October 21, 2013

And here we are, after the short but essential detour that was issue #0 (just how essential you’ll see once we hit our final chunk of RG1), at the wall-to-wall drama and destruction finale to the third arc, “Destiny”. Hang onto your hats as Transformers: Regeneration One #95 hits the stands this coming Wednesday (October 23rd). This one has a truly cinematic summer blockbuster feel, with relentless action on all fronts. As usual, ahead of publication, here’s my scribely musings on wrapping up the penultimate RG1 arc. But be warned, there are inevitably some small spoilers, so if you’d rather go in cold, cease and desist now. Otherwise, here we go… So, where we left things several intriguing clashes were in the offing: Omega Supreme vs Monstructor, Blaster vs Soundwave, the Wreckers en route to Bludgeon’s WarWorld, Ultra Magnus battered but triumphant after his battle with Galvatron (and now pitched into the all-out rearguard action against Bludgeon’s nigh-on unstoppable Blitz Engines), Grimlock and the Dinobots surrounded by the feral Primordials at the heart of Cybertron (in the mysterious Primus Chamber). Can the Wreckers cut the supply of Matrix energy (courtesy of the remains of Thunderwing) to Bludgeon’s Blitz Engines? Not if Bludgeon himself has any say in the matter, which he certainly does. Our master of Metallikato shows exactly why he’s one of the most feared and deadly Cybertron warriors, as he takes on all the Wreckers… at once! And grudge matches abound, as Blaster squares up to his fellow ‘sonic’ warrior Soundwave. Blaster wants payback after Soundwave tried to have him silenced (permanently) in issue #92, but don’t expect Soundwave to just roll over. (Trust me, this one rocks!) And what about the freshly-minted Rodimus Prime… where does he fit into all this? And as always, as some storylines reach their conclusion others are just gathering pace, ready for the total meltdown that is our final arc, The War to End All Wars. If you think things are looking bad for our beleaguered robots in disguise this issue, wait’ll see what’s just around the corner. It’s bad, y’know. The full IDW preview of the issue is up here if you just can’t wait until Wednesday. What am I talking about? I can’t even wait!



October 19, 2013

Okay, so, just when I thought my 2013 convention commitments had taken me as far afield as I could go this year (without actually leaving the country), along comes Dundee’s 2013 Comics Day, aka Starblazers — on Sunday 27th of October. And yes, I’ll be there, along with Regeneration One artist Andrew Wildman and a host of other luminaries in the comics field. As usual, I’ll have exclusive signed comic/script packs and other goodies for sale at the event, and Andrew and I will be co-hosting a panel in the afternoon. Check out this link for more details.

And just a note to say that, regretfully, I won’t now be attending Thought Bubble in Leeds at the end of November. Apologies if you were counting on tracking me down there. Fellow RG1-ers Andrew Wildman and John-Paul Bove will both still be in attendance though.




October 10, 2013

Just a quick (and very slightly late) heads up that the scorching and yet slinky 2nd printing of the sell-out Transformers: Regeneration One #0 is now in comic stores. So if you missed out on this frankly unmissable issue (which features the artistic flourishes of no less than five Transformers greats — Geoff Senior, Jeff Anderson, Jose Delbo, Nick Roche and Casey Coller — and sets up just about everything, story-wise, for our searing final arc) or just want (yet) another cover variant (this time courtesy of the multi-talented Casey Coller) to line up with the others, then what are you doing still reading this? Go straight to your local comic book store and pick it up this instant! Before it sells out too.