December 28, 2016

It’s time for answers in To The Death Episode 12, “Enter The Dryagin”, which explodes onto your smartphones, tablets and computer screens today – available to download/view worldwide (from the furtive minds of Simon Furman and Geoff Senior natch). Who are the Triumvirate (or rather, who were they?)? What does Deacon Snow want with Dryagin? What grisly fate awaits the 12 billion inhabitants of planet Earth? All (well, most) is revealed as our full tilt descent towards the finish line begins in earnest. Prepare to be shocked, stunned and thrilled in roughly equal measure as Dryagin’s past catches up with him in jaw-dropping, trouser-shattering fashion. All episodes (so far) are available to view via the To The Death website – and our Xmas discount (TTD15SUB) remains in full force if you wish to subscribe.



December 24, 2016

Transformers: The Definitive G1 Collection – Hachette’s superlative TF Partworks HB book collection (80 volumes no less!) gets its nationwide (full) launch in January, and we kick things off in some style with a signing at Orbital Comics in London on Saturday January 14th. The first three releases (books are released in non-consecutive order) will all be available – so come along and get your copies of Target: 2006, Stormbringer and The Primal Scream (featuring the first of the newly coloured – by John-Paul Bove – UK b/w strip) signed. I’ll be there, along with a host of TF-UK artists (including, so far, Jeff Anderson and Stephen Baskerville – more to be announced). And while I’m at it – have a great Christmas/Holidays everyone! Cheers!



December 21, 2016

11titleHe’s mad, bad, dangerous to know… and he’s a fish. Killatoa makes his full debut in To The Death Episode 11 (“Killatoa” – hey why not milk it?), which is now LIVE and available to view/download on the site. The action (and bodycount) goes into overdrive, as our newest cast member (and all round badass) cuts a swathe through, well, the rest of the cast. It’s full throttle carnage from (virtual) cover to (virtual) cover, but in between still more stuff is revealed about what’s really going on with Deacon Snow and White Noise… and his plans for Dryagin. All episodes so far are still available to view/download, worldwide – so get cracking and nab yourself a discount subscription (TTD15SUB) to the whole lot.


December 14, 2016

The past comes back to haunt Dryagin with a vengeance, in Episode 10 of To The Death, now LIVE and available to download/view on the site. In “Asphodel”, Simon Furman and Geoff Senior‘s new future shocker goes into overdrive, as secrets (and the shocking connection between Deacon Snow and the Triumvirate) are revealed. And waiting in the wings… Killatoa! Episodes 1-9 are also available to view, worldwide, by visiting – and the first episode is FREE-TO-VIEW. If you haven’t already checked out this widescreen digital delight, what are you waiting for?



December 7, 2016

To The Death reaches its knife-edge-sharp halfway point, with the full release of Episode 9 (now LIVE and available to download/view). In “Hunter-Hunted” Dryagin and Kraken square off for the last time, in a battle Dryagin can’t win… without help. And, meanwhile, another pivotal character makes his (its?) debut, launching To The Death’s most harrowing Episodes yet. Wait till you meet… Killatoa! Twists, turns and gut-punch shocks abound. And from here, the ride only gets wilder. And don’t forget, Episodes 1-8 are still available to view, and Episode 1 is FREE-TO-VIEW.