errors In the volumes. It has made me question IDW’s care of these classic comics.

    As well as the printed UK volumes I bought the Kindle versions.
    The Transformers UK volume 3 (Kindle version) had 2/3’s of the book missing. It ended at page 109. I since reported it and they fixed the file, back to 300+ pages.
    Page 285 in the same volume remains wrong, half the page is upside down.

    “Transformers UK volume 2” has a hug disappointing error which i spotted today.
    Your classic story called “The Icarus theory” which starts on page 45 in volume 2.
    The story runs correctly up to page 51, but page 52 is WRONG. Page 53 and 54 are next in correct story order, finally the story ends at page 52.
    The story makes no sense to anyone reading this story.
    This error is in all versions even in the printed volume 2.

    I have reported it and hope the digital version can be fixed. I am not sure if they can reprint the volume 2.
    It looks like I am going to be IDW’s proof reader for all future volumes.
    I wanted to inform you because I am just really passionate about the original series and I hoped IDW would give them a bit more care.

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