This week (Wednesday 18th September) sees the much anticipated release of Transformers: Regeneration One #0, the kind of extra (and extra-special) issue we’re squeezing in between issue #94 & #95. Just how ‘much anticipated’ has surprised even us, despite the stellar line up of artistic talent involved, and the first printing has sold out in terms of its Diamond Distributors orders well ahead of its release. But don’t worry. Supply just equals demand, that’s all. And… there’ll be a second printing hot on its heels — with another variant cover by Casey Coller!! As is usual, even though this is a far from usual issue, my script (w)rap — a kind of writerly digression into everything that went into the planning and execution of the issue — follows, and (also as usual) inevitably contains some spoilers (though these tend more towards teases than out and out spoilers), so be warned. Okay, so, what’s with this extra issue, and why? Here we are on the cusp of the final story arc and suddenly we’re knee deep in a whole adventure in the time stream. Was this planned? Well, yes and no. Originally, much of what you’ll see in #0 would have been covered in some kind of recap fashion during the ongoing narrative. Hot Rod would still have been sent into Zero Space by Primus and emerged… well, that’s a might too spoilery… he’d have emerged anyway. But we wouldn’t have had the chance to really explore the four storylines (past, present & future… or rather, alternate future) that are going to come to bear on RG1 as a whole. Originally, #0 was pitched as an Annual and a chance to bring some more classic Transformers artists back into the spotlight. But it kind of morphed into #0 instead, and now has a very defined spot and role in the continuity. The intent, though, remains the same, and we’ve got Geoff Senior (doing his first interior strip work for I don’t know how long), Jeff Anderson, US TF mainstay Jose Delbo and (representing the newer wave of TF artists) Nick Roche and Casey Coller each providing simply gobsmacking pages, in a variety of styles, for the various segments. Stephen Baskerville provides inks (where and when necessary) and John-Paul Bove is on colour duty throughout (weaving different styles to fit the story and artist involved). Most of all, #0 gave me a chance to delve back into the rich history of the original Transformers comic (US and UK as it turned out) and bring yet more strands and loose ends into the seething mix of RG1. Everything now is thundering towards our final arc, The War to End All Wars, and everything in #0 is some facet or portend of where we’re going and what will happen next. Dare I say it… #0 is about as essential as it gets, and a whole of (retro-) fun in the process. Can’t wait to see what people think. You can check out the official IDW preview here and comment on the issue in this very thread.




  1. dave grew says:

    Wow this will be epic!!!

  2. Chris McAree says:

    In an age where my comic buying has taken a serious backseat to my two young kids, and for the most part I indulge only in the odd back-issue on eBay or TPB on Amazon, RG1 has been essential reading. I’m actually dreading the denouement in #100.

    But on the good news front, I can’t believe Geoff Senior is doing an interior. Did you have any direct contact with him yourself? I can still picture every panel of “Victory” from the TFUK Annual.

    • simon furman says:

      Geoff and I are still very good friends and we actually live not far from each other (and share a common love of beer!). We’re working together on a yet-to-be-scheduled creator-owned series in the vein of Dragon’s Claws. More news on that soon.

      • nath says:

        say what are you brining dragons claws back epic oh i vaguley remeber it being called dragons teetth ill seel my issues to the higest bidder if it can fund rg one issue 101 but sorrry deaths head will never be sold:)

      • Darragh says:

        More Furman and Senior comics? That is superb news!

  3. Chris McAree says:

    Am I a pipe dreamer wondering if Barry Kitson might get involved in any way?

  4. Josè Delbo is there as well??? Awesome.

  5. Sean says:

    Artwork is AWESOME. So happy do see Senior provide some interior work. Going by what I see there he just jumped back in no problem. Wish he had done a few issues of RG1. Really looking forward to this. Issues 93 and 94 were excellent, and right up there with your old work. I look for this issues to be no different. My faith so far has been restored.

  6. Jason w says:

    I just can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to see Jose Delbo’s work again. It going to be epic.

  7. Eric Witte says:

    Couple of questions.

    1. It looks like the Rhythmes of Darkness timeline is very closely related to the movie. Are we going to see the point at which it diverges? B/c if Unicron ate Cybertron, where was the matrix at this time?
    2.I know this’ll sound like beating a dead horse (no pun intended), but is Ratchet dead, like dead-dead? I just think it was bad the way he continually got slagged on…I always thought it’d be interesting how he would have treated Prime after experiencing 20 years of hell on earth

    • simon furman says:

      1. Well, Rhythms of Darkness was always set in a post-movie kind of continuity, but just one where things didn’t go so well for the Autobots. And clearly the Matrix was with Rodimus Prime. After that, we have to assume it remained in the bad guys’ hands.
      2. No, Ratchet is gone, gone, gone. Sorry.

  8. crazychris says:

    is 100 issues enough think about doing another 20 year leap into the future or is this the real conclusion like this is it thing glad to see the original story continue.

  9. Spencer says:

    That was an awesome issue, you’ve definitely left me wanting more. I do have a nagging question though, who was the conehead on page 13? I know it is either Ramjet, Dirge or Thrust though the colouring makes it impossible to decipher which one he might be. Same goes for the Stunticon-y looking bot on the same page, It’s no criticism to the art since Baskerville has done an amazing job, it is just the kind of thing that keeps me up at night, that, Optimus Prime’s trailer, and reading Transformers comics.

  10. Jim Semonik says:


    Hey Simon,

    This was a very interesting issue. I loved seeing Geoff back on the page and Jose was amazing. I am a bit confused about some things though. So without further ado…question time.

    1. Boltax was destroyed by Jhiaxus in this issue. But didn’t Megatron destroy him in 48? Am I remembering wrong? Are there 2 Boltaxes? I assume the event with J happened first as the underbase was ejected during the #48 story. If there was only one Boltax, how was he resurrected?

    2. The Rhythms of Darkness timeline is the Junkion story. In 67, we see a flashback of Galvatron ripping Rodimus to pieces. I assume he kills him with the shot shown here and Galv just abuses his corpse (as in the 67 flashback then strings him up in NYC?) Is that an accuarate assumption?

    3. The Deathbringer scene in #65 showed a powermaster Prime kneeling over Deathbringer remains while clutching his chest that is glowing green. I never read that UK story, but what exactly is going on here as I didn’t see that happen in #0?

    4. Finally, I assume Sparkplug is no longer alive at the time of the Buster story? So Spike lost his whole family? I understand why he is angry.

    Thanks again, man. 6 left. I look forward to see where it goes from here.

    • Eric Witte says:

      I’ll elaborate on a few questions from your list: From what I understand, I think Boltax was probably not killed, but wounded, and don’t forget, the whole facility was Boltax, not just the little yellow guy, so, hard to know how much damage Boltax really took.

      Yeah, I think your assumptions about Galvie and Rod are correct. I think Galvie repeatedly “killed” Rodimus by issue 67’s events. Cuz he’s insane like that.

      Plus, I think this explains why the Autobots couldn’t stop unicron, since the matrix literally vanished from taht timeline. Makes a lot more sense now.

      • Eric Witte says:

        Just one last thought: so Hot Rod’s interfering actions have now lead to the death’s of TWO primes (well, different Hot Rods, but you get the idea)! Can this guy ever catch a break?! Plus, the second one was himself (sort of)! Oooohhhh, the bitter irony! And is it just me, or does Megs/Galvie love head-shot kills…hmm…

      • Jim Semonik says:

        Thanks Eric, you rock. Yeah, I guess i forgot that the whole place was Boltax. I gotta re read 48. Did the matrix vanish? Like does Rodimus have it now? This matrix also looks much different than the Creation Matrix which was all green. 2 different matrixes? matrixi? matrax?

      • Eric Witte says:

        Thx Jim! Yeah, I think the matrix really is different in appearance, b/c it comes from a different reality. And Hot Rod probably just put it in his chest before heading back to his own time.

        Also interesting to note that Hot Rod thought the last part of his “trip” to Junkion was more “solid” than the other 2. It seems like this was the only reality where others noticed him, which explains why he could touch the matrix, and why that reality no longer had a matrix…Hot Rod took it!

      • Jim Semonik says:

        Fantastic analysis, sir!

    • Patrick Argos says:

      I don’t think Jhiaxus killed Boltax or anyone else . He killed their avatars once they were plugged into the Underbase .

      It was a simulation . But the destruction of the avatars did render Boltax and the others unconscious and allow him to steal the info needed to create his dream empire .

      He even mentioned wiping his memory from them and Cybertron’s archives . He would erase the memories of dead bots 😉

      And yes Boltax is actually the mountain . He just has smaller bodies which house a portion of his consciousness .

    • simon furman says:

      1. Events in #48 are set after #0. And Jhiaxus only destroys him in a mindscape sense. It means he has carte blanche to rewrite their memories.
      2. Yes. That’s the sequence of events (roughly)
      3. It’s just a reprise scene that doesn’t quite match what happened in either the #0 issue or the original UK story. Not sure about the green.
      4. I figure Sparkplug bit the dust, yeah.

      • Laurence J Sinclair says:

        3. The glowing green is a piece of Matrix energy that Optimus Prime salvaged from the Deathbringer. He gave it to Earth as a Christmas present in ‘The Gift’.

  11. Sean says:

    Another hit Simon. Your strongest quality as a comic writer is your ability to do a lot with less. In 4 pages you made me care about the fate of Buster. Poor Guy. In a Carwash too. Strong focus, good pacing, and fantastic art. This is by far the greatest arc of the series, and the one most on par with you original work. Keep em coming Furman.

  12. Tankorr says:

    So Primus used the Multiverse to obtain his perfect warrior. Like Unicron did with Galvatron II. Brilliant. But if Unicron used this skill to “steal” something (or someone), Primus used it to create. More than brilliant.

    • Patrick Argos says:

      Yes but this may have further unbalanced the Transformers Multiverse .

      Now a Matrix has jumped from another timeline to RG1 . There could be unforeseen consequences . If Galvatron is out of place so is the new Matrix .

      Remember the solicits from next month is Rodimus a boon to Cybertron’s survival or another domino on the path to extinction ?

      We will find out 😉

      • simon furman says:

        Just want to be clear, the Matrix doesn’t jump back with Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime, it just transforms him. The matrix itself remains in the RoD timeline.

      • Tankorr says:

        if in TF Universe we discovered that Unicron is a multiversal singolarity, Primus should be a singolarity too. So there is only one Matrix (Primus’ life force) that takes different (or similar) shapes in different dimensions. if this is correct, Hot Rod find THE Matrix, not A Matrix. For the same reason, Primus (like Unicron) cannot die, but he can only been “thrown away” from a specific Universe, like Morgoth in Silmarillion. (if this theory is correct, obvious ^_^)

  13. Patrick Argos says:

    All in all a great issue . The death of Buster and Jesse was well done . We got some answers and some more questions .

    Not sure how Jhiaxus would be messing up the timeline as he hasn’t interacted with the main characters for millions upon millions of years . But we will find out .

    Now that a version of the Matrix exists again in RG1 I wonder if this will result in the return of the Anti Matrix ?

    Simon said balance was key for a Primus there is a Unicron . For a Scorponok a Grimlock etc .

    So now this Universe has both a Matrix and a Anti Matrix . That should be fun .

    Also the whole ROD timeline is a walking continuity nightmare . Prowl was alive instead of killed on the shuttle . Jazz and Spike were apparently not swallowed by Unicron . The Matrix and Galvatron both vanish to the same alternate timeline . Unicron survives but Primus doesn’t .

    Unbalanced .

    Well we will see how that impacts the story .

  14. Patrick Argos says:

    One more thing . Big thanks to Simon for resolving the issue of the missing Decepticons . I saw a Stunticon and one of the Conehead trio as part of the zombie cons . Was wondering what happened to them and the others . Now we know they were on the Ark , reanimated and lobotomized and finally destoyed in the crater .

    One question in the panel with Skywarp and Ratbat that third bot looks like. Bugly . As a Pretender he survived the Underbase massacre. He was last seen in issue 55 . And was teleported with all of the Earth bound Decepticons by Primus . Hopefully this was just a mistake . I first thought it was Repugnus as the Monsterbots were among the Autobots left behind on the Ark and fell prey to Megatron’s experiments .

    So as one question is answered another is born . Hopefully we get an explanation .

    Thanks for everything . Simon and the team turned out a epic issue.

    Be sorry to see this all end . But looking forward to issue 100 . And the ride along the way .

  15. simon furman says:

    Maybe Bugly got left behind on Earth and Megatron made a zombie-con out of him. Or it’s a mistake. You decide.

    • Maybe Bugly sneaked aboard the Ark before it left Cybertron in the final issues. In some off-panel action, Galvatron found him out and killed him (well, almost… Bugly was left barely alive so that he could be turned into a zombie later).
      Many other mechs could have tried to pull the same stunt, actually… even if this means that Shockwave and Starscream were very sloppy in keeping their move a secret 😉

    • Patrick Argos says:

      I figure after Klo , the Decepticon army fractured . Some went into exile with Bludgeon , some eventually returned to Cybertron and some like the Bugster tried to go solo .

      So after spacehiking back to Earth , he found Megatron in a very bad mood and wound up a zombie-con 😉

  16. nath says:

    hi simon loving your work please dont take this the wrong way i was a bit dissapionted with rg 0 i guess i was expecting to see more of megatron taking over the earth and turning ratchet into his slave and lobtomizing his fellow decepticons i guess with only a few issues left this story will never be told but it was good to see the fate of buster and spikes refusal to help, also i thought we would see how he becomes circut smasher and what happened to circut breaker im assuming for these stories to be told you would need a few issues to do that i understand than in a limited run you dont have enough time or issues to tell these stories the cover with ratbat chasing spike lead me to belive yes all about what i have mentioned above all in all rg 0 was a good story but needed to be told in more issues soory to be annoying and i dont mean any disrespect either as i know if the run wasnt linited these stories would be told any way simon you rock man and i hope some how in the future rg one can be continued oh well until grimlock becomes leader of the autobots .. oh ok well until shockwave hangs the autobots upside down… oh um how about until spike dies oh…. umm well until well you get what im trying to say make mine rg one if there are any lottery winners or millionares reading this then can you do a kickstarter project to save our beloved rg one has any one got richard bransons number or should i apply for the next series of dragons den simon will you give the dragons 25 percent for them to keep it going 🙂

    • simon furman says:

      Spike’s transformation into Circuit Smasher has been pretty comprehensively covered IMO. Check out #83. And part of the reason for Spike/Circuit Smasher is that we can’t use Josie Beller/Circuit Breaker (not even in flashback), due to the fact that, like Death’s Head, she’s a Marvel character.

      But, once Fort Max comes back (not too spoilery as he’s on the cover of #96), there will be (a little) more on the final days of Spike/Fort Max.

  17. nath says:

    oh also i loved all the nods to the uk comics in this issue as well keep up the good work

  18. Ian Hewett says:

    An absolutely stunning issue, and congratulations to everyone involved. Interesting how each segment involved the Matrix in some way (presuming the Underbase and/or Boltax is linked to Primus in some way… I always thought of the Underbase, particularly the way it could be fired into space and its effects on Transformers if absorbed, as a back-up anti-Unicron weapon that could be fired directly at him from the surface should the Matrix fail… but maybe that’s just me :D). The Deathbringer, Rodimus Prime, Buster… all Matrix holders at one point. Very interesting and original way to bring Rodimus into ‘our’ G1 universe, having Hot Rod interact with an alternate past. I absolutely did not see that coming. 🙂
    The idea of balance has made me think back over what’s happened since 80.5… some things are beginning to piece together in my head. I’ll wait to see if I’m right. 🙂
    Great to see Jeff and Geoff on board. It was just like the old days for a bit there. JP’s colouring was superb throughout, differing styles to match timeframes etc (I particularly loved the Target: 2006 style colouring in the Jhiaxus section).
    Overall, a fantastic interlude issue that has answered many questions, and, thankfully, given us many more to ponder over before we hit 100. This has built up into something very special.

  19. Kent says:

    My goodness what a good read! I have been loving REgen sooooooo much!

    Ok look…We need more issues beyond #100. I’m serious. I don’t care if its from one of the other “realities” that we saw this issue, a continuation of Generation 2, or preferably, issue #101-1001.

    Simon you have been my fav comic writer for the majority of my life. DO NOT STOP WRITING TRANSFORMERS!!!!!! 🙂

    Do we need to start the petition again or what??????

  20. Great issue Simon ,and what was needed for RG1 . The annual would of been a better idea though ,only because of more pages of story and art . I agree with nath (above) ,and I was expecting more answers as well . Which is why the annual would of been more idea for the story . I guess you started to realize that the 21 year old gap had to explained somehow .
    I do have a question ,are you going to do an other Transformer project after this one ?I get it that RG1 is only lasting until issue 100 ,but is there any other plans for yourself in the Transformers world ?
    You have influenced the series so much ,that I can’t imagine it without you involved somehow . But I also understand that a writer needs to do fresh new things ,as to not get too complacent .
    I do think that RG1 needs an other issue like this one ,too fill in more gaps ,but I know it is a bit to late for that to happen ,so no point in asking …..right ??

    • simon furman says:

      Honestly don’t know what’s next after RG1 (in Transformers terms), I’ve just been so busy on my animated TV and movie projects I simply haven’t had the mental space to go there (and discuss with IDW). But I’ll always want to keep a bit of Transformers on my work slate if at all possible.

  21. Lukas says:

    It looks very promising, Simon, I wasn’t sure what to expect from #0, but you did it to surprise me with style. Mix of artists was a great idea, It gives sth for everyone – fan of UK Marvel, US, the past artwork and modern style (Nick Roche). I wanted to see some pieces of Geoff Senior and Jose Delbo’s art and here they are:-)

    All those short stories give some hints but let some questions to be answered in the future. I was hoping to read the story about how Megatron conquered the Earth (and how exactly managed to destroy mighty Fort Max), but I understand that there’s not enough space for this.

    One thing is bothering me: Hot Rod slides from place (and time) to place but can do nothing to change the history. However when he reached to the Planet of Junk he was able to warn Rodimus and after that finally touch the Matrix. How was this possible in this particular place?

    Oh, and another thing – Do you know when trade paperback with the Destiny will be released? I can’t wait to read the whole story:-)

    • simon furman says:

      As mentioned in a reply above, there’s a touch more to come about the fate of the Headmaster Fort Max (by way of flashback).

      Don’t actually know when the Destiny trade hits. December maybe?

      • Lukas says:

        Ok, Simon. Thanks for the reply. I regularly check the Solicits of IDW, but still nothing about that, even about preorder and that’s why I asked you. Natural Selection hit the stores month after #90. Maybe this time will be later because of much more stuff inside?..

  22. Darren says:

    What can I say about this issue that hasn’t already been said? This brought it all back to me, what it used to be like reading Transformers UK back in the day and why I loved it (and still do all these years later). The artwork is simply awesome. Geoff Senior’s art is, as expected, fantastic. Jeff Anderson showed that he is still brilliant. Jose Delbo was always a favourite of mine. His Transformers were always some of the detailed and he still proves he knows how to produce fantastic action sequences. Nick Roche is always terrific and book-ended with superb art by Casey Coller, this is classic Transformers.

    It reminds me of Transformers UK because all of the artists are allowed to draw in their own styles and that also complements the story. And what a story. I wasn’t expecting to see Buster and Jessie die. That was a genuine shock. Fitting that Ratbat got his revenge.

    Rodimus Prime v Bludgeon? The Matrix demon monster? Jhiaxus? The next six issues are going to be mind blowing. I do have some questions please Simon.

    1. Will you be able to get another collaboration of artists on another issue before the end?

    2. For the 100’s will there be any words from Bob Budiansky, as that would be nice. Or even any of the original creative team, Don Perlin, Jose Delbo and obviously yourself.

    3. We know its ending at 100. A real ending so there can’t be anything more after it. However, if there was a demand for it, and there seems to be based on opinions, would you possibly do a mini series based on the missing years between 80 – 81. What did Bludgeon get up to? What happened on Cybertron during the 20 years with Prime and Soundwave etc.

    The Marvel storyline is where Transformers all started, even before the cartoon. I think that’s why we all love this so much, these are the characters we know and care about and just want to read more stories about them.

    Thanks again for an amazing comic Simon.


    • simon furman says:

      1. Probably not.
      2. Maybe. Still haven’t nailed down what extra stuff we could squeeze into #100.
      3. As mentioned, I truly and honestly don’t know what’s after RG1 (in TF terms). Will let you know once I know more.

  23. nath says:

    simon i have had an idea i guess everyone is to busy to continue with rg one after 100 i assume that whatever happened in the 20 year gap you have either written, scripted or have it floating around in your mind so here are some possiblities I) publish it as a written book imagine that transformers 1st novel it could possible be a series similar to star wars expanded univerese books or II) if artist connected to book are to busy then get some maybe unkown or established artists that are not busy and maybe the story can be told in a 64 page annual one for every year thats missing release i dunno every year i would pay £10 for one especially if it was hardback like the uk tranformer annuals get idw to give you the current distrubution figures for rg 1 then times that by £10 i guess 64 pages a should be manageable or III) ask every arist you know to donate i dunno maybe 5 pages a year combine there work with there words imagine if geoff, bisley,jes goodwin,(ggogle him his artwork is amazing) ,chris achillioes, i dunno the list is endless maybe you could all put a bit of money in each to fund it then just let the money roll in(i know you guys are not motivated by money) but obviusly money is needed to publish print etc basiclly a british version of image comics who if im not mistaken was started and possibly funded by jim lee, todd macfarlane, rob liefield and erik larson, imagine being your own boss working when you want i dont know how hard or how much time is needed to make a regular comic but even if we only had one issue every quarter im sure we would be happy with that ok so my ideas are very far fetched but maybe talk to the founders of image to see how they did it, ok i guess im dreaming i dont how i am typing in my sllep time to wake up 🙂

    • simon furman says:

      So much is determined by what Hasbro would (or would not) want to see (and sanction). Can’t really do anything like this without their say-so/support.

      • nath says:

        cool fair enough mate, i assumed that in the next few issues it would all be about rodimus etc i didnt realise theres more flashbacks to come so i take back my remarks about being dissapointed cheers dude 🙂 i guess as you have gathered we will all miss this good luck in what ever you do next

  24. Bloodrose says:

    Now that was the real Carwash of Doom. 😦

    Also, you like Easton Ellis? :))

    • simon furman says:

      Actually, Elvis Costello. It’s the title of a track on his first album My Aim is True. Not the first time I’ve dug story titles out of my late 70s/early 80s musical tastes.

      • Lukas says:

        In early 80′ Polish rock band (Lady Pank) released the song “Mniej niż zero”, which in free translation also means.. “Less than zero” 🙂

  25. Robert says:

    Awesome issue. I really loved seeing Senior, Anderson and Delbo return to contribute a few pages of interior art, and really enjoyed seeing each artist draw a different story (I love how that was handled).

    I’m surprised that Roche drew the RoD story though as I expected Delbo to since he drew #67. Glad to see some more from that continuity, now I’m salivating even more for a RoD mini-series than I was before…

  26. Ian G says:

    Not a great deal I can add to all the positive remarks above except to say issue zero was thoroughly absorbing and in keeping with the overall excellence of this series so far.

    It was also great to see a few panels of Powermster Prime in the Deathbringer flashback because, for me at least, that was the definitive guise of the big OP and storywise when the character really came into his own in the orginal TF run.

    Can’t wait for issue 95.

  27. Wow, Simon, this issue just totally blew me away. Geoff Senior has always been my favourite of the old skool Marvel UK/USTransformers artists (just edging out Mr. Wildman by the smallest of margins – sorry Andy!) so it was so great to see him doing some interior work again, especially seeing him pencil the likes of Nightbeat and Powermaster Prime. It was also so great to see Jeff Anderson and Jose Delbo dusting down their pencils and making a return to the world of Transformers again (and I must admit that I wasn’t a big fan of Jose’s work when I was a kid, but bam, he totally knocked the ball out of the park with his work here – I absolutely loved it! I loved how he used Thundercracker’s TF universe profile picture as the basis for the his Zombiecon appereance). Also, John-Paul Bove’s colour’s were outstanding, I loved how he subtly changed them for the different artists for that added retro feel. It literally looked like the Jhiaxus and Boltax story was something that could’ve appeared in the pages of TF UK a week after Target 2006 and I mean that as a massive compliment (and I Just want to re-iterate, again, how much I really enjoyed seeing Jeff Anderson doing Transformers again – I don’t think he gets enough love compared to some of the other old Marvel guys. Love ya Jeff!).

    Story-wise, everything was pitch perfect also. I was genuinely amazed at how upset I was at the death’s of Buster and Jessie. I knew it was coming, but actually seeing it was a bit gut wrenching. I really enjoyed getting a bit more insight into the Rhythms of Darkness-verse as well (and more great artwork by Nick Roche and also great work by Casey bookending the stories). It’s kind of weird to think as well that this version of Rodimus Prime is the actual Hot Rod from all the G1 stories we enjoyed 20+ years ago.

    Keep up the great work Simon, looking forward to seeing how this all pans out.

    P.S. Just a thought for a spinoff mini-series; Thundewring – The Early Years. Go on You know it makes sense. I mean if Saul Goodman can get his own spinoff series why not the big T?

    • Patrick Argos says:

      Not sure if this would be approved by Simon , or Hasbro or IDW ? But if Regeneration One continues in any shape or form past 100 how about a series of spotlight issues set in the past ?

      Thunderwing’s early years could be one issue . Bludgeon’s years in exile , as much of Megatron’s war on humanity that can be shown without infringing on Marvels copyrights as well as parts of the original Marvel series that could be expanded upon or happened off panel .

      Each issue focus’s on a different character at a different point in the story . Everything from a continuation of the RoD storyline , to Sky Lynx’s adventures in space after his encounter with the Mechannibals.

      Any and all loose ends could be resolved . And we could adjust the series arround Simons already heavy work load 😉

      Looking forward to 100 . With a heavy heart certainly but still every issue of RG1 goodness is one we almost didn’t get . So we finally have a definitive , well planned end to the story that we all love , by the writer best equipped to write it . So whatever happens I will be here for the ride .

      Thanks to Simon , the creative team and IDW for RG1 . It has been so much fun to revisit my youth via this series .

      Thank you all !!!!

    • Patrick Argos says:

      Follow up :

      Since IDW has the License for both G.I . Joe and Transformers , could we have a crossover of G.I. Joe trying to stop Megatron and the zombie-cons ?

      Since Argus base was once a G.I. Joe base and they obviously failed how about a Death of G.I. Joe ( and Cobra ) mini series .

      Given the popularity of both franchises and zombies , this might be approved ?

      Whatever happens thanks again for everything.

      • Robert says:

        Yeah, I could live the rest of my life without another G.I. Joe/TFs crossover. For whatever reasons it just never works.

  28. Bass_X0 says:

    It kinda bothers me the Matrix is still in RoD timeline since Rodimus Prime has always needed the matrix within him or in close proximity and will become Hot Rod when he doesn’t have it. Suddenly now he doesn’t need it?

    • simon furman says:

      My feeling always was, as Op Prime didn’t suddenly revert to his former self when apart from the Matrix (which he often was), neither would Rod Prime. It transforms them, and then they keep it in a ceremonial/protectorly way is how I saw it (we’re not and never were slaves to the animated TV show). And just fundamentally, I didn’t want Hot Rod/Rod Prime to be able to bring anything physical back from what was essentially a kind of metaphysical trip.

      • Lukas says:

        Hot Rod/Rodimus can’t take the Matrix with him to a “proper” continuity, but I still don’t know how he could touch it when it wasn’t material?

        I prefer comic book version of what Matrix can do with Bots. This isn’t a Matrix of Leadership, so the process of becoming “a chosen one” shouldn’t be reverted just by taking the Mtx out of the body.

  29. Coptur says:

    Lukas one thing I always tell myself regarding the transformers and anything unexplainable is there is ‘more than meet the eye’ and I think it applies here, primus works in mysterious ways that can’t be explained to us mere mortals.
    What we do know is that the Matrix/Primus energy is universally linked to Hot Rods/Rodimus’ (and a random Hot Shot) throughout transformers multiverse which is what I think Simon was getting at in the previous issue. So even if a Hot Rod/Rodimus falls in one universe another from another universe can/will tap into the lost energy.

  30. Lukas says:

    Yeah, it’s the energy not a material thing. Maybe I think about the Matrix still in a “cartoon way” a little bit. And Primus can do big things. Just like Unicron, who can captured minds, and exist above time and space. Now it’s a little bit more clear 🙂

  31. Michael says:

    Great flashback issue. Alas, poor Yorick–er, Buster. Like others, I really felt for Buster and Jessie during that moment. Kind of symbolic of the end of our childhoods as comic readers.

    Now *goes to sit on Santa’s lap* I want to see the present day 20/30-something year old Spacehikers reunite with Blaster — if any of them survived.

    • Eric Witte says:

      I second Michael’s request, Simon! Actually, here’s a list of humans whose current status I’d be curious to know:
      1. Walter Barnett
      2. The Spacehikers
      3. Slick (from issue 13)
      4. Jake Darlimple (from issues 19-20)
      5. Ethan Zachery
      6. The Mechanic
      7. Neo-Knights
      8. Donnie Finkleberg

      I imagine most of these guys probably died during the Megatron-ocolypse, but if they’re still alive and Marvel doesn’t prohibit you writing about them, it’d be cool to see how they’ve survived this long…I would think the Mechanic in particular would be able to use the stolen tools of his to his advantage…

      • simon furman says:

        Yeah, honestly, some (most) of these… not going to happen. I think of all of them, if I had the time and pages to spare, I’d check in on/see what happened to the Mechanic.

      • One day I’ll shift my writing career over to the Transformers niche, buy the rights of those characters from Simon, and finish their stories myself! Well, I can dream.

      • Eric Witte says:

        Maybe just a one-page flashback of the Mechanic getting cooked by Laserbeak or something? That’d be cool…although maybe the art is already finished through 100 now? Well, if there’s still an appropriate place to sqeeze it in, it’d be neat to see…heh-heh!

  32. Coptur says:

    I think its best to assume they perished along with this universes Spider-Man, SHIELD, GIJoe and Cobra in Megatrons initial assault

    • Lukas says:

      along with the X-Men, X-Force, X-Factor, Fantastic 4, Green Lantern, Iron Man et consortes, Punisher, Ghost Rider and so on. (Marvel) World we knew has been brutally ended. Finished by Simon, Megs& the Zombiecons. Someone had to clear up the mess 😉

  33. Coptur says:

    Well the marvel tf world may not of had everyone from the other universes as not all of them crossed over. Marvel did intentionally remove ths transformers from the 616 universe as the war would’ve been too destructive (that and rights went). The circuit smasher that appeared in secret war 2 is essentially now a ‘different’ circuit smasher.

  34. Thomas says:

    Great job so far Simon! Loving the whole Hot Rod/ Rodimus Prime storyline! Looking forward to see where this all ends up!!

  35. Nathan Adler says:

    Hope you get a chance to address a few problems with the earlier series, including: if the Transformers lay dormant on Earth for 4 million years, wouldn’t Cybertron have significantly changed in their absence, and if the Transformers got new forms from vehicles in the surrounding area after coming out of hibernation, why did they still have the same bipedal forms (e.g. Bumblebee with the Beetle feet) before leaving Cybertron.

  36. Greg Stang says:

    I just got the first set of graphic novels and love them! One quick question though- what happened to the people on Nebulon? Scorponok makes some reference to removing their free will, but never really elaborates. Is the whole planet lobotomized or something? Also, do we ever see what happens to Fortress Maximus’ head?

  37. Jeff Steele says:

    Transformers: Re-Generation One #0 was great! It was good to see Jose Delbo’s artwork for the first time since 1992.

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