This is it. The beginning of the end. The pieces are all now in play and Transformers: Regeneration One #91 kicks off the climactic confrontation(s) that will, like dominos falling, culminate with the shocking, searing uber-battle that is issue #100. In the meantime, #91 goes on sale this week, Wednesday May 15th (officially anyway… it was released to digital buyers a week early… or on time… and we knuckle-dragging print ‘n’ paper folk are behind a week… I don’t know. Anyway…), and as usual I present my Β delve into the darker recesses of the brain that produced it (ie. mine) with the pure and simple aim to tantalise and torment. BUT, should you prefer to read #91 with wide, agog, clear-of-potential-spoilers eyes, then abort now. Okay, so the first chunk of “Destiny”, our third RG1 arc, kicks off a certain amount of aftermath from the shocking events of Scorponok’s dark reign, as you’d expect, and a certain amount of rumbles of the gathering storm that will rock Cybertron and the Cybertronians to their very core (and yes, I mean that quite literally). Just about everyone is now either on Cybertron or en route to Cybertron, with a wide and complex set of festering motives. There’s Bludgeon and his nomadic group of Decepticons, armed with a WarWorld and a whole heap of Matrix-powered clone war machines, coming back to even several raw and burning scores, and Galvatron (displaced from an alternate future), determined to have what he most desires, and was denied in his own timeline — total domination of Cybertron (and in his way a certain ‘Cybertron’s Greatest Warrior’). And meanwhile, Hot Rod (acting C-in-C on Cybertron in Optimus Prime’s absence) has concerns more close to home on his mind, and a restless populace about to let him know exactly what they feel about his current scheme to reunify them with their distant (and feral) ancestors. It’s an incendiary situation about to combust in spectacular fashion, especially as one key player (so far not on the board) ramps up his involvement. Phew… and if you think you know where all this is going, think again. We’re about to toss in a huge and entirely unexpected curve-ball mid-arc, which will throw a bunch more stuff into the cauldron that is RG1 (and shatter a fair few pairs of trousers in the process). News of that soon! In the meantime, RG1 #91 hits stores in a mere two days, and you can view the official IDW preview here. Trust me, we are at the top of a really big rollercoaster, and the plunge downhill starts now…

UPDATE – creator commentary on the first 5 pages is now up at the official Transformers facebook page. And while we’re on the subject of facebook, don’t forget that RG1 has its own dedicated facebook page.




  1. Jim Semonik says:

    Excellent! I cannot wait. I held off buying this digitally and look forward to Wednesday. One question…will #100 be a double sized epic like 75 and 50?

    • Kent says:

      I wish EVERY issue was double sized!!!! I’d certainly pay double!!!!!! I understand Simon, you have a definitive ending for the series but can’t we delay that until #200? πŸ™‚

  2. Dave Grew says:

    wow cant wait!!!

  3. Steve Bax says:

    Sounds brilliant Simon, particularly the prospect of a curveball.

  4. I can’t wait either . I have enjoyed the ride ,and can’t wait to see what will happen .Yes I did enjoy your Generation 2 issues a bit more ,but that is an alternate reality that I can still enjoy . I do wish for more Nightbeat ,which brings to mind a question again . In your comics ,was he ever a Headmaster ? We never saw evidence of this fact ,but since he was as I figure ,I just always assumed that he was one . There is a panel in issue 80 that Snapdragon kicks Nightbeat’s head ,according to TFwiki (yeah had to look it up ) ,but to be honest I never even knew that was Nightbeat ,let alone Muzzle . It is also unclear if Nightbeat is still alive ,I always thought he was because of his appearance in G2 .Perhaps you could clear this up .Also is there any plans for SkyLynx to appear ,where is he ?
    Again i have been enjoying RG1 ,and the ride has been bumping but fun .

    • Hi, Nighbeat was definitely a Headmaster in the UK comics. He even used the whole detachable head thing to trick Thunderwing in their first story together in the UK together. It was never explained where these new Nebulon companions came from though. I don’t think it was ever confirmed in the US comics that he was a Headmaster (although, Horri-Bull et al definitely were – but again no explanation where these new Nebulons cam from).

  5. Jim Semonik says:

    Okay, Simon…I am not here to tell you that I think the new issue is mindblowing, okay it is, but after reading this…just wow. The ending was really scary and the overall tone is just dark. I genuinely feel frightened for the TF race at this point. Chaos is gonna break out in the next 2 issues or so. The public is restless. Many cons are scheming and the Autobots have no idea. No faith in Hot Rod…I feel bad for him. There are several looming threats. I love Galvatron and Bludgeon and Scorp and I really hope they can all work together to try and save their race from what zero space and Jihaxus will do. Is Scorponok alive? Grimlock? I see Blaster will appear. Will we find out how they cured Slag and him? There is just so much to process. Hopefully Prime will get off Earth but Circuit Smasher, I’m sure still has a beef with him. 9 issues and 5 weeks till the next one. It’s gonna be a great Summer. Thank you.

  6. My cover had Spike, a bearded guy next to him (Buster?) and a group of unknown humans next to them. If they were on the cover, why weren’t they in the issue at all? Will wee see them soon, and find out their identities? A couple of them look like they could be the Spacehikers grown up. In all other respects, great work.

  7. Oh Simooooooooooon πŸ™‚
    You said that IDW is continuation of Marvel US comics and stories from UK are out of continuity but…one thing.
    “Right now.. I am much more concerned with the ark, and the being we know as Galvatron. Deep in my spark I know…He is Megatron-reborn”.
    Ok, He isn’t Megatron reborn because Megatron is dead. He is Megatron ‘reborn’ from different timeline.
    If You say that UK continuity is OUT then.. How does Prime know his name? He NEVER encountered Galvatron before and… He doesn’t even know that Galvatron comes from different timeline and He used to be Megatron.
    What does he mean by “we know as Galvatron”???? As I stated before He never met Galvatron and I don’t recall that any of autobuts from this time line ever met him.
    It would only make sense if UK stories were canonical πŸ™‚
    Optimus fought Galvatron during Time Wars. He knows He is Megatron reborn because Galvatron told his whole story to Jazz in Transformers UK #86.
    Do You have somthing to say about it? πŸ™‚

    • Jim Semonik says:

      Ok. I just went back and looked through my old issues. Galvatron does reveal himself by name to Emirate Xaaron. Also, Hook, Line and Sinker address him as well. Not sure if this helps, but it’s something. Prime seems to have some clue somehow.

  8. Ian G says:

    Hello Simon, I’ve been a huge TF fan since Target 2006 back in the 80’s and have consistently enjoyed every major TF story you penned ever since.

    When I reached my mid-to-late teens, I abandoned TF for about eight years, but my interest was rejuvenated when Titan started releasing all of your old stories in collected editions (a period which introduced me to the wonderfully dark “Generation 2” saga).

    Since then I know that there’s been a huge resurgence in the TF brand, not in the least owing to the pyrotechnic fizz of mind-candy lavished upon us by the energetic Michael Bay. There have been new comics, reboots, TV series’ and an array of other TF related stuff to keep us entertained but, for me, nothing has quite hit the spot…until now.

    Regeneration One is (and I didn’t quite realise how much until it hit the shelves) EXACTLY what I had been hoping would emerge from the new wave of TF interest. Hand on heart, I couldn’t have hoped for anything more and as such a huge thanks to yourself, Andy Wildman and everybody else responsible for making it a reality.

    So far in my opinion you have been on point in every issue I have read and no 85 in particular was breathtaking and tragic in equal measure. The only thing I’m really hoping for is to see Galvatron return to the shockingly unstoppable maniac that endeared him to an entire generation of fans weaned on Marvel UK.

    Btw @ adrian from Poland, you pose a fair question but I always thought that the UK material was canonical.

    • Yup πŸ˜€ UK stories were canonical but readers in US didn’t know that πŸ™‚ They were buying Transformers US and they just didn’t know what happened/was happening in UK stories. Target 2006 happened- they didn’t know that. Time Wars happened- they didn’t know that etc. I guess they didn’t even know that Marvel UK was publishing Transformers :]
      Then Transformers US ended with #80. We had crossover with Joe and G2 series. That’s it.
      So to this point events from UK were in continuity but readers didn’t even know that.
      Then after years we have Regeneration One. Simon removed G2 and Joe crossover. Ok, Let’s say that those 2 stories happens in a different time line. Sounds fine πŸ™‚
      But… Simon SAID that UK stories NEVER HAPPENED in IDW continuity. So we have continuity with events from Transformers US but without UK. !@#$%^& that hurts 😦
      But now there’s a glimpse of hope. Maybe Simon decided to bring back UK continuity. It’d be GREAT!!!!
      After all those years and after many reprints from IDW readers in US know Uk continuity.
      I’d love to see Optimus Prime facing Galvatron II and saying: “So it’s You, I thought You died (time wars) but You are still alive… or is it You Megatron (#85)…reborn?” then Galvatron II says: “You thought I died? We had never met but I will gladly rip out your optics Prime”- or something like that πŸ™‚
      So tell us Simon what’s with Prime, Galvatron II and UK continuity? πŸ™‚

      sorry again for my almost terrible english πŸ˜›

  9. Ian Hewett says:

    Excellent. As much as I’ve loved RG1, this issue felt much more like a bona fide part of the original series than any other. Incredible seeing Jhiaxus and (a very streamlined) Rook; are we getting a condensed retelling of G2 in these pages amongst everything else? I wonder if Liege Maximo’s around the corner.
    Interesting remarks from Prime about twin worlds recovering from a similar affliction; it looks like Nebulos is never going to get shot of those darn mechanoids. I wonder if Earth will join in the mutual healing process. Incidentally, nice to see the (former) Autobot Headmasters survived the reign of Scorponok, albeit as self-incarcerated criminals. I hope they (and all the others) find redemption.
    I’ve come up with bizarre theories as I’ve been reading this series, but I’m going to just sit back and enjoy. I really wish this series wasn’t going to end. We’re so close to issue 100 now, I can’t help feeling melancholy. The 30th anniversary year shall be bittersweet, unless IDW decide to renew this definitive series. It deserves to run indefinitely.

  10. Darren says:

    Another wonderful issue. But before I go into this I just want to add to the debate about the UK comic. There is at least one story that we know is officially cannon and that is the Deathbringer story from Transformers UK 235-236 as reference was made to the event in Transformers US 65 about how the Deathbringer had discovered Prime’s old body.

    Lets be honest though. A great deal of the UK stories, brilliant as they were, didn’t fit in with the US comic. Remember Earthforce? I still enjoyed them but they didn’t fit into the main storyline but they were still good stories. Even Time Wars had this problem if we are being picky. If that was really set after the Underbase saga then how come Spike was still with Fortress Maximus? It didn’t distract from it being one of my favourite epics.

    Most of the early UK stories fit in with the US stories, even Target 2006 and Prime and Megatrons return to Cybertron but I completely understand that the American audience didn’t know any of this existed so yes I can see why those stories are not referenced. However we can all just pretend that those events did happen in the great scheme of things but it was long time ago so doesn’t really have any bearing on the current story. I hope that makes sense!

    Back to the present. The action may have slowed down this month, we expected that, but the plot certainly thickens now. Great to see Prowl back in high command, Hod Rod’s indecision, Kup’s crankiness and the sheer frustration of Ultra Magnus. Apart from Grimlock, Kup seems to be the only one who openly questions Prime’s decisions. I have no idea how this is going to unfold and I’m just enjoying the ride.

    And I was not expecting that ending. Brilliant.

    Once again Simon please pass on thanks to the team, I really appreciate all of your efforts.

    As always I do have a question please if you have the time.

    1. Jhiaxus was in what looked like The Hub from Generation 2. Now we know that that storyline has been abandoned for this (I have to say I much prefer this one too) As that comic finished at issue 12 I guess you had a plan for what was going to happen in the next 12 issues or so if it continued with the Liege Maximo as the villain. Are you going to use some of that idea for Jhiaxus in this new story as I’m assuming he is a combination of that version of Jhiaxus and the Liege Maximo?

    2. Where is Nightbeat hiding?

    3. Please can Double Punch appear at some point!


  11. KYLE says:

    How was sky/jetfire in this issue ? He was never mentioned to have been repaired after issue 50 or shown jumping out of the ark in issue 75 . I dont think he was one of the nucleon transformers . Shouldn’t he still be deactivated abourd the ark ?

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