And here we are, after the short but essential detour that was issue #0 (just how essential you’ll see once we hit our final chunk of RG1), at the wall-to-wall drama and destruction finale to the third arc, “Destiny”. Hang onto your hats as Transformers: Regeneration One #95 hits the stands this coming Wednesday (October 23rd). This one has a truly cinematic summer blockbuster feel, with relentless action on all fronts. As usual, ahead of publication, here’s my scribely musings on wrapping up the penultimate RG1 arc. But be warned, there are inevitably some small spoilers, so if you’d rather go in cold, cease and desist now. Otherwise, here we go… So, where we left things several intriguing clashes were in the offing: Omega Supreme vs Monstructor, Blaster vs Soundwave, the Wreckers en route to Bludgeon’s WarWorld, Ultra Magnus battered but triumphant after his battle with Galvatron (and now pitched into the all-out rearguard action against Bludgeon’s nigh-on unstoppable Blitz Engines), Grimlock and the Dinobots surrounded by the feral Primordials at the heart of Cybertron (in the mysterious Primus Chamber). Can the Wreckers cut the supply of Matrix energy (courtesy of the remains of Thunderwing) to Bludgeon’s Blitz Engines? Not if Bludgeon himself has any say in the matter, which he certainly does. Our master of Metallikato shows exactly why he’s one of the most feared and deadly Cybertron warriors, as he takes on all the Wreckers… at once! And grudge matches abound, as Blaster squares up to his fellow ‘sonic’ warrior Soundwave. Blaster wants payback after Soundwave tried to have him silenced (permanently) in issue #92, but don’t expect Soundwave to just roll over. (Trust me, this one rocks!) And what about the freshly-minted Rodimus Prime… where does he fit into all this? And as always, as some storylines reach their conclusion others are just gathering pace, ready for the total meltdown that is our final arc, The War to End All Wars. If you think things are looking bad for our beleaguered robots in disguise this issue, wait’ll see what’s just around the corner. It’s bad, y’know. The full IDW preview of the issue is up here if you just can’t wait until Wednesday. What am I talking about? I can’t even wait!



  1. Tyler King says:

    Awesome stuff Simon. Can’t wait!

  2. Vince says:

    love the series. I want Regeneration 2 after issue 100!

  3. dave grew says:

    Bring it on!!

  4. Darren says:

    Can’t wait for this one. Just hope Soundwave makes it, as far as I can remember he is the only major character to survive the entire original run!

  5. charles says:

    please don`t kill soundwave.

  6. Jim Semonik says:

    Another Ace, my friend. The action was non stop. I expected a lot of deaths but I really didn’t see any that seemed definite. So rather than send a million questions like usual, I guess I just have one.
    Did anyone actually die in this issue? I doubt the fall killed Bludgeon. Soundwave doesn’t look dead. I can’t get over the Cons keep getting owned in every arc even though they have massive weapons and plans. I seriously hope the bad guys at least survive to see what is on the way with Jhiaxus. The bots might need them as backup. Great job all around.

    • simon furman says:

      There were a few deaths. But no major characters bit the dust. As for Bludgeon, #96 holds the answer.

      • Eric says:

        If he survived, that’d be the worst thing for him. He was defeated (again), and this time it was even more humiliating. Getting the Galvatron treatment from Rodimus…yeah, he’ll have issues going forward…if he survived…

      • Kent says:

        I think his pretender shell could have helped save him from the impact. Hope so!

  7. Ian G says:

    Once again, simply amazing and I loved the ominous final panel.

    Just curious, is Galvatron going to take a name or two before RG1 draws to a close?

  8. Bloodrose says:

    Loved the issue. Killing Tailgate was such a lovely cross reference, it made me smile. πŸ™‚

  9. Aaron S. says:

    Longtime G1 fan here, just thought I should chime in and say how much I’m loving this limited series run. I took note of the various reiterations of Transformers comics but never really hopped on board until I heard about Regeneration One. The artwork has been amazing, the story lines since #80 have been epic. A lot of (Spike Witwicky expletive) moments packed into these issues. With appearances by too many Transformers characters to mention, it’s been an overload of awesomeness each issue.

    I’m excited you wrote Jhiaxus into the storyline, especially since G2 looks like it’s been retconned. Does this mean we are going to end up seeing the Liege Maximo as well? That would make my day.

    I have too many other comments about characters so I’ll merely stop here. Keep up the good work (and give us at least a double issue for #100!)

    • Patrick Argos says:

      Magnificent issue !! Superb !!!

      I was worried that one issue wouldn’t be enough to resolve all these plotlines but it was . Nothing felt rushed .

      I hope Soundwave survived ? And I am still hoping for Ravage to show up and Trypticon too . Even if he is only mentioned in the story . The Decepticons are going to need the help .

      They have been decimated . The Clones , Deluxe Insecticons , Mayhem Attack Squad , and Runamuck are imprisoned . Scorponok and the other Roadblock fell down the Canyons . Bludgeon is gone . So is Megatron and dozens of his Zombie Cons . Primus only knows how many Cons went up with the WarWorld ?

      Basically Galvatron or Soundwave or who ever is going to have to hold one heck of a recruiting drive πŸ˜‰

      Still the stage is set for new threats / villains . Also hope Issue 100 is double sized . If it must finally end let’s go out with an extra oomph πŸ˜‰

      Thanks to everyone that made RG1 # 95 possible. Job very well done πŸ˜‰

  10. Patrick Argos says:

    Forgot to add Darkwing and Dreadwind to POW list and the SkySkorchers and Monstructor to death toll . Decepticon Gestalts are all offline . Unless others that have yet to be introduced yet exist ?

    And I harken back to Issue 59 when Optimus Prime realized that Starscream might very well unintentionally be the Autobots best weapon ?

    Again , Thanks for a great issue .

    • Patrick Argos says:

      Also forgot to count Misfire . Back from the dead in the battle with Unicron only to die again so Scorponok could set an example 😦

  11. Patrick Argos says:

    Also forgot to thank Simon for the fight between the Ark and the WarWorld . I always wondered what would happen if the two ship battled , but the Ark was destroyed early in the G2 storyline so we never got an answer . Now I know .

    Thanks guys

  12. Paul Domas says:

    Excellent issue. Rodimus Prime looks large, in charge and assured. May he remain like that.

  13. Tom says:

    well done

  14. charles says:

    I`m almost dropping this comic,because you`re making the decepticons look bad,the only decepticons that should get it for good are starscream and shockwave for being the biggest traitors,on the autobots kup should get it too for the jerk he is,man I`m disappointed that it was not an even fight between autobots and decepticons.

  15. charles says:

    I accept your challenge to keep going to issue #100,plus on another note,can we keep optimus prime alive so he can be in the 2 page comic strip you wrote back in the days “the last days of optimus prime”?plus will galvatron lead the decepticons once more?remember furman I`m your biggest friendly critic.

  16. David Grew says:

    Simon, just one question, when will Shockwave break free of his shackles on the Ark and become mobile again? And he needs his gun arm back!!!! Keep up the awesome work!!

  17. Tom says:

    Just finished reading the issue and it was great as usual!! Just curious as to when Optimus Prime is gonna make his return and kick some Decepticon tail???

  18. Lukas says:

    Simon, you never stop to surprise me. Shock&Screamer crazy duo gave helping hand to the Autobots. I’d rather expect cuttle start flying or fish singin’ πŸ™‚ Hope to see more of Starscream in the final arc.

    What about hypercruiser Valiant? Why didn’t Autobots use it as a part of welcoming commitee here? It would gave more firepower than bunch of fly guys..

  19. Kent says:

    Awesome issue as always. Please say that we will get more of your writing in some form after #100. Of course the dream wish is going to issue 1000.

    • Ian G says:

      After much internal debate, I’ve finally decided that stopping at issue 100 IS a sensible move.

      What we have here in Regeneration One is pure gold and more importantly an unlikely scenario in which the great stories of our childhood have a definitive line drawn under them.

      Simon and his team have ensured that this final chapter will not only go out on a creative high but also secure and enhance the already wonderful legacy of Furman-era Transformers.

      It worked for Fawlty Towers (quitting while ahead), it worked for Blackadder too so why not TF?

  20. Darren says:

    Once again another brilliant issue. So much going on here too.
    Bludgeon prepared so long for this after the battle of Klo. Does this now mean that the Decepticons has finally and officially lost the war for good now?

    Rodimus Prime turned the tide similar to Transformers The Movie, throwing Bludgeon through the Warworld. And we all got a reminder just how powerful Omega Supreme is too.

    Looking forward to the final arc but still sad that this story has to finish. Thanks Simon and to all of the team for your hard work.


  21. Michael says:

    The Soundwave/Blaster fight reminded me of their fight in that season 2 episode of the original cartoon run, when Blaster needed some “extra punch”.

  22. Bass_X0 says:

    I found it too short of a read. It should have been epic but instead it was over with far too quickly. If one were to summarise the issue, it would sound like as if it was VERY epic. But in reality, there’s just not enough to actually read. I know some comics have way too much text each page but I feel this doesn’t have enough. Each page is read within a few seconds.

    Perhaps when you’ve written whats necessary to progress the story forwards, you could go back and look at where you can insert some moments of characterisation; 1, to give the reader more tor read and 2, to let us know more about the characters themselves. And even if you do currently do this, could you do some more of it please?

  23. Franco says:

    A fantastic read, so big and titanic that it felt like the final of the series, and not just the apex of an arc.
    So many references to TFTM86, but at the same time a story that is more focused and self-aware, with a strong sense of direction.
    A majestic and memorable version of Rodimus Prime.
    A twist I did not expect, as the two Cybertronian species unite against the invader.
    Clever ancillary battles that are a reference to Furman’s other works for IDW, without being out of place in this series. Soundwave provided a reason for Blaster’s attack. And Monstructor was bound to appear, after the appearance of the Pretender Monsters in “Rhythms of Darkness”.
    An enthralling storytelling; brilliant dialogue in which every word is carefully and surgically chosen to obtain the maximum effect with the minimum amount; top-notch art by Guido Guidi, whose sense for epic and knowledge of the Transformers lore is peerless (especially when it comes to referencing toys or TFTM86).
    Please more!!!

  24. Mansoor Ali Choudhury says:

    I want a hundred more issues.

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