And so we begin… the end. 100 (or so) issues and 30 years in the making, the original grounding Transformers comic and series starts the countdown to its epic conclusion with the release (this week, November 27th) of Transformers: Regeneration One #96. The final arc kicks off with both aftermath (of #95’s epic battle against Bludgeon’s Blitz Engines) and the opening thrusts and feints in what is to be a truly double-edged conflict, one that will come from without and within (with the lines blurring constantly). As is my habit at such pre-release moments, my scribely digressions on the issue follow. Beware of slight spoilers if you wish to enjoy the experience without even a whiff of what’s to come. But, as always, my aim is to tease and torment rather than reveal. So begins The War to End All Wars, the pulling together of all the threads we’ve been dangling for the past 15 (or so) issues. Omens and portents abound on Cybertron as Rodimus Prime struggles to understand the often cryptic clues scattered by Primus on his journey through Zero Space, and uppermost in his mind is the question: who is Jhiaxus? And perhaps more importantly, what’s he been up to since he deleted himself from Cybertron’s history many millennia ago? But more immediate concerns, such as the Primordial Cybertronians and rogue (time-lost) Decepticon Galvatron take precedence this issue, but that doesn’t stop ace investigators Nightbeat and Bumblebee beginning their search. While on Earth, the building of a Space Bridge to unite two mauled and battered worlds/populations, brings its own clanging chimes of apocalyptic doom. Let me just say, that the omens for a happy ending are not good, and nothing (and no one) is quite what they seem. For a full preview of the issue, check out the official IDW offering here. Otherwise, just clench your bits and wait for Wednesday. Trust me, it’ll be well worth a few grimaces.



  1. Dave Grew says:

    Cant wait!!

    Simon one question, is Shockwave ever going to be free of his shackles to the Ark and free to roam once more (complete with Gun Arm!!)??

  2. Brent says:

    Finally! Rodimus’ alt-mode!! Sweeeeeeet!!

  3. Eric says:

    I have a feeling this is reeeeeeaaally not going to end well, especially with how the first page looked…

    • Patrick Argos says:

      I agree it seemed that was a Rodimus from the future remembering how all that destruction happened .

      Not sure but even the first few pages of issue 80.5 seemed like someone narrating TF history until they got to the murder of the Last Autobot which they termed ” the beginning of the end ” . So that could imply knowledge of future events ?

      Guess we will see ?

  4. Bass_X0 says:

    Artwork looks great. Every character looks like how they should, instead of vaguely recognisable blocks that we had with Wildman. Still pretty much a transitional story, just moving the pieces from one place to another for the overall plot, but more filling now. The story is really picking up the pace. The next issue should be great.

    Hosehead was originally believed to have been killed during the Unicron War.

    But here is, back in action. Guess he wasn’t dead after all in the above panel.

    • Patrick Argos says:

      Misfire also was ” killed ” in the battle with Unicron but he managed to be repaired .

      They had 20 years and the healing powers of the Last Autobot so I would guess trying to salvage every possible bot was a goal .

      Some the were binary bonded to humans like Highbrow , Brainstorm and Hardhead were impossible to revive .

      Emirate Xaaron , Thunderwing and a few others ( probably Bomburst etc ) were likely damaged beyond repair .

      So the number of casualties of that battle is probably less than originally depicted .

      Finback , Cloudburst , Apeface , Mindwipe , Joyride and Waverider all were ” killed ” but their injuries were comparable to Misfire and Hosehead who ultimately recovered . So anything is possible ?

      Just hope the Decepticons aren’t finished . With their recent defeat and the return of Jhiaxus , the Dark Matrix and the Unicron cult well hopefully I will still get to see Ravage and learn what happened to Trypticon ?

      Four more issues to go .

      Here’s hoping ?

  5. Mansoor Ali Choudhury says:

    Now that’s a f*****g comic.These last two issues have tocked all the boxes..

  6. Bloodrose says:

    Wow. That was one menacing issue.

  7. charles says:

    Where`s scorponok?

  8. Ian G says:

    Now we’re talking!! The countdown to extinction begins proper (=

    If the last issue could be accused of being a tad to short, this one more than makes up for it.

    From the tragic and beautifully rendered framing scene on the opening page to the terrifying spectacle orbiting Cybertron at the end of the issue, this was jaw-droppingly intense and replete with points of intrigue.

    Simon – once you’ve wrapped up regen1, is that going to be you over and out with TF?

  9. Eric W says:

    Very nice issue. Best one yet, I think. I had a few thoughts on the anamolies that the Autobots are dealing with.

    could all of these somehow relate to the return of Unicron? I thought it was said earlier that he was dead for sure, but the more I think about things, the more it seems plausible. After all, Unicron devoured an entire universe once, if there was no Primus to stop him, he’d do it again. Then it really would be the end of everything. As to how these anamolies relate to Unicron, well, Galvatron is his herald, the dark matrix creature may be a reflection of Unicron’s power, Jhiaxis’ hub was said to look like unicron’s brain, and Spike…I don’t know how he fits in, but it seems like it’s b/c he could sabotage something by the autobots and end up bringing about Unicron’s return that way? Just thinking out loud…I really don’t know how this is all gonna wrap up completely in the next 4 issues, but I’m sure it will be great!

    Does anyone else think I’m completely off on any of this? Some clues seem to kind of tease in this direction, I think.

    • Tim says:

      Spike has to have a face to face with Fort Max. Could he kill him and is it possible the dark matrix entry bonds with Spike? He was in theory once part Cybertronian. He also has all the hate and anger the dark matrix seems to be looking for. Other than that, I can’t figure out how he fits in and I have no idea how the rest of this plays out other than it looks like everyone dies.

    • simon furman says:

      No Unicron, I’m afraid. Quite another ‘big bad’. With quite a different agenda.

      • Eric says:

        Is this “big bad” something we have seen before in some way, or completely new? Also, is it anything that, if we paid enough attention to details so far, we’d be able to figure out what it is?

      • Tim says:

        I’m starting to think the big bad is Primus. I remember his motivations being questioned back in 74. Now that unicorn is gone maybe he wants all of his creations dead.

      • Michael says:

        I’m betting my money on Big Top, the former Cosmic Carnival magnate.

      • Eric says:

        I wondered if it was Primus myself. And yes, I did see odd quirks about him in #74. I would wonder, though, why Primus would be telling Rodimus all this stuff if he’s the one behind it? Or is it really Primus below Cybertron? Hmmm

      • charles says:

        could be jhiaxus behind primus,using him like a puppet to fool rodimus.

      • Tim says:

        What if Primus didn’t show Rodimus those things as in this is what needs to be fixed, but more to say “hey everything is really messed up so when the time comes you’re going to help end this.” Oh and Simon, you’ve gotten a 33 year old to obsess over a comic book again so imo no matter how this ends, this whole endeavor was definitely worth it.

      • Eric says:

        Now that I think about it, it could be that Primus was telling Rodimus that these 4 things need to be removed b/c they are all threats to whatever agenda Primus himself has!

  10. Tristan says:

    I just want to say thank you Simon for all of your wonderful stories, you’re truly a legend in the transformers universe. Do you have any plans after RG1? Returning to writing the idw continuity or maybe an all new universe all together? The dinobots have been popular after fall of cybertron, maybe more stories focusing on Grimlock? He hasn’t been making much appearances in idw.

    • Bass_X0 says:

      The Beast Hunters comic is all about Grimlock. Not the Grimlock from the main IDW continuity but still the same “character”.

      • Tristan says:

        Yeah it’s been really good too, though art could be a little better, plus I hope idw grimlock gets past this whole brain dead thing….

    • simon furman says:

      Not sure what I’m doing next, Transformers-wise. Very busy on lots of other fronts. But will keep you posted once I’ve had a chance to talk to IDW in the New Year.

  11. charles says:

    another question:is the rodimus in the future on a wasted cybertron the real ending or a vision,or is this comic going to be a Disney happy ending?

  12. Ian Hewett says:

    Stunning as ever. Optimus stating that his death set invisible wheels in motion reminded me of Buffy/Faith…
    I see Stylor survived. Is he now the Nebulan equivalent of Austin Powers?
    I’m not going to speculate on anything; suffice to say, wonderful work from all involved, and it’s feeling more like original Marvel the more it goes on. I cannot wait for the literary payoffs… but at the same time don’t want it to reach the triple-figure checkpoint. For me, personally, it never ends, but I’m going to get my comeuppance in just a few short months… Any chance of a one-off graphic novel for the 30th anniversary?!

  13. Tom says:

    Another spectacular read Simon. Truly enjoying watching the succession of leadership from Optimus Prime to Rodimus Prime. I still can’t believe that there are only 4 issues to go, hopefully IDW changes its mind and Regeneration One continues in one form or another!! Either way I can’t wait to see how this all wraps up!!

  14. Jim Semonik says:

    This issue was mindblowing. I have no words. But…of course…I have questions…I will keep it to simple yes or no questions.
    1. Will there be an explanation as to why Galvatron awoke when Megs died?
    2. Any chance of seeing Gutcruncher or Axer in this final arc?
    3. Will we learn the fate of Scorponok?
    4. Will there be a rematch between Fort Max and Galvatron?
    5. Will Bludgeon ever fight again?
    6 Will we find out where Trypticon has been hiding?
    7. Will any of Soundwave’s last 4 tapes make an appearance?
    8. Is Thunderwing gone forever?
    9. Will #100 be super sized?

    I know these can be pretty annoying questions. If you can’t say, that’s cool. I’m still gonna enjoy the last 4 months of something I honestly never thought I’d see. Thanks for that. If I ever meet you, drinks on me.

  15. charles says:

    one thing I want to see is both those traitors starscream and shockwave get it for good.and were you at simon?,a lot of questions on this page for you.

  16. simon furman says:

    Starscream and Shockwave play a big role in #98-99.

  17. john says:

    h i Simon so it don’t hmm, OK so will be doing so story on rodimus prime after g1 ends.

  18. Bass_X0 says:

    I’ve read people discussing the possibility of the Marvel continuity becoming the Dead Universe in the IDW continuity at the end of #100. I wonder if this is likely to happen or not.

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