Here’s a post that’s maybe a surprise addition to my blog, especially as neither creator involved in the excellent new Ramones graphic novel, Gabba Gabba Hey (out today, June 14th, in the UK… August 1st in the US) is me. I was involved, but in an editorial capacity for a change (flexing an older set of muscles here), overseeing the script from the fantastic Jim McCarthy (Sex Pistols: The Graphic Novel, Neverland: the Life and Death of Michael Jackson) and the breathtaking graphic art from the amazing Brian Williamson (Torchwood: Rift War, Neverland: the Life and Death of Michael Jackson). This is a graphic novel in the true sense of the term, as Jim and Brian combine to create a scattershot visual and sensory trip through the life and times and altered states of one of the defining punk/new wave bands. This is the Ramones as never seen before, and whether you’re a fan or not this will grip and surprise you from start to finish. Do check it out. It’s in all good bookstores now and available through Amazon and a host of other on-line shopping channels.


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