The TO THE DEATH: ORIGINS PRIZE DRAW! Geoff Senior and I will be at For The Love of Sci-Fi convention in Manchester in a couple of weeks (or slightly less – the weekend of Dec 3rd/4th), and we’re celebrating the success of To The Death with a special prize draw. Some of our earliest works are going into the prize draw pot – including Geoff’s very early Starblazers, my first ever bit of writing, “Beware The Werewolf” in Scream #8 (1984) and one of our most seismic early collaborations: Transformers #113 (the first appearance of Death’s Head). All signed of course! The names of all our loyal TTD subscribers (and anyone who subscribes between now and then!) will go into the pot – and we’ll nab a famous face on the Saturday to do the draw itself (so it’s all above board), and publish the names of the winners over on the To The Death Facebook page.


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