Transformers: Regeneration One #92 hits the stands next week (Wednesday June 12th), and with it we take another inexorable step towards the end (#100). Part 2 of Destiny seeds one of the biggest parts of that pending cataclysm, though by issue’s end it’ll be unclear why (or even what part of the issue I’m referring to) that should be . Anyway, before I draw back the curtain on the stage directions and creative decisions that formulated the issue, as is my habit, those who wish to remain wholly on the audience side of the proscenium arch, should withdraw now (though, as always, I aim to tease and not spoil). Right, so… for those who have clamoured for more of a self-contained feel to the instalments of Regeneration One, hopefully this one should fit the bill. Though various events and characters continue to inch to the forefront of RG1, this issue focuses down on four Autobots — Blaster, Silverbolt, Huffer and Inferno — who fared particularly badly from their infusion of Nucleon, the (not-so) wonder fuel. Inadvertently, ostensibly while in convalescence mode, they stumble upon part of what’s going on to soften Cybertron up ahead of the arrival of Bludgeon and his WarWorld, and in doing so, become marked ‘bots; targets for the all-new, all-deadly Mayhem Attack Squad. I know a lot of you have been particularly keen to see Blaster back in action in RG1, and if I mention that the Decepticon behind this precursor to invasion is Soundwave, perhaps you’ll get an idea where all this headed. So, that’s all I’m prepared to say on this issue. In some ways it’s a kind of interlude story, a slight side-step from the BIG players and storylines of Destiny (and RG1 as a whole). But, as I’m keen to stress, everything is essential in RG1. Everything is building towards issue #100. The official IDW Preview of the issue is now up here. Enjoy!




  1. I can’t wait to get this issue . Blaster ….awesome ,but even more awesome is Sky Lynx . I know it might not be a starring role ,like he deserves ,but at least he made an appearance . Thank you Simon for making this fan excited .

    • simon furman says:

      You’re welcome. Some appearances are destined to be cameos, others will have more panel-time/weight. It’s really as it serves the story I’m trying to tell.

  2. Patrick Argos says:

    Thanks for everything Simon . RG1 is awesome . The Sky Lynx cameo is appreciated . Still waiting to see if the missing Decepticons ( Constructicons , Combaticons , Frenzy etc ) are indeed on Cybertron or still in the Ark ? Any chance we get a resolution to this ? Even a mention of them or what happened to them in RG1 would be appreciated 😉

    That said I do have a few more questions

    What happened to Raindance and Grandslam after issue 48 ? They weren’t mentioned as being executed they just vanished , just curious .

    Also the remains of the Air Strike Patrol should still be on Earth , they were killed by Dynamo in issue 68 so just curious if they are up and about ?

    Hoping for a Trypticon cameo or at least a mention of what happened to him ?

    And please above all else a Ravage appearance please ? Even if only a cameo .

    Thanks for everything you do . It is appreciated and enjoyed . Be here to the end but of course it never ends .

    Well , almost never 😉

    Take care

    • simon furman says:

      As mentioned above, I’ll try and squeeze as many characters as I can in (especially in the final arc/issue), but there may be some who inevitably slip through the net. An appearance from Ravage sometime soon is a dead cert though. And Trypticon. Yeah, I can see that happening before we reach the end.

  3. Bass X0 says:

    Why aren’t we past Spike being antagonistic towards the Autobots yet? He has made very little progress since we first saw him in Regeneration One. All he has done is fight the Autobots with a single-minded obsession. So… maybe he is exactly like Circuit Breaker in that respect.

    And Spike now has a wife that isn’t Carly or Lisa? I’d say that Carly should be the default choice for a wife that Spike should have. Except for his girlfriend Lisa in Rhythms of Darkness.

    Still waiting for Buster Witwicky to make an appearance. Don’t tell me he already died off-panel during the past 20 years without anybody currently in the comics thinking of him.

    I was also hoping for one issue to have explored the Rhythms of Darkness continuity and show us more of what happened before and after the original Marvel U.S. issue.

    • Michael says:

      The general theme seems to be that bare skin and full body circuitry leads to berzerker-style aggression against machines. Can’t say I recommend the procedure. As for Buster, that bearded guy pushing Blackrock looks kind of like him…unless that guy’s been named and I forgot about it.

    • simon furman says:

      We have (a lot) more to learn about exactly why Spike is so ticked off at the Autobots, what that deep-seated vein of hatred is all about. I’ll just say for now that you REALLY need to check out issue #0 (in fact, #0 should tick another couple of your wish-list boxes too) and suggest that sometimes when a character is directing rage it’s often to cover for something else, something that’s harder to acknowledge. Like guilt maybe.

  4. My biggest complaint is not in any story elements, but in how Wildman is drawing Blaster’s head. Otherwise loving it

  5. wildman says:

    Reblogged this on wildwords and commented:
    Simon Furman’s ‘Script Wrap’ for issue #92. It will be available as of tomorrow. Tis is my last issue for a while but the fun continues so don;t miss out. I will still be doing covers though. Cover art for issue 96 currently on the drawing board.

  6. Coptur says:

    Hey Simon (and Andrew), Am I right saying that i saw Spyglass from Reflector in the crowd scene during Hot Rods speech in #91, if it is will we se the other two!?!?

    Ps really enjoying it so far and can’t wait to pick up the next issue

  7. Dave Grew says:

    Keep up the good work!

  8. Jim Semonik says:

    Fantastic issue Simon. That last page was stunning and my praises to Mr. Wildman. I wish him the best in his endeavors. Ok…question time.

    1. Since Carnivac and Snarler appear, I only assume they survived the thrashing by Fort Max in #51 and got picked up by other cons?
    Same to Roadblock surviving Grimlock’s thrashing/rampaging in the last arc?

    2. Why did the Autobots (namely Prowl) not try and stop Slag from leaving the nursery to go with Hot Rod like he did with the others (Blaster et al)

    3. Not really a question…but…I am not liking what I am seeing on the cover on the next issue. Galvatron getting thrashed by Starscream is unacceptable and I hope Screamer gets what is coming to him.

    4. I see an issue zero is coming, so everything is bumped back a month?

    5. So everything comes to a clash next ish. It’ll be cool to see all these con leader meet. Is Thunderwing actually dead? I understand if you can’t answer this one.

    Another bang up issue, brother. Looking forward to the next treat. Curious about Guido taking over too. Best of luck to the team. Great ride thus far.

    • Patrick Argos says:

      Stopping a Dinobot is easier said then done . Most likely Prowl was not going to stir up the past by angering Slag and the others so soon after Grimlock’s ” death ” .

      Prowl and the Dinobot’s ( Especially Grimlock ) have never gotten along . So maybe this is Prowl showing respect for them by respecting their decisions .

      That or he figures if they kill each other it is no great loss ?

    • simon furman says:

      1. I think we can assume that unless a ‘death’ was seen and confirmed, the character in question survived. Somewhere between then and now there was an exodus (or exoduses…?) of all Transformers from Earth.
      2. The other Dinos busted him out. Didn’t ask for permission.
      3. Ah, but there’s more to that cover than… um… meets the eye.
      4. Zero will be September’s release. Then #95 will be October and so on.
      5. No, I can. He’s dead. No plans to bring him back. But… check out issue #0!

      • Jim Semonik says:

        1. Ahhh yes, Primus probably transported them there. I wasn’t thinking.
        2. Word.
        3. Hmmm…okay…just please don’t kill him. lol
        4. Right on…will 100 be double sized?
        5. Bummer, but I understand. He was just a badass and one of my favorite figures growing up and when you brought him into the Matrix story in the comics…it’s what made me fall in love with the character.

  9. simon furman says:

    Firstly, apologies. Haven’t given feedback/answers here for a while. Just been crazily, mind-numbingly busy and there’s some personal stuff going on that I won’t go into here. Just to say that I really appreciate all the comments that fly into blog, and read all of them, so keep ’em coming. Right, let’s backtrack and try and answer some questions, etc…

    • Bloodrose says:

      Great news! In this case please allow me to qure a former unanswered question of mine:

      You mentioned in a commentary you had to include two modernizations: thinking in TPB archs and getting rid of thought bubbels. None of them are too big deals, but I started to wonder, how much of a taboo is a thought bubble these days in the industry. If a writer wants to use them for whatever reason, does he have the chance, or they are strictly forbidden? (Actually I don’t even know why they were banned in the first place…)

      BTW, I loved to see Blaster in action again (Huffer as well, last time he got his spotlight was in issue 10), it was kinda surprising, as he was not as much your favourite bot to have prime time as Budiansky’s.

      • I kind of missed Budiansky’s Blaster, and I’m glad Simon made him more like that in this issue (rather than the afterthought he was toward the end of G1). I remember writing an angry letter to Marvel as a kid because of how they’d killed off Blaster in #50 and were letting him stay dead for a little too long. He used to be the number one “test opponent” for new decepticons for awhile, and he knocked Grimlock out of his “alcoholic” phase, as I’d come to think of it.

      • simon furman says:

        I don’t think thought bubbles were ever exactly outlawed, they just kind of fell out of use (don’t know when) and now look dated. Don’t know why, they just do. Bob B used them when IDW re-adapted the original TF animated movie in comic form and I think that was when it hit me that they don’t work any more. Internal monologue captions have just superseded them.

  10. HdE says:

    Hiya Simon – just a brief word to say how much I’m enjoying RG1!

    Never having been particularly invested in the Marvel continuity before it came along, the book comes as a refreshing, consistently entertaining read.

    Great to see you writing Transformers again – and so obviously having fun!

  11. Cat says:

    This was a great issue. Really enjoyable. Love the RI cover.

    Any chance we could see Bumper before the run is over? He’s a criminally under-used character, especially for an ’84er (Well, kind of an ’84 character. Depends on your definition)

  12. Darren says:

    Hi Simon! Firstly no need to apologise for anything. You are a busy man but all of your fabulous work is greatly appreciated by the majority of the fans. Please pass on thanks to the team again for creating what is, in my opinion, the quintessential Transformers comic. This is the story I have followed since the very beginning in the UK and I am genuinely loving this comic! Bringing back Huffer, who was such a great character in the early issues is brilliant. I asked for Blaster so I can’t thank you enough for that. I do have some questions though please when you have the time.

    1. I would love to know though if you are going to touch on the original 13 Transformers? I know that if any writer will do this then it has to be you as you and Bob Budiansky created the history of Transformers that still exists to this day.

    2. Will Nightbeat appear? Please!

    3. I think we are all enjoying the cameos from characters. I hope we can get to see some of the more obscure official characters that have never been in a comic such as Salt Man X (yes really), Scamper, etc.

    Thanks again.


    • simon furman says:

      1. No. The 13 is somewhere we won’t be going. Sorry.
      2. Yes. Writing #96 now and Nightbeat is present and correct.
      3. As stated above, anything is possible. Well, except maybe Salt Man X (note to self: must go look that one up).

  13. charles says:

    okay simon here`s the deal,please don`t kill anymore bad guys like galvatron and other decepticons or autobots either,galvatron is the last link to megatron and killing megatron made me mad ,plus since grimmy is mentioned as being alive how about scorponok?and by the way what happened to g.i. joe?and keep optimus alive and stop making him be a wimp.

    • coptur says:

      hi charles, i asked simon about gjoe previously myself and he informed me that the base the surviving humans are using is an old gijoe base as it has the eagle logo on the ground. check the first story arc. we’ll have to assume such a unit was taken out in the early stages of megatrons takeover due to there threat level.

  14. simon furman says:

    I’ll do what I can on all counts. But no guarantees about not killing off other characters. Poor… oh no wait, you haven’t got to #94 yet!!!

    • Darren says:

      Please not Soundwave! As far as I can remember he is the only major character to survive the whole of the original run. Unless maybe he comes back as Soundblaster…


  15. Ian Hewett says:

    Just got the issue in the post. As I said with the previous issue, this arc feels much closer in spirit to the original run than the (slightly uncomfortable?) events since issue 81. Fantastic to see Carnivac and Snarler (though it feels odd seeing the former unaffected by the UK continuity. The Earthforce/Survivors stories were gems in the latter-day black and white strips; it’s also a shame that the bromance with Springer will never come to pass in this continuity). Is that the same Fang that got his bottom kicked by the Wreckers in Maccadam’s back in issue 82 (UK)? Nice touch!

    Lovely work as ever. Although my out-there suggestion of Nebulos being closely related to Earth a few months ago wasn’t correct, I’m intrigued to see how the two are brought together (will we ever find out why humans and Nebulans look alike?).

    Oh, and Nightbeat? Huzzah!

  16. Lukas says:

    Destiny looks promising so far, great job Simon! I’m also glad to read that Nightbeat will appear in next story. I hope you also find a role for Bumblebee and Jazz, my favourite G1 veterans from Marvel time who didn’t show themselves in RG1 so far.

    I have a question – people asked about Galvatron and how on Earth Prime knows him.. Sth different is bothering me: If Marvel UK stuff is rejected in this series (including Time Wars, when Optimus met Rodimus), when did Prime receive the news about his expected successor – Hot Rod/Rodimus? He said to H Roddy: ” I sense greatness in you” and became a kinda master to him. That’s strange for me, can you tell sth about it? (Sorry for my English).

  17. Bass X0 says:

    Disappointed that Carnivac became a one dimensional character again after how deep and memorable he was in the U.K. stories. If this is all we see of him in Regeneration One, then I understand there isn’t any time to develop him into the conflicted character he was in the U.K. comics. But he is still in character to how he was in his only U.S. comic appearance which I suspect you were going for.

    Also, glad to see Buster and Jessie on the cover for next issue. I’ve been waiting to see them. I’m not expecting “O” since everybody forgets “O”.

    Saltman X and Z are Brazillian recolors of Topspin and Twintwist. They haven’t appeared in any Transformers fiction I believe, from memory.

  18. Albert says:

    Patience is starting to pay off (something not everone seems to have); what a great read! And what a great overall ‘movie’ this is becoming! This is going to be so good when all is finished ‘as one’ .

    – After seeing Huffer back in action; as an old fan I’m hoping to see another strong (loud-mouthed) one: Warpath, my second toy ever .He (and Brawn) were almost as strong as Grimlock as I remember correctly. Talking about Brawn; now He and Warpath would make a nice wrestling team!

    – Still curious if Fortress Maximus is getting a come-back (the original).

    Good , very good this is becoming


  19. Bass_X0 says:

    I’d be disappointed if Spike and Fortress Maximus don’t reconcile before the end of the story. Fortress Maximus can’t appear until Spike decides it’s time to become his head again.

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