November 30, 2016

The hits keep on coming for our beleaguered hero in Part 8 of To The Death, which is now LIVE and available to download/view on the site. All Dryagin wants to do is get home to his wife and son, the life he left behind on Earth, but the realisation is dawning that neither are waiting for him – thanks to the Triumvirate’s clinical dismantling of everything he held dear. Even the loyalties of his own Pacifier unit have been savagely divided, and the only one Dryagin can rely on now – is himself. The Simon Furman/Geoff Senior action heats up to fever pitch in “Inferno”. And don’t forget – Parts 1-7 are still available to download/view (with Part 1 FREE-TO-VIEW). And anyone who subscribes by Dec 5th gets thrown into the hat for our special ORIGINS prize draw (see previous post). Miraculously, our (not) Black Friday discount code (TTD15SUB) is still valid! Are we good to you or what?



November 26, 2016

CANCELLATION. Huge apologies to anyone coming to see myself and Geoff Senior at For the Love of Sci-Fi in Manchester next weekend, but due to work commitments and various pre-Xmas deadline pile-ups (not least of which is the fairly punishing weekly schedule we’ve set ourselves on To The Death) we’ve regretfully had to pull out. We’re really gutted not to be there, but the previously announced PRIZE DRAW for our loyal subscribers will still go ahead (just not at the con itself). We’ll be back on the road in January, at Banbury’s Film, TV & Comic Con. Promise.


November 23, 2016

Episode 7 of TO THE DEATH is now live! The shattering digital sci-fi magnum opus from Simon Furman and Geoff Senior continues at a breathless pace… as Dryagin’s Pacifier platoon is torn apart from within, and Dryagin himself finds himself on the moon’s endangered species list (which, let’s face it, is pretty short). Hunted, wounded, it looks like the bitter end… but if Dryagin dies White Noise’s dream of averting global catastrophe on Earth dies with him. Episodes 1-6 are also available to download/view on the site (with Episode 1 FREE-TO-VIEW!)



November 21, 2016

The TO THE DEATH: ORIGINS PRIZE DRAW! Geoff Senior and I will be at For The Love of Sci-Fi convention in Manchester in a couple of weeks (or slightly less – the weekend of Dec 3rd/4th), and we’re celebrating the success of To The Death with a special prize draw. Some of our earliest works are going into the prize draw pot – including Geoff’s very early Starblazers, my first ever bit of writing, “Beware The Werewolf” in Scream #8 (1984) and one of our most seismic early collaborations: Transformers #113 (the first appearance of Death’s Head). All signed of course! The names of all our loyal TTD subscribers (and anyone who subscribes between now and then!) will go into the pot – and we’ll nab a famous face on the Saturday to do the draw itself (so it’s all above board), and publish the names of the winners over on the To The Death Facebook page.



November 16, 2016

Episode 6 of To The Death, the searing dystopian sci-fi opus from Simon Furman and Geoff Senior, is now LIVE and ready to download/view on the site: In “Industrial Strength”: Deadlock on the moon as the embittered Helium Miners dig in, the Cyber-warriors go ballistic, and Dryagin makes a stand – a decision that changes everything, and maybe precipitates the beginning of his end. Plus, Deacon Snow regrets! We’re one-third of the way through our action epic, and if you thought it’s been a relentless ride so far… you ain’t seen nothing yet!ttd6-title


November 9, 2016

To The Death Episode 5: “The Art of White Noise” is now LIVE and ready to download/view on the site (as of course are Episodes 1-4). On the lunar surface, Dryagin’s Pacifier Squad hit back, while more is revealed about the mysterious Deacon Snow and the seditious White Noise. But unknown to Dryagin he’s been marked for death by the Triumvirate, and his executioner may be closer at hand than he realises. All episodes (so far), including the free-to-view Episode 1, are available here:


October 28, 2016

The assault on Luna-9 begins in Episode 4 of To The Death, the new sci-fi opus from Simon Furman and Geoff Senior. Enjoy the trailer and then join us at when the full episode goes live on Wednesday Nov 2nd.



October 26, 2016

The new gritty and in-your-face sci-fi saga from Simon Furman and Geoff Senior continues! To The Death Episode 3 is now LIVE and ready to view! As preparations for Pacifier Aleksy Dryagin’s homecoming — and very public demise — continue, the subversive White Noise makes its move, and a new crisis rears its head on the moon. Happy reunions are on hold as the Triumvirate target not just Dryagin but his wife and son too. The action and excitement ramp up, as opposing forces lock horns, with Dryagin caught slap bang in the middle. For more details and to view EPISODES (including our free-to-view first episode) go to and the trailer for the episode can be viewed on our YouTube channel.




October 19, 2016

Episode 2 of the new digital sic-fi comic from myself and Geoff Senior is now LIVE on the To The Death site, and our weekly ‘publishing’ schedule now begins in earnest. You can purchase per episode or subscribe to all 18 at a discount rate. Episode 1 is free-to-view. Comments/feedback welcome, either via our TTD email or Facebook page. A lone warrior — Aleksy Dryagin – is locked on a doomed collision course with the nigh-on omnipotent powers-that-be, on a future Earth teetering on the brink of total catastrophe. Everything’s been taken from him, and that makes him the single-most dangerous beast in this over-industrailized jungle. This fast and furious series showcases the amazing art of Geoff Senior in successive fullscreen frames.



September 14, 2016

Plenty of news. Firstly, the To The Death website is up and running and the first episode is free-to-view. Secondly, we’ve updated our Kickstarter page with new images from the original graphic novel To The Death: Forged By Fire, and peppered it with wonderful sketch examples from Geoff Senior (you get your choice of character/sketch – from To The Death, Death’s Head, Transformers or whatever you like – if you opt for the Unit Commander package). BUT – we need your help to make this one-off graphic novel happen. We simply can’t do it without you. If you’ve already joined our campaign, thank you – but we still need your help in spreading the word (tweet, Instagram, Facebook, blog, whatever – please let as many people know about this as possible). If you haven’t enlisted, time is ticking away. Remember, we are ONLY offering this To The Death graphic novel via Kickstarter. In that, it is unconnected to the web publishing, which will happen regardless. But if your aim is to have and to hold, then this print & paper collaboration is your only shot. We really appreciate your support! THANKS! And finally, I’ll be at Kaoticon (comic con) in Broadstairs in Kent this coming weekend, if you want to pop by and say hello and pick up a FREE To The Death art card or get stuff signed.