A whole bunch of signed script and comic packs are now up for grabs, including (for the first time/not previously available at any convention) Regeneration One #0. You can check out the auctions over on my ebay page here.

2013-09-21 12.22.44



  1. Peter Hodgson says:

    Hi Simon, are you going to have art packs at LeedsTB & are you there both days in Nov?

  2. simon furman says:

    In theory, yes. It depends how many get swallowed up by the October London Film and Comicon (looks like I’ll be making an unscheduled stop there) and October’s Dundee Comics Day.

  3. Cheeseater says:

    Hi! I’m liking Regen One, but I think that was a bad idea ignoring some UK events, like Ultra Magnus’s experience againt Galvatron or Carnivac’s characterization post-Time Wars. Also.I have one silly question and another serious.
    The silly question: Is Polar Claw from Simfur?
    The serious: The decision of making the main IDW continuity ignoring the 4 million year sleep, was yours or was from IDW? And,is the IDW continuity “G1”?
    Thanks and keep writing!

  4. Peter Hodgson says:

    With the whole Dark Cybertron set up really makes the IDW comics apart from Marvel & DW. It’ll interesting to see where Galvatron 2 goes & I don’t thing we have seen the last of Magnus past history. The last time we saw him in the UK comic was after he disappeared from #171. I know Simon mentioned that was because he didn’t get round to going back for him in a story.

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