January 4, 2017

PART 1! Thought I’d chat in more depth about this amazing Hachette Transformers G1 collection. The first volume (Target: 2006 – the books are released non-sequentially) is out now, in all good newsagents, and you can subscribe to the whole 80-volume set over at Hachette’s website, here:…
So, why should you be air-punching with glee at this new set of hardback GNs? Part of my brief was to make this collection unique, which – given the amount of TF collections already out there in some shape or form – wasn’t automatically a given. There’s the basic things of course – hardback, spine art that builds up into one overall image, superb production values, bumper-sized editions, etc. But what makes it unique among other TF collections? Well, for starters, the collection is sequential, and – for the first time – the Marvel UK/US strip will appear in the order it was published in the original Marvel UK Transformers comic. In other words, the strip will go from UK originated to Marvel US strip in the same volume, giving you the sense of one through story (rather than UK collections or US collections). And then the end of the Marvel era will feed directly into Regeneration One to wrap up TF/MARVEL storyline. Okay, so, that’s reason to be cheerful #1. I’ll post #2 later today!