Phew! A whole actual month (since LFCC) with no convention and now we plunge fully/headlong into the second half of my packed 2013 personal appearance schedule. We kick off this coming weekend with Auto Assembly 2013 (Aug 9th-11th), the UK’s (and Europe’s) biggest/premier Transformers fan event. This is a convention that just keeps getting better and better, and one I look forward to every year. Almost the whole Regeneration One team will be there – myself, Andrew Wildman, Stephen Baskerville, John-Paul Bove, Jason Cardy… and even a guest appearance on the Saturday from the one and only Geoff Senior! Only Guido’s missing, but this year AA welcomes none other than Alex Milne (More Then Meets the Eye) and Andrew Griffith (Robots in Disguise). Plus a veritable host of voice actors and other guests. There’ll be a special Regeneration One panel (with hints of upcoming stuff no doubt, including more on the mysterious issue #0), and I’ll have my usual fixed spot from where I’ll be signing. And, also as usual, I’ll have a bunch of stuff for sale, including four different RG1 script/comic packs and an enhanced Spotlight Shockwave signed script, which comes exclusively with Nick Roche’s Dynobot re-designs for the issue. Pre-registration for the event is now closed, but you can still buy tickets on the door. For details, check out the Auto Assembly site here.

And here’s a brief trawl through the rest of the year (full details as each gets nearer):

August 31st: Melksham Comic Con (website here)

September 7th: NICE, Bedford (website here)

September 13th (7.30pm):  Bewdley Book Festival (website here), talk/signing

October 26-27th: Dundee Comics Day (details/website TBC)

November 23rd-24th: Thought Bubble, Leeds (website here)

Hope to see you at AA or one of the above!

2 Responses to THE 2013 CONVENTION TRAIL (7)

  1. The mysterious issue #0 makes me drool already. There’s so much potential of untold stories about “minor” characters from the original run: I hope that IDW will consider the possibility of exploring more of this untold age!

  2. Peter Hodgson says:

    The RG1 panel was great with insight on Geoff’s part of the #0. But next year we’ll not have a “what’s to come” panel with only 8 months of issues left. Also any IDW Movie 4 comics should be out May 2014 – be great if IDW get yourself, Simon Furman, back. Was interesting talking about the IDW link covers by EJ Su. See you at Leeds next – i’ll miss the other ones. Thanks you for signing comics over the weekend.

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