June 14, 2013

Here’s a post that’s maybe a surprise addition to my blog, especially as neither creator involved in the excellent new Ramones graphic novel, Gabba Gabba Hey (out today, June 14th, in the UK… August 1st in the US) is me. I was involved, but in an editorial capacity for a change (flexing an older set of muscles here), overseeing the script from the fantastic Jim McCarthy (Sex Pistols: The Graphic Novel, Neverland: the Life and Death of Michael Jackson) and the breathtaking graphic art from the amazing Brian Williamson (Torchwood: Rift War, Neverland: the Life and Death of Michael Jackson). This is a graphic novel in the true sense of the term, as Jim and Brian combine to create a scattershot visual and sensory trip through the life and times and altered states of one of the defining punk/new wave bands. This is the Ramones as never seen before, and whether you’re a fan or not this will grip and surprise you from start to finish. Do check it out. It’s in all good bookstores now and available through Amazon and a host of other on-line shopping channels.



June 9, 2013

Transformers: Regeneration One #92 hits the stands next week (Wednesday June 12th), and with it we take another inexorable step towards the end (#100). Part 2 of Destiny seeds one of the biggest parts of that pending cataclysm, though by issue’s end it’ll be unclear why (or even what part of the issue I’m referring to) that should be . Anyway, before I draw back the curtain on the stage directions and creative decisions that formulated the issue, as is my habit, those who wish to remain wholly on the audience side of the proscenium arch, should withdraw now (though, as always, I aim to tease and not spoil). Right, so… for those who have clamoured for more of a self-contained feel to the instalments of Regeneration One, hopefully this one should fit the bill. Though various events and characters continue to inch to the forefront of RG1, this issue focuses down on four Autobots — Blaster, Silverbolt, Huffer and Inferno — who fared particularly badly from their infusion of Nucleon, the (not-so) wonder fuel. Inadvertently, ostensibly while in convalescence mode, they stumble upon part of what’s going on to soften Cybertron up ahead of the arrival of Bludgeon and his WarWorld, and in doing so, become marked ‘bots; targets for the all-new, all-deadly Mayhem Attack Squad. I know a lot of you have been particularly keen to see Blaster back in action in RG1, and if I mention that the Decepticon behind this precursor to invasion is Soundwave, perhaps you’ll get an idea where all this headed. So, that’s all I’m prepared to say on this issue. In some ways it’s a kind of interlude story, a slight side-step from the BIG players and storylines of Destiny (and RG1 as a whole). But, as I’m keen to stress, everything is essential in RG1. Everything is building towards issue #100. The official IDW Preview of the issue is now up here. Enjoy!