This Saturday and Sunday (July 6th and 7th) I’ll be at the London Film and Comic Con at London’s Earl’s Court, along with fellow Regen-wunners Andrew Wildman, Stephen Baskerville and (for the Saturday at least) Geoff Senior. As usual, I’ll be packing all sorts of goodies. A whole fresh batch of exclusive signed script/comic packs (RG1 #81, 85 & 86), the debut of Spotlight Shockwave as a signed script (with an amazing bonus inclusion!) and much, much more. Look forward to seeing you there! For more details of the event, click on link here.


5 Responses to THE 2013 CONVENTION TRAIL (6)

  1. Va'al says:

    Already gearing up for it, thanks!
    On the website, Baskerville is mentioned as only attending on the Sunday – is this true?

  2. Peter Hodgson says:

    I’ll see you there – thought this was 2 weeks later when i booked my free train ticket to London for this saturday. But i’ll get ticket on the door on 6th after checking out few comic shops. Few issue of RG1 for Geoff to sign which I’ll take to AA2013 for John Paul Bove to sign later. [also need to watch out for Geoff cover for JP Bove too if I see any for 75p like I got mine for]

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