Hard to believe, but yet another date has been squeezed into a humongously packed 2013 convention schedule. This coming Saturday – October 5th – I’ll be at the London Film and Comicon (Winter variant) at London’s Olympia. I’ll be there all day (though not the Sunday), signing and selling my wares (including super-rare Regeneration One script/comic packs), as well as chatting about the halcyon days of Marvel UK on a special panel to commemorate 25 years since Dragon’s Claws #1 hit the stands, heralding the beginning of Marvel UK’s US format comic publishing program. Tickets are still up for grabs or available on the day, so pop down if you can for a wallow in pure UK comics nostalgia. For more info, check out the LFCC website here. There’s even a rumour that Dragon’s Claws co-creator Geoff Senior might drop in too, and we may just drop a few hints about our new creator-owned project, which owes a few debts to Dragon’s Claws. Oooh!



2 Responses to THE 2013 CONVENTION TRAIL (11)

  1. Peter Hodgson says:

    I’ll miss this one. Going to the Nottingham one Lee Sullivan is at this weekend & also keeping any eye out for when LFCC happens again next year too. But I’ll see you at LTB with a few Titan Transformers comics.

  2. Jaime McCormick says:

    Oh you’ve got me all excited! please tell me you are bringing back Dragon’s Claws in some way! or set in the same universe/world! I’d love to go back to 8162!

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