April 30, 2010

Another appearance, another reminder: I’ll be at London’s Apollo Piccadilly cinema on Lower Regent Street this coming Saturday (1st May) as part of Sci-Fi London, joining a stellar panel of UK creators including Dez Skinn, John Freeman, Dan Abnett and Gary Erskine to talk about the creative boom-time of Marvel UK in the 70s, 80s and 90s, and I’ll be fielding questions on everything from Transformers to Dragon’s Claws and Death Head — and beyond, talking about my dual role as writer and editor for the trailblazing company. The event kicks off at 11.45AM and hosted by Resonance FM’s Alex Fitch.


April 22, 2010

Just a quick reminder that this coming Sunday – April 25th – I’ll be in Fordingbridge in Hampshire, at All The Cool Things. They’re staging a one-off Transformers open day and I’ll be there to meet, greet, sign and sell stuff. So if you’re in the area or can make it along, it’d be great to see you. The event runs from 11AM to 3PM and entrance is free. For more details, contact the store on 01425 650696. Or roll back a couple of posts to see the digital flyer!


April 14, 2010

The second rip-roaring issue of Nefarious, the official comic book sequel to Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, hits comic book stores today (in the US), and tomorrow (in the UK), April 14th & 15th respectively. And finally, Optimus Prime’s Autobots and Soundwave’s Decepticons clash explosively — but, of course, all is not what it seems. It suits the shadowy human collective known as The Initiative to have the Autobots and Decepticons at each other’s throats, largely because it stops them probing the larger mystery around the resurrection of Ravage and the efforts of the Initiative to harvest All Spark energy from key locations. Can Optimus Prime trust the wily and calculating Soundwave? If not, it may just be the end for them… and for planet Earth! Big battle action in the Utah Salt Flats, and more on tenacious Director of National Security, Theodore Galloway, who’s doing his own investigation. You just know that’s not going to end well! Story is by me, art by the tremendously talented Carlos Magno. Do not miss this one! And for more information on all IDW’s Transformers releases, check out their website here.


April 5, 2010

News of a few confirmed/upcoming (UK) personal appearances to impart, two sooner and one later this year:

First off, I’ll be at a small (but no doubt perfectly formed) Transformers event on Sunday, April 25th in Fordingbridge in Hampshire (a picturesque town on the edge of the New Forest). The local comic store, All The Cool Stuff, is hosting this celebration of all things Transformers and I’ll be there to meet, greet and sign stuff. And sell stuff too! So if you’re anywhere in the vicinity, come on down and say hi. The Transformers day runs from 11AM to 3PM and for more details you can contact All The Cool Stuff on 01425 650696.

Next up, on Saturday 1st of May, I’ll be joining a panel of comics professionals to discuss the halcyon days of Marvel UK as part of the London Science Fiction Film Festival. The event is to be staged at London’s Apollo Piccadilly cinema on Lower Regent Street, kicking off at 11.45AM and hosted by Resonance FM’s Alex Fitch. If you want to come along and find out what went on behind the scenes for the four years I was on staff at Marvel UK (during which time I was assistant editor, then editor on Transformers UK, as well as writer and co-creator of Death’s Head and Dragon’s Claws), then you know where to come. For more details, check out the Sci-Fi London site here.

And then, on August 13th-15th, I’ll be at Auto Assembly, the UK’s premier Transformers convention, where I’ll be doing all the usual panels and signing and also supplying the script for the voice actor drama (featuring, among others, Gary Chalk) and co-hosting a special workshop with writer/artist Nick Roche. More on all that nearer the time, but in the meantime and for advance bookings, check out the Auto Assembly website here.


April 5, 2010

It’s April, and that means a choice selection of last month’s March-shipping comics have been reviewed by yours truly over at, in my regular Comics Candy column. Among those under the microscope this time around are Green Hornet, Nemesis, Booster Gold and Uncanny X-Men. Overall, a pretty good bunch, but, y’know, there’s always an exception! You can check out April’s Comics Candy here.