March 31, 2015

Another shout out for the great Hibernia Comics, who seem dead set on unearthing and breathing new life into every bit of comic strip published (and unpublished) by IPC’s late lamented Scream! comic (on which I cut my editorial and scriptwriting teeth those many years ago). This time (after two volumes of The 13th Floor and a Library of Death collection) it’s the turn of The Dracula File, a bloodsucking tale to which I contributed four episodes back in the mid-80s. Sadly, as with all things Scream!, the strip ended kind of abruptly after only 15 published episodes (with the cancellation of Scream!), but there’s still plenty to enjoy – all 15 core episodes, plus a few published later in Scream! Specials (including some very early Geoff Senior artwork for you completists out there) and rare scraps of unpublished episodes that would have appeared in Scream! #16-18 (or thereabouts).  Follow the links to order. You can visit Hibernia here and here. Trust me, there’s plenty to sink your teeth into!



March 4, 2015

Quick shout out for a Kickstarter campaign that’s well worth a little bit of your hard-earned. Play With This Too is a start-up toy company developing its own line of fully interchangeable sic-fi action figures, under the headline banner of Lost Protectors. There’s a brimming barrel-load of pro toy and comics talent behind this highly ambitious and super-cool project, and I’m even onboard to help flesh out the story and the character bios – should we move on to phase two (if that’s any incentive). So dig deep and get yourself in at the (kick)start of what is sure to be the next big thing. You can read more about the project and PWTT here on their main site, and the Kickstarter campaign is right here. Only 25 days left! Don’t delay.