Less than a week to go before Auto Assembly 2015 in Birmingham, and the full schedule of panels and events is now up. In terms of my participation, above and beyond my usual table in the main hall, where I’ll be signing and selling a few bits and pieces (signed RG1 Script/Comic packs, comics & graphic novels, etc), here’s what’s what (and when):

Saturday August 22nd:

12 noon – Transformers UK retrospective with myself and Andrew Wildman, where we’ll be chatting and reminiscing about the halcyon days of Marvel UK and how we both then kind of graduated to Marvel US (and a long stint on the US Transformers comic).

8pm – Andrew and I will be back on stage to judge the ever-wonderful AA Cosplay competition. Trust me, some of the amazing outfits have to be seen to be believed.

9pm – The Script Reading. Once again, I’ve been roped in… I mean, enlisted to script this Auto Assembly mainstay, featuring the vocal talents of special guests, Sumalee Montano, James Horan and Peter Spellos. Expect the usual distinct lack of respect for any and every corner of the Transformers Universe.

Sunday August 23rd:

12 noon – The Fall of Dreamwave and the Rise of IDW, a visual tour through some of the amazing (rare/unseen) art that kind of fell between the cracks as Dreamwave nosedived and IDW picked up the ball for what has become the most spectacular run of Transformers comics in the brand’s 30-year-plus history. Featuring the work of Alex Milne, Don Figueroa, Joe Ng, EJ Su and many more.

Hope to see you at one or more of the above!

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