March 4, 2016

Just a reminder for UK fans (and particularly those in the Midlands/Shropshire area) that I’ll be at the Oswestry Lit Fest on March 19th, where I’ll be presenting two talks aimed at slightly different age-groups, but really suitable for one and all.

Talk One: Matt Hatter Chronicles – From Script to Screen. Meet Matt Hatter, an extraordinary 13-year old boy who battles cinematic monsters and super villains made real in a hidden dimension known as the Multiverse in the hit CITV animated show. MHC Head Writer and Script Supervisor Simon Furman presents a special highly illustrated look behind the scenes at the process from script page to screen, including original concept art, 3D computer character modelling and much more, featuring a whole 22-miniute episode ‘The Flight of the Witch’, which simultaneously showcases the sequential storyboard art behind the show. Learn the secrets of Matt Hatter from the inside out.
Talk Two: When Comics Grew Up. Comics are for kids, right? Wrong. Writer Simon Furman (Transformers, Kung Fu PandaDragons: Riders of Berk) takes you on an illustrated tour from the earliest days of comic books right through to the modern age, demonstrating how the humble kid’s comic grew from pulp entertainment into an all-ages phenomenon now embraced by big and small screen. Also includes the creation of a Transformers comic book – from original script to finished page, stage by stage. Plus tips for budding comic creators.
Hope to see you there!
Simon Furman