I know it’s a cliche to call an issue pivotal, but that’s what Transformers Regeneration One #94 (out this Wednesday, August 28) is. A whole lot of stuff has been building, pressure cooker-style, to this point, and a whole lot more stuff (including the jaw-dropping issue #0) spins out of these 22-packed-pages. But – before I press on with this habitual discourse on the creative ins and outs of #94 – the usual warning: there be spoilers in what follows, though as always the aim is tantalise and tease rather than reveal huge plot points, so consider yourself warned. Right, so, here it is — the biggest most anticipated rematch in the whole of the core/original Transformers saga… Ultra Magnus versus Galvatron… that never happened before. Well, okay, it has if you’re Galvatron. Because, as we know, he’s from the alternative timeline established in issue #67’s Rhythms of Darkness, and he has fought UM before (the outcome of which you’ll get a flavour of in #0). But if you’re Ultra Magnus, this is the first time of asking and you’re very much in the dark. Are we sidestepping the UK clash between these two titans in the epochal Target: 2006? Yes we are. And no we’re not. I know, confusing right? Well let’s just say that anyone who’s conversant with that particular clash will see echoes of it here. ripples in what we now know to be a multifaceted prism of TF universes. But if you’re expecting a re-run of that clash, think again. Everything old is new again, right? That’s kind of RG1’s mantra. And the UM/Galvatron clash takes some very unexpected twists and turns. Are we content with just that? Heck no. There’s also an all-out assault on Cybertron by Bludgeon’s War World and Blitz Engines, a long-standing grudge match that edges closer to a denouement, and the beginning of a journey for Hot Rod that will have far reaching consequences, both for him and the future of the RG1-verse. Phew. Hope you enjoy this one, I certainly had great fun writing it. And Guido really knocks this one out of park! As usual, I welcome your comments/opinions in this thread.


42 Responses to SCRIPT (W)RAP – REGENERATION ONE #94

  1. “anyone who’s conversant with that particular clash will see echoes of it here. ripples in what we now know to be a multifaceted prism of TF universes”

    Now that’s a line I was really eager to hear! Um, to read.

    This issue is going to be another fantastic read!

    I guess that Hot Rod’s travel through Zero Space is what will allow him to witness the past (?) events announced for issue zer0.

  2. Sean says:

    Last 3 issues have been on point Simon. Good stuff. Last issue was great. This issue looks to be no different. The Magnus vs Galvatron fight is what I’ve been waiting for.

  3. Dave Grew says:

    cant wait!!!!!

  4. Chris McAree says:

    I’ve been waiting for this throwdown since TFUK #161! I am just delighted to see it happening…but am frightened for Magnus.

  5. mikeladano says:

    You had me at “Omega Supreme”.

  6. Will says:

    Unreleated Question Simon.
    Why is the series ending at 100? I feel like its just starting to really get going. I waited 21 years for this!!

    • simon furman says:

      Not unrelated at all, Will. The plan was always to finish off the original series/continuity, and we were remarkably fortunate that IDW/Hasbro let us have 20 odd issues to do it. #100 is the conclusion all the preceding issues have been building to, since the outset. And I do mean ‘all’.

  7. Eric Witte says:

    Loved the UM/Galvie fight. Yes, shades of PART of their fight from Target: 2006, but not a complete re-do…I really wish these issus were longer, it always feels like we get such a small morsel to digest every month, and are left wanting more…maybe issue 100 will be a yummy 64 pager?

  8. Mansoor Ali Choudhury says:

    Really good. The issue benefited from the tighter focus. Wish this could go on to #150.

  9. Jim Semonik says:

    Spoiler Warning!!!

    Hello Simon,

    Another masterpiece on your hands yet again. This issue was just beautiful. I can’t wait for zero to see good old Geoff back on the page and Jose. That is so cool. We have 7 issues left. 6 of which have to do with the current story. Wel, zero does too I guess. Man, Jhiaxus must have on hell of a surprise coming for the G1ers. I take it we will see him in 95.

    Question time…
    1. Omega Surpreme…he got wasted by Starscream, how is he alive? Did he get nucleon treatment and if so, when was he removed from the ark?

    2. Obviously…the big G being a fave of mine,..I am concerned about his number of consecutive losses. He was the man in his own time, why can’t he seem to handle himself here? Unicron’s influence i guess?

    3. So Primus indeed survived the Unicron fight in 75. He stated something along the lines of “I cannot die” Does the same bode for Unicron?

    4. Was Emirate Xaarons body more powerful that Grimlock’s to house Primus as is implicated?

    5. Sort of like #3. If Primus survived, what was the point of the Last Autobot?

    I think that’s it this month. Thanks for another rocking issue. Issue 0 soon, my man.

    • simon furman says:

      1. Honestly, I haven’t addressed this. So take it it was either Nucleon or the Last Autobot.
      2. I think he can handle himself here, but he’s not unbeatable either. You’ll see exactly what happened in the moments preceding the Warworld blasting them in #96. Perhaps that’ll make it clearer why UM emerged the more relatively unscathed.
      3. Can’t say about Primus. Too many giveways likely in anything I write. But #0 has a BIG hint.
      4. Maybe. Or older. Or maybe he was more Matrixly-inclined.
      5. If Primus survived.

  10. Sean says:

    Great issue Simon. The best of the entire run by far. Magnus vs Galvatron was great, as were the homages and swerve at the end. Well done. The art was FANTASTIC. Guidi just rocks out. The panel with the WarWorld being attacked by the TF jets and the Monstructor panel of him being sent to attack Omega were my favorite. Is that Skyfire? Everything was on point, and has been on point since 92. The addition of Guidi has really changed mine and many others view of the book.

  11. Bass X0 says:

    Jim, I think its because Galvatron is on his own here that he is losing this much. The events from Rhythms of Darkness happened because of the Decepticon army as a whole, lead by Galvatron. He doesn’t have any allies here, only his own strength, as formidable as it is.

    Bludgeon & Galvatron working together side by side is something that would have been feared. But also surprisingly never been done before. Galvatron has never come into direct contact with Bludgeon in any story I can remember.

    • Patrick Argos says:

      I agree with Jim . Galvatron is just one bot , without his army he is vulnerable . Basically he is following a similar path to Megatron .

      Stranded alone in a hostile environment , he is scrapping together what resources he can and attempting to conquer his surroundings . Just as Megatron did with the Ark’s computer and his Zombie army .

      Galvatron may not realize the Warworld is Bludgeon’s ship . All he sees is a strange craft launching an army of drones . For all he knows it could be anyone .

      Also one of the variant covers to issue 80.5 had Optimus Prime under attack by Bludgeon , Galvatron and Shockwave . That could be symbolic of the Autobot cause falling or being damaged by these three villains ?

      Or maybe a team up is in the works ? Not likely from what we have seen so far but the story could go in any direction so we will see .

      And yes there was one Galvatron / Bludgeon team up in the Transformers Armada comics . Unicorn brought some heralds from various universe’s to kill that universe’s Decepticons .

      I believe they were Galvatron , Bludgeon , Scourge , Dirge and Thunderwing .

      That is the only one I know of .

      Great issue Simon ,

      Thanks !!!!

  12. Jim Semonik says:

    No problem, fellas. I think G needs his army but the dude has had a rough go. I’d just like to see something work out for him. As evil as he is, he is kind of a victim. Plucked from his own time to be used as a pawn, smacked around by Unicron, crashes on Earth and beaten by Fort Max, frozen/awakened then betrayed by Starscream. Now this. Aside from that droid on the arc…he has no kills yet. Well, maybe the dude he smashed over Ultra Magnus’ head. LOL. I’d be all for a Bludgeon/Galv teamup btw. Especially if it was against Jhiaxus. Can you tell I’m a Galvatron fan?

  13. Charles says:

    Is there going to be a rematch for galvatron?don`t leave him like if you`re going to kill soundwave I want blaster to get it too,quit making the decepticons look bad.

  14. Lukas says:

    Simon, you are doing an exceptional work! I was feeling, assuming that the Destiny would be the best part of the whole series and so far, it really is! I’ve read all the previews, spoilers, non-spoiler things of those issues so far and it all looks amazing. I will have a chance to receive the paper copy (trade) no sooner than in November but I know, that’s worth waiting.

    Hats off to Mr Guidi and rest of the art team for taking me back to 80/90′ 🙂

    I’m not very familiar with the G2 (just net sources) and I don’t know, what are you going to adapt in RG1 from that stuff (this series wasn’t being published in Poland), but I’m open on it. I’m sure you can surprise me and changed my mind about the best story of RG1.

    • simon furman says:

      Not having read G2 will impact not at all on your enjoyment of RG1, Lukas. We’re pulling in elements is all, everything that happens in RG1 is dependent only on the original US Marvel comics.

      • Lukas says:

        That’s the good news, Simon. Polish edition of TF stories was based mostly upon US Marvel comic books. I can’t wait to see where all of this is heading to.

  15. Michael says:

    I’ve always wondered one thing (well, many, but one at a time, right?). The alternate timeline that Galvatron came from in issue 67 — was that the UK timeline from Target:2006 et al, or a modified timeline that nobody in the US or UK had ever quite seen until that issue? I have a bunch of the UK collections, but not every issue from start to end, so my knowledge of that timeline is a bit fragmented.

    In any case, the fighting in this issue was reminiscent of what I remember reading from Target:2006. Nice job, though the issue felt a little shorter than usual for some reason.

  16. Bass_X0 says:

    Michael, Rhythms of Darkness is a seperate timeline to the other post-1986 movie timelines.

    Target: 2006 uses the movie as a basis (without any of the cartoon episodes) and was written at the time to be the future of the present day 1980s stories. But as the years pass, the present day 1980s stories diverge from the movie eventually cancelling out the whole 1986 movie as being impossible to happen.

    However, the stories that take place after the movie continue to be told and become a seperate timeline. There’s some crossover due to time travel. These stories do not lead into Rhythms of Darkness. Rodimus Prime travels back in time to fight Galvatron during Time Wars, Galvatron is destroyed by a rift in time and space then Rodimus Prime travels back to his own time. But it turns out that he did not arrive in his own continuity and Galvatron is alive and well but but isn’t the same Galvatron from before. Watching Back to the Future 2 may help with all the time travel explanation stuff. Also, technically, “Galvatron II”, the one from Rhythms of Darkness, is not the second Galvatron in the U.K. comics.

    Anyway, this new timeline could also be the timeline for Rhythms of Darkness. Its not perfect as it wasn’t intended to be so but it could with a few minor changes.

    You’d best read the comics yourself and draw your own conclusions. Theres too much stuff to explain if you haven’t read them already.

  17. Michael says:

    Interesting. I’ll have to re-read the ones I have, then (all the U.S. plus a swiss cheese ensemble of the UK, which includes Target:2006). I already suspected the current ReGeneration timeline could be the Rhythms of Darkness timeline, although wasn’t cybertron destroyed by unicron in that one?

  18. Darren says:

    Brilliant as always. I am still shocked at the out come of the battle though. Galvatron has always been the invincible character, probably the most powerful Decepticon in the Marvel comic. He never really lost. You could argue that he was damaged when Fortress Maximus fought him and he walked away from Magnus in Transformers UK Salvage. But now he has been completely trounched and humiliated, his reputation is in tatters. It’s a shame as I thought he was going to be a big villain in this but alas he has now been humbled.

    Having said that I do fear for the safety of all of the Transformers in #100. Maybe they are formed into a new race with the demons?

    As always big thanks to all the team for producing another classic. It does seem to be getting later and later each month though!


    • Ian G says:

      I echo your sentiments Darren. In Marvel UK Galvatron’s power and durability were nonpariel but this outcome has made him seem like no more than a pest and a jobbing villain. In retrospect perhaps he should have been left out of Regeneration One altogether.

      This one aspect aside though, it was a fantastic issue (quite possibly the finest to date), both the narrative and artwork were quite brilliant. Of all the plotlines, Hot Rod’s impending journey to the plane of Zero Space is the one that has filled me with the most intrigue. It was interesting to note Primus’ (if that was indeed Primus) “you have not become” line to Hod Rod because it would rather indicate that a Rodimus Prime was supposed to have already been born into this timeline. Perhaps another reason for the crack in Zero Space?

      Now we’re approaching the final stretch of RG1 and considering the scale of the problems at hand, I’m begining to wonder if the resoloution to this whole arc will entail the obliteration of the entire timeline (with the surviving TF’s being scattered and displaced to alternate continuities in some sort of effort to harmonize or rebalance the multiverse).

      • T Sizzle says:

        Simon has said that it’s not just a coincidence that Hot Rod and Primus look similar. Does Hot Rod go back in time and become Primus? Does Hot Rod just repair the “damage” or could Optimus sacrifice himself one more time? Is the damage to the timeline the G2 Jhiaxus line that reproduced when they weren’t supposed to? Someone mentioned on another forum that Unicron’s brain looked very similar to the Jhiaxus HQ “The Hub” network of planets. Does that structure go back in time to become Unicron? I guess we’ll have to read on to find out.

  19. Kent says:

    Seriously this is making me very upset that this series is ending with 100…can’t we just let it keep going?????? 🙂

    Simon your fans are insatiable! Let IDW know we need more!

    • Ian G says:

      Just to add my voice to what I hope is a chior of opinion, I will buy as many issues of RG1 as they choose to produce because quite frankly, I don’t think us dyed-in-the-wool TF fans have ever had it this good.

  20. blackzoid says:

    Hi Simon
    Loved it. After 20 years, finally we get to what Transformers is really all about:

    Galvatron versus Ultra Magnus

    Its a special treat that has long surpassed the same staleness of Optimus Prime versus Megatron. You wrote every UM versus Galvatron fight, and since there has been so few, every one is on a different level to the cliched Prime/Megatron fight.

    By the way, I’m not too annoyed that Galvatron II lost. Galvatron I, (aka the UK Galvatron) was always the upper limit of Transformer. This differentiates Galvatron II from I, and so some new possibilities can be done.

  21. John Doe says:

    Wonderful issue!

    Hope I don’t sound too sycophantic, but I want to say thank you so much for writing this comic (and thanks to everyone else involved.) I’m enjoying it so much, and it’s obviously a labour of love.

    I’ll add my voice to the others who are wishing for this series to continue. We don’t want it to end! I totally agree with Kent and Ian G.

    Loved the fight between Ultra Magnus, the War World looming, etc. It feels like the final act of a movie. It was nice to see the Axelerators too, although poor Windbreaker!

    One question: is the “A-19-61 Thruway” a reference to a pair of roads leading to North East England? :-p Or is that just a coincidence?

  22. Ian Hewett says:

    Nice Windbreaker ‘parp’ gag, sir. Worthy of Viz. 😀
    Everyone here has already summed up my feelings on how great this issue is… Although Mr Wildman is credited on the cover instead of Guido. Whoops.

    Spoke to Mr Bove last week, and although he wouldn’t give anything away (nor did I want or expect him to), he did hint that the final issue will be… controversial. I’m intrigued, but terrified to wave goodbye…

  23. Eric Witte says:

    I know this is somewhat unrelated to this issue per se, but reading the teasers for issue 0 got me thinking…Buster was exposed to the matrix in issue 5, so could Megatron have re-animated his troops using residual matrix energies from Buster’s brain? After all, Megatron would have been unaware of this fact…but Ratchet very much knew about this. Also, I am thinking that there’s some connection wwith Buster, the Deathbringer, and Thunderwing b/c they have all been exposed to the Matrix…could that be part of what is tearing up the timestream? Just some thoughts…

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