On Saturday October 17th, I’ll be heading to the Leamington Comic Con 2015, in Leamington Spa, armed with my usual array of signed stuff. I’ll be meeting & greeting all day, as will my Transformers Regeneration One co-collaborator Andrew Wildman, and we’ll be doing a panel/question & answer session together at some point.  As well as comics and script/comic packs for sale, I have more FREE To The Death poster (see previous blog entry) to hand out & sign, plus a little excerpt from the series itself, a sneak peak at what’s in store for 2016 from myself and Geoff Senior. For more information on LCC & tickets, etc, check out their Facebook page here.


One Response to LEAMINGTON CON 2015

  1. Vittorio Trevitt says:

    Dear Simon,

    A few months ago, I spoke to your friend and colleague Andrew Wildman about “Regeneration One” while also asking him about the possibility of the two of you revisiting some of the earlier TF storylines from the Marvel UK continuity. It was a pleasure speaking to Andrew Wildman (whose artwork I have long been a fan of, and was happy to tell him this), and he suggested that I post a message on your blog regarding what I spoke about.

    Simon, what I was wondering about (and what I asked Andrew about) was if you might consider writing a continuation of the “Aspects of Evil” storyline? It was such a brilliant five-parter, and I have long thought it would be really great to see a continuation in which we see what happens to Unicron and Rodimus Prime (the last time we see him, of course, is screaming as Unicron chuckles at the thought of taking over Prime’s body again soon). Although I like to think that Rodimus finally defeats Unicron’s spark and frees the Matrix from his evil influence, perhaps IDW could pay you to write a follow-up to this and maybe even the “Earthforce” storyline.

    If you get a chance, please let me know what you think of my suggestions.

    Kind regards,

    Vittorio Trevitt.

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