It’s time for answers in To The Death Episode 12, “Enter The Dryagin”, which explodes onto your smartphones, tablets and computer screens today – available to download/view worldwide (from the furtive minds of Simon Furman and Geoff Senior natch). Who are the Triumvirate (or rather, who were they?)? What does Deacon Snow want with Dryagin? What grisly fate awaits the 12 billion inhabitants of planet Earth? All (well, most) is revealed as our full tilt descent towards the finish line begins in earnest. Prepare to be shocked, stunned and thrilled in roughly equal measure as Dryagin’s past catches up with him in jaw-dropping, trouser-shattering fashion. All episodes (so far) are available to view via the To The Death website – and our Xmas discount (TTD15SUB) remains in full force if you wish to subscribe.



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