Getting stuff ready for TFNation in a couple of weeks, and I’ve de-archived the final few scripts that never saw print after Dreamwave ceased publishing in 2004. For the first time, the scripts for Transformers: Energon #31, #32 & #33 are available to read and enjoy. If you’re able to get to TFNation in Birmingham over the weekend of 19th-21st of August, I’ll have them there for sale, but if you can’t I have a complete package of Dreamwave scripts (including Transformers: The War Within – Age of Wrath #4-5  & Beast Wars Transformers #1), all individually signed, available on eBay. Check out the auction here, or the TFNation site here.




  1. David Heslop says:

    Hi Simon! Really looking forward to TF Nation. Picked up your “End of the Road” script at Auto Assembly last year so will be on the lookout for one of the “War Within” ones this weekend I think. It’ll be cool to say hi and catch up!

  2. simon furman says:

    Hi All, just to clarify – I’ll have the trio of unpublished energon scripts with me this weekend at TFNation (but not the others). If you’d like the full set of unpublished Dreamwave scripts (including WW & Beast Wars) please check out the bay auction. Cheers — Simon

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