September 23, 2008

Well, given a lick of paint anyway. Wildfur, for anyone who’s been living under a rock for the past decade, is the IP (Intellectual Property) development company I co-own with artist Andrew Wildman (follow the links in the righthand column for more info on both Wildfur and Andrew). It’s been home to The Engine: Industrial Strength, Monster-Maker and a few others. It’s been gently ticking over for a while now, neither gone nor forgotten, and now Andrew’s given the Wildfur shop a comprehensive going over and there’s simply heaps of new/yummy product there for sale. Go check it out, see what Andrew’s done. It IS big and it IS clever. You can visit the Wildfur shop by clicking here. Who knows, maybe this’ll inspire us to do more Engine stuff or maybe unleash Monster-Monster on an unsuspecting world. We’ll keep you posted!


September 9, 2008

Out this week (Thursday 11th September), in the UK only, is issue #16 of Titan’s pulse-pounding, knee-trembling, trouser-shattering (apologies to Nick Roche) Transformers comic (though look out for IDW’s series Saga of the All Spark too, as that reprints/repackages the UK strips for the US market), which features an all-new UK originated strip — ‘Dark Spark,’ written by me and drawn by Jeremy Tiongson (colour by Jason Cardy). If you’ve been following the ‘Twilight’s Last Gleaming’/’Aftermath’ storyline you’ll know we’re knee-deep in the alternate Transformers movie universe by now, rolling out and onwards from a not-so-happy ending to 2007’s big screen opus. Well, in ‘Aftermath,’ a precious fragment of the All Spark was recovered by Skyblast and it’s now in the hands of Autobot medic Ratchet, who’s busy weighing up the pros and cons of some fairly drastic action regarding that very fragment. Sure, it might give them a much needed edge in the ongoing battle against Starscream’s Decepticons, but how high a price might they have to pay for victory? The All Spark was well and truly corrupted by Megatron’s malign influence, and any Autobot given a new lease of life, may not be an ally for long. Get ready for the return (maybe happy, maybe not) of… Jazz! Yep, ‘Autobot’ Jazz is back, and the repercussions for, well, just about everyone, will be huge! And there’s more! More strip (Beast Wars: The Ascending, Megatron: Origin), more features, more competitions, more news and previews of the October debuting UK-exclusive Transformers Animated comic and a fantastic FREE Rotor Blaze Battle Launcher. Phew!