UPDATE – Hi all, I’ve been advised that this ship date (which I’m pretty sure I saw reported as the 19th earlier) has slipped to the 26th of Feb. So you got your Script (W)rap a week early!

“And so, the end is near.” Uh-huh… the honest-to-gosh, accept no substitutes penultimate issue of Transformers: Regeneration One is upon us. This week (Wednesday 19th February) sees the release of Transformers: Regeneration One #99, and what is truly the beginning of the end. We’re almost at the last hurdle, the reveal of the true force behind… well, a ton of stuff, both in Regeneration One and a clutch of the 80 issues that preceded it. But first, there’s a pretty monumental obstacle to overcome in the shape of Senator Jhiaxus and his new Cybertronian Empire. At this point, if you want to avoid even the very vanilla spoilers herein, cease and desist reading immediately. Otherwise, prepare for a truly desperate last tilt against impossible odds, as Rodimus Prime (surrender or no surrender) looks to scupper Jhiaxus’s plans for universal conformity and order. Elements in the mix that could just give him the means and opportunity for such a counter-offensive (elements Rodimus is not even aware of himself as we join the action) are a somewhat clandestine rearguard action set in motion by Kup (last issue) and the enduring/looming presence of Underbase, the collective pool of Cybertronian knowledge and experience that appears to have transcended its apparent destruction/death (in issue #50). What (or who) exactly lives on in the very heart of Starscream? And what can even it do against a foe that is legion? Also, because even all that is never enough, we learn more about the fate of Spike Witwicky (and the phenomena known as Zero Space), the Primordials reach an… evolution(?)… and the surviving humans bring out the big guns. And the true enemy is revealed. PHEW! And just for good measure, CRIKEY! Even I can’t bear to watch… (Look out for a full preview of the issue soon… I’ll update as and when that’s live and viewable).



34 Responses to SCRIPT (W)RAP – REGENERATION ONE #99

  1. wildman says:

    Reblogged this on wildwords and commented:
    Simon Furman’s ‘Script Wrap’ for the penultimate issue of Transformers Regeneration One.

  2. Darragh says:

    So looking forward to this!

  3. Dave Grew says:


  4. So the primordials do feature in this as I suspected and what is the big guns that the humans have? So many questions…so much anticipation. The 11 year old boy in me can’t wait

    • Lukas says:

      The only big guns humans have is a bunch of exos with Spike’s wife as a commander, but maybe there’s something more hidden?..

      “Evolution of Primordials ” – well, those guys can’t stop surprising me in this series. Wonder what’s the side they are standing at?

      • Tim says:

        The only things I can think of is they have a damaged Prime and maybe the old Fort Max body. We know he was killed, but was he completely destroyed? I can’t think of anything else from the original comics.

  5. Sean says:

    Jhiaxus didn’t last very long.

    • crazychris says:

      transformers come in die all the time big deal can name a bunch of examples.

      • Sean says:

        Wasn’t my point. Point was the Jhiaxus, who was a big character to use from a previous incarnation, didnt’ really amount to much as a character in this story. He had pretty much 3 issues, and he didn’t really do anything much in any of them. Missed opportunity if you ask me.

  6. Blarkon says:

    Looking forward to this. Also – did you see the Death’s Head action figure and if so, what do you think?

  7. BB Shockwave says:

    Wow, cannot wait for this. I am really curious about who the mysterious enemy is – my guess is, a weird mixture of Primus and Unicron as the “One”, whom Simon first mentioned in the Ultimate Guide.

    • Lukas says:

      Wild guess – Primus infected by the Dark Matrix. Look at Primus’ eyes shining in green, just like in Fort Max’ case. There’s no Unicron anymore, so Dark Matrix is taking his place corrupting good guys.

      • Ian G says:

        A corrupted Primus seems almost too-obvious though.

        Maybe the ‘big bad’ of RG1 is some hitherto unknown entity that has been unable to enter the multiverse because Unicron and Primus’s balance- between order and chaos -acted as some kind of barrier or safeguard?

        To be honest, the suspense is driving me potty because there is still so much I don’t understand.

  8. I can’t wait to get this issue. I am looking so forward to it.Sorry for right now that is really all I have to say. 🙂

  9. Eric says:

    Just read it this morning and loved it! It all sets up nicely for the final issue. Good to see that Galvatron was not too injured to conjure up a little chaos. I’m surprised the Dinobots didn’t join in the assault on Jhiaxus’ hub b/c they looked fine in this issue. Were they just recently repaired and/or keeping an eye on the Primordials?

  10. Dave Grew says:

    Please Simon, one thing, I hope you don’t destroy the Ark in the battle again’st Jhaixus’s forces. This magestic ship has come back from the brink several times in the past, its first crash into the earth 4 Million Years ago in #1, being damaged on the Moon by the Decepticons in #41, smashing into Unicrons Head and subsequently crash landing on Cybertron in #75, and of course not forgetting its 2nd fateful crash into planet earth in #79. The Ark has always been an iconic feature in ReGeneration so please let it survive to the end!!!

    • Paul says:

      The same could be said for Optimus Prime. I am hoping that he makes it more than I am hoping that the Ark makes it.

      • Thomas says:

        I am gonna go out on a limb here and guess that instead of Optimus always sacrificing himself, maybe Rodimus will be the Prime that makes the ultimate sacrifice. Now that would be an interesting twist to the Transformers mythos.

  11. charles says:

    my question is why bring jhiaxus into the story and kill him off real quick?and when will star and shock get their butts kicked for good,i`m tired of their bad comedy act?i want to see major characters bite the dust,so far you only killed off minor characters.

  12. crazychris says:

    well prime’s has old bodies his original body and his powermaster body might be the primoridals .

  13. Jim Semonik says:

    Well…read it…um…I kinda got nothing. Not sure how this is gonna wrap up but I loved the Gutcruncher and Axer cameos on the last page. I think Banzai Tron is the only action master that never appeared. I have no questions this month and just will say well done. I assume Scorponok is impaled at the bottom of a canyon and Bludgeon and Soundwave just die. Can’t wait for the end, man. Thanks for this gift of the past year and a half. Much love to you.

  14. Bass_X0 says:

    Good issue, but it should have happened months ago. If Regeneration One was an ongoing, then I would have no complaints. Even double sized theres too much to wrap up on in #100. Jhiaxus needed to make a name for himself in Regeneration One, not rely on readers memories of the old Marvel G2 comic.

    I still say that the whole Gene Key arc should have been dropped and this final arc should have been spread out over twice as many issues. Nothing would have been missed if the Gene Key arc wasn’t present in Regeneration One. Grimlock and Scorponok could still have had large roles doing something else than the Gene Key arc. Anybody want to tell me why the Gene Key story was important to the overall RG1 storyline other than it showcasing Grimlock and Scorponok?

    One complaint about this issue though, since its the penultimate issue, why bother creating generics when there are still so many G1 and G2 characters to use? Sure people don’t like seeing their favorite characters being killed off but we’ve already passed that. Personally, I think that characters making cameos is more important than what actually happens to them in that cameo i.e. if they live or die. Plus, people show more emotion towards seeing characters they know than seeing generics they don’t care for.

    • Robert says:

      I agree with Bass_X0. Of course I’ll hold my reservations until I see how everything plays out in #100, but my feeling with this issue was that readers of RG1 were supposed to be familiar with Jhiaxus’ reputation from G2 and previous IDW appearances. Jhiaxus really hasn’t done anything in RG1 to establish himself as a villain. The closest thing to villainy we’ve seen from the character was his indirect mention to Rodimus Prime that he has wiped out civilizations previously. Other than that he’s kinda been on the defensive against Rodimus’ otherwise aggressive attacks against him. :/

      A little more time devoted to character development would’ve been nice if Jhiaxus just had to be introduced to RG1, and I agree with Bass_X0 in that the Gene Key story arc could have been either completely removed or severely reduced in favor of establishing Jhiaxus as a legitimate villain.

      The additional last second plot twists with Galvatron, the Dark Matrix, Grimlock’s memories and the primordials are annoying in the sense that it feels like too much will be crammed too late into #100 (dbl-sized or not). At this point it feels like the payoff for these twists will suffer due to the lack of time/space to expand and explain all of them.

      Beyond that, I have enjoyed the series, though I do want to add that I’m disappointed that Hound got killed in the previous issue. I’d rather have seen a character like Kup or Ultra Magnus get axed.

      • Tankorr says:

        Maybe the porpouse of RG1 Jihaxus wasn’t to be a “villain”: this Jhiaxus is completely different from his G2 and IDW counterparts. he is one possible evolution of cybertronian race, not a villain. he remembers me IDW Nova Prime, and his actions remember me Megatron’s view of the Covenant of Primus (that we saw in Soundwave’s speech in RG1 #80.5)

  15. Ian G says:

    Really enjoyed this issue and I don’t share the complaint that this has been rushed. On the contrary, I’m glad that regen one hasn’t been waylayed by mountains of exposition and characterisation.

    So far every significient character from Marvel TF has enjoyed a major role at various points in the overall story and the sense of mystery and foreboding has now escalated to the point of making the next 4 or 5 weeks a near-unbearable wait.

    Above all though, every issue has just been such a pleasure to read (and behold – the art in every aspect has been ridiculously good) and it will be a bittersweet moment indeed when I get through the last page of next month’s finale.

    So many questions linger but with only a single issue ahead, it seems just best to wait for all to become clear.

  16. Sean says:

    I didn’t hate it. It was a rushed ending to yet another arc, but it entertained. Glad to see Shockwave finally do something after 18 issues, but I was disappointed that Jhiaxus was pretty much wasted as a villain. If a new fan was reading this, he’d definitly come off thinking Jhiaxus was an uninteresting character. Oh, and didn’t Brainstorm just get resurrected?

  17. nath says:

    i dont think primus has been infected i think he has always been like that when witwicky is being tormented by visions of his brother primus seems to be smiling

    • Tim says:

      Well the matrix creature is Primus from a certain point of view I guess. In my mind its not so much that the Primus at the center of cybertron is being possessed more like that it what’s left of Primus in this universe. I still feel like Simon is going to tie in the whole gene key arc in the last issue in some sort of what it means to be good/evil. I think he said way back in the begging that balance in the universe was going to be key. Sorry if this is a bit rambling, but its hard to explain. Can’t wait for next month.

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