Plenty of news. Firstly, the To The Death website is up and running and the first episode is free-to-view. Secondly, we’ve updated our Kickstarter page with new images from the original graphic novel To The Death: Forged By Fire, and peppered it with wonderful sketch examples from Geoff Senior (you get your choice of character/sketch – from To The Death, Death’s Head, Transformers or whatever you like – if you opt for the Unit Commander package). BUT – we need your help to make this one-off graphic novel happen. We simply can’t do it without you. If you’ve already joined our campaign, thank you – but we still need your help in spreading the word (tweet, Instagram, Facebook, blog, whatever – please let as many people know about this as possible). If you haven’t enlisted, time is ticking away. Remember, we are ONLY offering this To The Death graphic novel via Kickstarter. In that, it is unconnected to the web publishing, which will happen regardless. But if your aim is to have and to hold, then this print & paper collaboration is your only shot. We really appreciate your support! THANKS! And finally, I’ll be at Kaoticon (comic con) in Broadstairs in Kent this coming weekend, if you want to pop by and say hello and pick up a FREE To The Death art card or get stuff signed.



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