Yep, it’s true, I’m not yet tired of flapping my gums and shouting from the rooftops about Transformers Regeneration One #100, which hits stores today — Wednesday 19th March. And so, over on ComicsVerse, there I am, blathering away again. If you can stand yet more opining from yours truly, you can find the interview here.


7 Responses to (YET ANOTHER) RG1 #100 INTERVIEW

  1. mikeladano says:

    Just finished reading. I would say in simple terms: Lives up to the hype. Very satisfying, but I’m sad too. The G1 comics, that’s “my” Transformers. That’s what I’ve always followed. These past months of Re-Gen One had me spoiled, and I’m sad that’s over.

  2. Simon, thank you for the review and of course for the memories.

  3. Great interview. As for RG1 ,it was an awesome ride I will never forget and for that Simon I would like to say Thanks 🙂

  4. James Clough says:

    Thanks for all the effort and great Marvel/IDW G1 stories over the years Simon. My favorite comic series ever.

  5. crazychris says:

    yes simon you laid the groundwork for future stories to be told, the series was dark as usual back in the 80’s 90’s nobody was spared anybody coul;d die at any time. earth was destroyed again, 100 issues wasn’t enough but glad we got them, the multiverse, alternate versions of prime and hot rod, galvatron, shockwave, starscream good to see ravage in it. but what happened to the constructicons, stunticons and combatricons are they dead turned into zombies or what.

  6. Bass_X0 says:

    There were more than a 100 issues released in America. Are you forgetting the four-issue Headmasters mini-series? The three issue movie adaptation? RG1 #0 and the RG1 annual?

    • Okay I really think you are nitpicking, but lets go with your count.
      Since we are talking about the main story you can’t count The Movie Adaptation, also you have to take out Issues #33-#34,and issue #43. But you would have to add back in The Headmasters (like you said) and G.I.Joe and the Transformers mini-series (where Bumblebee became Goldbug). But we also know that all the issues from #56 on were shorter page wise, so ….blah blah blah.
      So the point is yes there were more, but the issue count is at 100 for the main issues.
      My question is now this…….what RG1 Annual are you talking about??? Do you mean the 100-Page Spectacular with the reprints of #76-#80.

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