Just one week to go to Europe and the UK’s biggest Transformers convention, Auto Assembly (August 8th-10th). Details for the weekend are now firming up, and the Regeneration One panel is scheduled for the Saturday at 2.30pm, with the Urban Species signing on the Sunday at 11am (at the Urban Species booth), this latter event is a bit of an exclusive, as I’ll be (re-) signing the first wave of Simon Furman signature T-shirts (see previous post for image) to roll off the presses (or loom?). And of course, I’ll be around all weekend over at my table, with plenty of other yummy goodies. Full details of Auto Assembly (location, tickets, etc) can be found here.


One Response to COUNTDOWN TO AA2014 (2)

  1. Brad Sawyer says:

    Heh. “Loom.” Hey, Simon are you going to do any conventions in the USA in the future? I see all these various posts about you attending U.K. con’s and I’m just getting a mite’ jealous and feelin’ left out… ^_^;

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