Simon Furman is a writer for comic books and TV animation, his name inextricably linked to Transformers, the 80s toy phenomenon. He has written literally hundreds of stories about the war-torn ‘robots in disguise’, for Marvel Comics (US and UK), Dreamwave and most recently Transformers: Infiltration, Escalation, Devastation & Revelation, Maximum Dinobots, Beast Wars: The Gathering/The Ascending, Transformers: Stormbringer and Transformers: Spotlight for IDW Publishing. His other comic book credits include Doctor Who, Dragon’s Claws, Death’s Head, Alpha Flight, Turok, She-Hulk, Robocop and What If? In the TV animation field, Furman has written for shows such as Beast Wars, Roswell Conspiracies, Dan Dare, X-Men: Evolution, Alien Racers and A.T.O.M. Editorially, Furman oversees Titan Books’ range of Transformers titles and their ‘Comics Creators’ series (which includes Comics Creators on X-Men and Writers on Comics Scriptwriting 2). Furman’s recent/current writing work includes StarCraft (for Wildstorm), Transformers: Nefarious (for IDW), Terminator — Revolution (for Dynamite), Ronan and Death’s Head 3.0 (both for Marvel), Transformers UK, Wallace & Gromit and Torchwood. He is also the author of numerous books, including Rad Robots, Transformers: The Ultimate Guide, You Can Draw Transformers, Transformers: Top Trumps and a Doctor Who audio adventure (‘The Axis of Insanity’). Furman is currently lead writer and script supervisor for the upcoming animated TV show The Matt Hatter Chronicles.

Gold Circle in the US has recently optioned a feature script co-written by Simon and film journalist Mark Salisbury: Devil’s Due.

Online creation The Engine: Industrial Strength can be viewed here

His comics review column, Comics Candy, can be viewed here

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  1. hi there,
    are you gonnna be doin any signings around the midlands area? I ask this because im an old deaths head fan(i know ya want to try and move forward, but good things are built on good foundations), and if you where about? would you be prepaired to sign dh issue 1 for me? and dh .3 issue 1 for me?
    And how bout some of old dh1 story lines? bout time the big guy was given some justice? hey also just food for thought, in dh2, when dh 1 comes busting through the celing to kill minor, he says im the best bounty hunter, or some thing along those lines, now we know that old dh would never say such a thing!!! so maybe old dh had some how got hold or made a copy of himself? and programmed it with some of his momory, allowed it to get killed so he could monitor minor and see what it was up to??!!?!?!?!! hmmmm huh?
    any how cheers for reading me ramblings keep up the good work!!!

    ps, how much is a shanix worth ? ]:(]

  2. Jeff Steele says:

    I love your work (especially Transformers), Simon. =)

  3. Richard Johnson says:

    To: Simon. It was over twenty years ago when you first got me into comics with your “Target: 2006” storyline. I have recently re-purchased all of your Marvel UK stories – along with those for Marvel US – but I am having a bigger of a problem getting a hold of “Time Wars”. (Please can we get this re-released?)

    Anyway, I have been reading many good things regarding the IDW stories – and the direction you are heading – and I wish to jump in and bcome submerged in the TF mythos again (after being disappointed somewhat by Michael Bay’s movie).

    If I order myself online “Infiltration”, “Stormbringer”, “Escalation” and a collected edition of the five “Spotlight” stories, am I up-to-date?

    Re-introducing Galvatron and not-so-subtle hinting at a smackdown between him and my favourite character in the G1 TF-universe, Ultra Magnus, is enough to have me hooked. Magnus was always a character that you seemed to breathe so much life into. The aninated show and indeed the movie itself didn’t even touch the surface of this character, yet your stories of Magnus as a respected warrior with a sever lack of faith in his own abilities was superb. I just hope that he isn’t JUST a punching bag for Galvatron, and gives as good as he gets.

    Thank you for your help in this matter, and I look forward to your reply.

  4. simon furman says:

    Time Wars is definitely out as a collected edition. It was published by Titan Books. But it does seem to have become something of a rare item. Ebay is probably the best bet.

    As for catching up, sure, Infiltration/Escalation/Stormbringer and Spotlight 1 will pretty much bring you up to date. IDW are publishing all these in one handsome ‘premier’ edition. Check out this link:


  5. Finally, I have the chance to write a letter for you Mr. Simon Furman, and to share my thoughts and ask some stuff. I have heard your name always associated with the Transformers and had a six-comic series you wrote, the War Within Dark Ages. Compared to other writers and the cartoon series (generation one series one to series four) it was totally different. Your style is different and it is so deep. Deeper stories with the Transformers like you lived with them on Cybertron and before they crashed on earth.

    I am an average Transformers fan, I know the toys and the cartoon series, I am just interested on Transformers Generation One from season one to season four. And speaking of toys from season one (1984) to pretenders (1987). Why? because they are what I am exposed and interested. My brother who I share the cartoon series way back in the 80’s. He now collects the 80’s toy while I collect the comics under Dreamwave and there I had your War Within 1-3. The 3rd installment should have continued, to unveil and expose the true Megatron leadership.

    One question: Where were you when the Transformers Generation One Cartoons were searching for writers or they have their own pool of writers? I’m always watching the cartoons and one writer I appreciate is David Wise for writing the Rebirth and for introducing the Targetmaster and Headmasters.

    Niweis, wish i could write a longer email so i can share some thoughts on Transformers. Thank you for your time Mr. Furman and hope I can hold and read all the novels (Transformers) you wrote.

  6. Paul Todd says:

    H Simon,

    Thanks for all your great work and stories.

    Was wondering how I could contact you about an idea or if you could contact me (via email) to discuss the idea in question.

    Many thanks Sir!

  7. simon furman says:

    Contact details can be found on the Wildfur site (www.wildfur.net).

  8. Brad Reeves says:

    Love your work with issue #1-5 of Terminator 2:Infinity for Dynamite Entertainment. Do you plan to continue on with this title after the T2/Painkiller Jane crossover series? Hope so…you have the world of Terminator understood perfectly!

  9. Richard says:


    As a Transformers fan for over twenty years now (boy, writing that makes me feel old), I’ve had something that’s been bugging me for almost ten years now.

    I know you’ve probably been asked this before, but I have to know once and for all, just for my own sanity’s sake, as so I can finally put the issue to bed: Is there a possibility that you are ever going to continue where the original Marvel Generation Two comic left off?


  10. simon furman says:

    Hey Brad, there is another (potential) Terminator series in the works. Keep watching this space.

    Hey Richard, I kind of concluded the G2 saga in a UK convention novella (illustrated) called Alignment. I think you can find it online somewhere.

  11. Will says:


    Wondering if you have any plans to post any more scripts? Comic scripts seem to be surprisingly hard to track down, and I’d love to read as many of yours as you’re willing to set free…

    Keep up the good work.

  12. Brad Reeves says:


    The word over at Dynamite’s message board is that “a sequel to the Furman penned “Infinity” story” is in the works for T2:Infinity. Does that mean you’re back on board? Hope so.

  13. simon furman says:

    Hi Brad. Yeah, I’m back onboard. More Terminator goodness to come…

    • R.M says:

      Hello Mr.Furman.I am yet another fan of the Transformers franchise and so your role as a writer for many of its stories is why I’d like to ask you a
      few questions about the Cybertronians.I’ve read many of your IDW G1 stories and I enjoy them well.My
      question is based on the characters’ culture.
      In my opinion, while the Transformers have great storylines and adventures, a couple of questions remain to be answered.For one thing, what exactly is the currency that the ‘bots and ‘cons use?I know ‘energon coins’ have been said at one point, but it sometimes feels redundant that the Transformers use energon for everything, considering how scarce energon tends to be.It would also be great to know how many Cybertronians exist in the galaxy.Which companies manufacture the Autobots’ and Decepticons’ badass weapons?How does size-shifting work?What was Cybertron’s gravity before being destroyed? Do the Transformers have trading connections across the galaxy?aI suppose the question that takes precedence over others is how and where sparks come from?(assuming it has nothing to do with the Allspark or Primus.)
      Apart from the questions above,I’d like to know about a Cybertronian’s physical capabilities such as strength or durability in depth.What armor do average warriors use? It always fluctuates.I’m sure other fans would like to know whether Transformers have the capacity for super strength without having to be Optimus Prime or those near his level.What death means to them is always the topic of debate.
      I don’t expect you to spend a whole series on Transformers’ cultures and history but it would nice to know a little more about how they work.This is alot and I don’t want you to think I’m berating you or any other writer.I’m only 16 and I have not the Marvel comics you have written and if my questions can be answered from there,I really was’nt aware.I have even written some of my own adventures and plan to be a comic book writer someday. Anyway, if we fans can be given explanations for these details,it would be much more realistic. If you or any fellow Transformers writers can answer these questions it would be great.Thank you for reading and I would appreciate if would respond.

  14. mark farndale says:

    hi simon,

    ive been a huge fan of your stories since the 80’s. love all the latest stuff from IDW but im a bit worried about the latest turn of events with post revelations stories, have not heard any official word from you about the situation. can you put my mind at rest, is there more to come. thanks again and keep up the good work.

  15. Brad Reeves says:

    Any idea what the timeframe is looking like for when T2:Infinity will be back? I have to find out how the resistance is going to beat skynet! LOL:)

  16. Gabe Zarate says:


    Been reading your work since i was a kid.
    Wondering: is there any way you should share how the unfinished storylines would have ended that you had on the go when Dreamwave folded? I’ve been dying to know what was going to happen with v3 of the War Within for a long time…

  17. Vittorio Trevitt says:

    Dear Simon, I have been a huge fan of Transformers since I was tiny, and I think that you have done a truly outstanding job over the years writing the TF comics (one of your stories, Another Time And Place, the conclusion of the UK continuity, is a personal favourite of mine, and I hope gets reprinted someday). Simon, I rang you on your mobile number today which I found on Wildfur to ask you if you knew whether there was a chance that the Energon comic might continue from where it left off back in 2004? It was a truly wonderful series, and I think its a great shame that it had to be cancelled, as it was such a joy to read. Do you think that there is a way you could persuade IDW to renew the Energon comic? That would be truly wonderful, as it would be great to see what happens next and how the Armada/Energon storyline concludes. Kindest regards, Vittorio Trevitt.

  18. Damien Ghela says:


    I like many have fond memories of being raised on TF comics. I got the UK versions and some of my all time favorite comics are of those you did with TF (Primal Scream and Matrix Quest) I also really enjoyed your Dragons Claws work with Geoff Senior. Now there is someone whose simple art style belies the energy and action of the scene he has imagined!

    I was wondering if you ever have time to check out the Transformers Mosiac peices and if you have any favorites?

    Many thanks for all you brilliant stories that have kept the child in me keen for many years!



  19. Jack Smith says:

    Hey Simon,

    First off, let me just say, and im sure you get this alot but great job with what your doing with the IDW Transformers. It’s nice to see that in this new day and age the TF’s can be written in a more humanised way. Anyway, just one question: I recently bought the TF premire collection Vol 1 and i was wondering when or if a vol 2 will be comming out? As i only recently got a hold of the first volume i have missed out on alot of the newer stuff (All of the Vol.3 spotlights, devastation, and the Megatron origion storyline). If you do know when this second volume is comming out could you possibly let us know what would be included in this bundle?

    Many thanks and once again: keep up the very good work.


  20. simon furman says:

    Some tardy responses (in no particular order)…

    Energon: no plans for this to resurface at IDW, I’m afraid. But some day I may get around (legalities permitting) to blogging about where this story (and War Within v3) were destined to go.

    Still no confirmed schedule for the second chunk of T2 Infinity. Soon as I know I’ll post it up there on the main page.

    TF Mosaic: not only have I checked it out, I’ve done one called Hail and Farewell. You can find on this blog by scrolling back a ways.

    And for anyone wondering about post-Revelation work, fear not. Lots in the works (beyond even Maximum Dinobots)! More when I can tell you.

  21. Alex Hooper-Hodson says:

    Hi Simon,

    Just wanted to say that I’m loving the current Transformers story-line currently in the form of Revelation. It’s just so good. Thanks for existing and making these comics so absolutely ace.


  22. Vittorio Trevitt says:

    Dear Simon, thanks for the reply. Its a great shame that Energon was cancelled, as it was such an outstanding, epic series (together with Energon), but it would be good to hear someday what would have happened if the series continued. Simon, I was wondering if you’re planning on doing any more Beast Wars stories, as the previous two you did were really great fun. As a suggestion, it would be good if you were to have Stascream reappear as a villain (I think that there was a Beast Wars toy made of him), and also have the Mutant Beasts return. I would love to see our favourite treacherous Decepticon return, especially since at the end of the BW episode “Possession” he vowed to he would return someday to carry out his revenge.

    Also, thanks for having Grimlock appear as a central character again, as he is one of my favourite Transformers of all time. As far as I know, the BW series and comics takes place in the same continuity as the original series, so Grimlock’s first appearance in the BW comics was his first appearance since the classic Season 2 episode “Dark Awakening.”

  23. Vittorio Trevitt says:

    Hey Simon! I’m really enjoying the new TF:UK comic. I’m glad it hasn’t been cancelled like Armada or the Dreamwave Energon comic. The alternate-reality story reminds me a lot of “Rhythms Of Darkness,” a personal favourite of mine.

    Simon, I was wondering if you could please answer these questions for me:

    (1.) Are you planning on writing any more Beast Wars stories and if you are, do you plan on having Starscream return?

    (2.) Do you know if any of your earlier stories like “And There Shall Come…A Leader!,” “The Enemy Within,” and “Another Time And Place” (which I think was the ending of the UK continuity) will ever get reprinted?

    (3.) Have you seen any of the Japanese TF animes like “Beast Wars II” and “Beast Wars Neo?”

    Simon, I’m really, really sorry that I rang you up that day as it probably made me come across as a bit of a weirdo. Its just that I wasn’t sure which was the best way to contact you and get answers to my questions from you but at least I now know that the best way is through your blog.

    Also Simon, if you’re interested, there are two animes that you might consider checking out called “Dragon Ball” and “Yu-Gi-Oh” (if you enjoy Transformers I think that you would enjoy these shows for their excellent plotlines and characterisations). While the English versions are pretty poor and way off from the original versions (although the Canadian dub of Dragon Ball GT is excellent), the original Japanese versions are fantastic.

    I highly recommend that you check out Yu-Gi-Oh GX episodes 177 and 178 on YouTube, which involves the main character Yuki Judai (humanity’s last hope) squaring off against his ultimate foe, a demonic, Unicron-esque entity called Darkness who was created from the negative emotions of human beings (which includes emotions such as guilt, hatred, and fear) and who nearly succeeds in enslaving the entire universe (good triumphs over evil, of course!). I think that you might really enjoy these episodes, and if you’re interested Simon, you can read episode summaries of the “Yu-Gi-Oh” shows on http://www.janime.info and find out more about the “Dragon Ball” shows on http://www.daizex.com.

    Kindest regards, from Vittorio.

  24. Michael Hughes says:

    Alright, Mr. Furman.. always wanted to speak to someone in the TF “executive branch.” This franchise has gotten me through since it came out when I was 4 years old. I really enjoy the character expansions in the IDW continuity. I’ll cut to the chase. What I would especially appreciate is a spotlight on Starscream… Maybe some of his current deviancies with interspersed reminiscings to his pre-War days? In the early days of Marvel, the writers seemed to ignore his tech-specs’ (& the cartoon’s) establishment of him as 2nd in command. Perhaps because he’s not the “biggest robot?” Those of us in the real world know this perspective is sophomoric. Politics, intelligence, & especially attitude are factors. Starscream obviously imbues these characteristics. The biggest bully can be taken down by a well- placed kick. It seems apparent that he was once the little scientist guy that bit back- worked with Jetfire, long ago?.. Soundwave obviously knew his importance prior to “Megatron: Origins…” Possible explanation for TF flight tech hidden somewhere in that story?.. maybe even a forgotten Jhiaxus collaberation?..immortal spark, in most continuities.. does that come into play here, I wonder? But through the millennia, something (what?) made him cold, He became the bully who bullied the bullies.. until they joined him. Obviously, he became so good at it, it made him arrogant. Modifications & experience made him reasonably powerful & fast. Now, he’s been doing it so long he (& everyone else) has forgotten when he was the little guy. Even Trypticon or Devastator will cower in submission to his authority. Only Megatron seems to know something about him that keeps his pride in check. To sum, Starscream must have a dark & complicated past that has never been fully expounded! By the way, I love how Ironhide’s character is being hashed out. He & Jazz were always my favorite Autobots. Being from Alabama, Ironhide seems like one of my old Korean War- veteran uncles that retired from the oil rigs in the ’80’s! I’ve rambled too long, keep up the good work!

  25. Aras Pabedinskas says:

    I am a fan of your stories, particularily Transformers. Not a huge fan but a fan. I’m interested in writing (comics, novels) and I know of all the big sites for it, but I think I might benefit from the opinion of a writer such as yourself. I have one (and only one) idea for a Transformers, speciffically Beast Wars, that I would like you to review, but I will not ask that you must, just wondering if it is a possibility. I am only a teenager (15) but I would like an experts opinion. I know that you must get requests like this often, and they must drive you nuts, but if you ask me to, I will leave you alone. Forever, if need be. Thank you for reading and I’ll keep reading your stuff too. Have a nice day! (Notice the lack of emoticon)

    P.S. You pronounce my name A like in another, you roll the R and pronounce the AS as us.

  26. Vittorio Trevitt says:

    Hi Simon, just wanted to let you know that I am absolutely enjoying the UK Transformers comic and wish you all the best for 2009. Also, Simon, I hope that you don’t mind me asking, but pleaes could you post a comment to let me know if you plan on writing any more Beast Wars stories (or even a Beast Machines story), as it would be pretty cool if you were to have Starscream make a comeback, seeing as though at the end of the classic episode “Possession” he swore that he would someday return to inflict his revenge on both the Maximals and Predacons.

  27. jans says:

    Re: War Within: Age Of Wrath

    I do hope you can persuade IDW to pursue this storyline. Issues 4-6 should be published and would contribute to a better War Within Omnibus.

    A Nemesis Prime with the same form but darker version of the WW Optimus wouldn’t hurt if a volume 4 ever comes up. 🙂

  28. Vittorio Trevitt says:

    Hi Simon,

    I went to one of my local comic book stores (David’s Books) the other week and found that someone had donated a hundred or so Marvel UK “Transformers” comics. I bought Issues 182 to 187, as well as Issues 180 to 181, which reprinted “The Big Broadcast Of 2006!” (although with the added twist that in the UK continuity this was the “equivalent of a children’s story” as the Quintesson called it, which Wreck-Gar dreamt up to fool the torturer).

    I loved the “Space Pirates” saga: it was brilliant how you made the Quintessons a formidable enemy (just like in the television series) that came close to defeating both the Autobots and Decepticons.I thought it was cool how you introduced Metroplex and Blaster’s cassettes, none of whom, with the exception of Steeljaw, appeared in the television continuity.

    As exciting as I find “Transformers,” and as much as I love the battle scenes and seeing the Transformers, in the words of Grimlock, “kick butt,” I think its good how you have often pointed out the fruitlessness of war in your stories, such as your focus on the genocide being committed by the Cybertronians in TF:G2, who wiped out nearly all the inhabitants on that planet that was like a living computer, failing to see the achievements of that alien race.

    I found that scene in “Space Pirates” with Ultra Magnus and Soundwave following the defeat of the Quintessons very poignant. For a moment, Soundwave was about to tell Ultra Magnus that maybe they can finally work together and live in peace, but then, filled with anguish, realises that it would never work, because too much had happened between the Autobots and Decepticons for there to ever be a lasting peace.

    Simon, I highly recommend you check out two epic animes by the names of “Gundam Seed” and Gundam Seed Destiny” both of which enjoy a huge cult following in Japan. Unfortunately, the English dub is very disappointing, the problem not being with the character voices (which are very good) nor the English scripts (which stay very faithful to the original Japanese scripts) but with the dub voice acting which, in my opinion, isn’t all that great. However, you can watch the Japanese versions on the Internet and also buy them at HMV, so I highly recommend you check out the original Japanese versions, if you’re interested.

    Both shows are set on Earth in the distant future where genetic engineering has developed to the point where many humans have become genetically engineered at birth (known as Coordinators), with certain abilities and traits that most humans (known as Naturals) don’t have.

    Naturals come to fear these new humans, nearly all of whom are forced to live in colonies in outer space, as a result of the bigotry they face at the hands of both Naturals and political leaders on Earth. Tensions between both sides eventually boil over into war when a nuclear attack is launched against one of the colonies, and in “Gundam Seed,” a Coordinator teenager called Kira Yamato gets caught up in this conflict, and ends up fighting against an old childhood friend, Athrun Zala, who is on the opposing side.

    A ceasefire is reached by the end of “GS,” although not a true peace, and in “GSD” conflict erupts again, although by the end of “GSD” (in the last, extended episode “Final Plus: The Chosen Future”) a more lasting peace seems to be established. However, there are plans to release a theatrical “Gundam Seed” later this year, so it seems that there may be a new enemy on the horizon and threatens this hard-won peace.

    Both shows are truly amazing, and I think that its good how they touch upon issues like conflict, bigotry, and war profiteering. The characters are truly amazing and are people you can relate to, and in Japan there is a popular anime magazine called “Animage” which holds annual polls asking anime fans who their favourite anime characters are. For a number of years now, characters from both shows have reached have topped the “Favourite Characters” polls, such as Kira Yamato, Athrun Zala, and Lacus Clyne, Kira’s love, who is the daughter of a slain pacifistic politician and is greatly admired by most of the people in the space colonies.

  29. Vittorio Trevitt says:

    In my last comment, when referring to none of Blaster’s cassettes appearing in the television continuity (with the exception of Steeljaw) I meant the Marvel US continuity. Sorry!

  30. Vittorio Trevitt says:

    To sum up the last issue issue of Maximum Dinobots: FANTASTIC! Like all your over Transformers stories it was excellent fun to read,and I’m glad that Grimlock was able to save Sludge’s life. It was good to see Verity and Jimmy make an appearance after so long. Good idea to use the Monsterbots in the story, by the way. As a suggestion Simon, you might consider using the Decepticon Powermaster Overlord in a future storyline, a truly fantastic Transformer that was released in Europe back in the early Nineties.

  31. TJ says:

    Please re-publish transformers: the ultimate guide. They are untouchable and a must have. I have tried everywhere, even ebay and there are none anywhere!
    Cant explain how grateful i would be!!!!

  32. pd says:

    hi simon i dont know if you remember me but its paul from carlisle i used to pester the life out of you some 20 years ago when you lived here you used to lend me comics which fantastic as a kid i’d just like to say thanks you helped make me the geek i am now would love to have a chat some time


  33. Parka says:

    Hi Simon, any idea when the book Transformers: The Art of the Movies (Titan Books publisher) is going to be out officially?

  34. simon furman says:

    Not sure when Art of the Movies will make it to stores. It’s been delayed. I’ll update on the main blog as and when I know more. It’s a real shame, because it looks great and showcases simply amazing art from Ben Procter, Josh Nizzi and many others. Dammit, they deserve recognition!

  35. simon furman says:

    Hey Paul, how you doing? I’ll drop you an email sometime and say hit properly.

  36. -J. says:

    Hi Simon…

    You’ve a return trip to the San Diego Comic Convention in the works for July? Bringing any of your most recent published works with you (including Transformers: Art of the Movies)?


  37. pd says:

    cool simon i look forward to hearing from you its been some years since we chatted 🙂

  38. LukeF says:

    Have you read any of the new movie books by Alan Dean Foster? There’s Ghosts of Yesterday and The Velied Threat.

  39. pd says:

    hi simon

    how was comic con a place i’d love to go to one day

  40. Kamion says:

    I was browsing the site in hopes of reading anything on the 13, both of the comic or of the original concept characters. And i came to the conclusion… that you need a search bar in your website. haha
    Im sure so many review it that sometimes its hard to find what we want. I know you are plagued with demands on what about this? and what will happen with that? But since the comic 13 was cancelled, could you tell us what their idea for the characters was?

  41. Jordan H. says:

    Dear Sir,

    I’m a huge fan of your work on Marvel’s old RoboCop series and I felt your run was by far better than Alan Grant’s, as I felt you had a better understanding of the character and his world. As we know, it was cancelled before you could finish up your Beyond the Law storyline. I just wanted to know had the series not been cancelled, where would the series had gone from Lewis to Murphy’s family and how would you, if given the chance, give it a proper ending?

  42. Zac says:

    I’m not sure if this is the proper place to post something like this. If not, I apologize. I read the “Rodimus vs Cyclonus” comic that came with the Battle in Space Box set and I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it. It was a very fun story and I really dig the characterization in it, especially for being such a (relatively) short read. I really hope there are more of these to come.

  43. simon furman says:

    Hi Ben. Slight delay, sorry. Meant to post the script yesterday (Tuesday) and didn’t. I’m travelling today but will get the script posted first class Thursday. Promise! — Simon

  44. Joshua says:

    Dear Mr. Simon,
    Would you, Costa, Holmes, McCarthy, SU, Milne, Guidi, Roche, Figueroa ever consider animating The Transformers IDW (2005-) continuity? And I mean-really animate a good show. Not necessarily for kids-but something that would play on Syfy or G4 or late night Cartoon Network?
    The animation of G.I. Resolute and other professionally-drawn non CGI shows are something to see- would that type of beautiful, professional animation be applicable?
    I don’t mean a cheesy show that runs on saturday mornings or as cute as Animated was. For the older teens and above. With all the grit and story of Megatron Origin, the speed of Drift, and the action of The Last Stand of the Wreckers?
    Would you work with Marvel, Funmation, Filmation, Nelvana,WB, Man of Action, or another company? Maybe work with animators in Asia?
    Even if you didn’t produce a full on show would you consider doing a 20-30 min short film for comic con or an event like it?
    If you didn’t want to work with an animation company would you make it an open project? Could animators, voice actors, sound producers, and musicians among your fans work on the episodes or the film together under the supervision and editorial of IDWs TF crew?

    Just curious,
    Big fan.

    Oh would Overcast- Jetfires brother from energon make an appearance-as well as other characters from the TF world like Omega Sentinel, Unicron, Air Raid, Silverbolt, etc?

    Also, Starscream is potrayed as a corrupt scientist/air commander in War for Cybertron game-will we get any truth about his past?

    Will Springer fly again?

  45. Got my signed comic in the mail today that i got off your ebay (no150). Having an Autograph from the Maestro of the Transformers Universe has made my week!! Already got onto the companies in the USA that slab comics to see if they will slab the old UK size issues!!

  46. simon furman says:

    Hi Rhys–
    Glad the signed #150 arrived ok. Thanks for bidding. Though I admit I’m not sure what ‘slab’ refers to. Cheers– Simon

  47. Joshua says:

    Hello Simon,

    Have you and your IDW team considered taking the current 2005- and turning it into an animated cartoon (one episode per 1-2 chapters or a series of mini movies (like one film per sub-series, like A.H.M. and Devastation, Infiltration, etc…) ? I saw that Madefire attempted making a motion comic out of Autocracy and I downloaded the first issue. Sadly, it had poor transitions and a repetitive engine revving sound – it was honestly sub par. I enjoyed Marvel’s motion comics much better.

    Have you guys considered a television miniseries or netflix or iTunes..? With real voice acting. It’s been a while since television has had Transformers that hasn’t been dumbed down with poor writing and excessive-CGI. I literally envision your TF comics as a show when I read them…and it’s awesome. Frame by frame. Keep up the great work!!

    Would you and your team pursue this if the community supported it? I, for one would buy/tune in to every episode.

    Would love to know your thoughts on this…even if it is not very feasible. It would be really cool to see some of your Transformers writing in film. 🙂

    Your reader,


    P.S. Don’tletDriftdiepleasethanks.

  48. Hi Simon,

    What advice would you give for a “Neo pro” writer (published in a couple of professionally paying venues, but not exactly known on the street) who’d like to some day do some Transformers writing?

  49. Darryl Murray says:

    dear Mr Simon Furman,
    I am writing a book from a computer and the book is called (the beginning of a new hero that ironhero) and it is a Transformers book. like a book book I know that you do comic books. That is cool. my mother said that I have to ask the publisher of the Transformers books if it’s OK for me to write this fanfiction book. your choice Mr. Furman.

    • simon furman says:

      Well, it’s not really up to me. Hasbro owns Transformers, not me. But I don’t think there’s any embargo on fan fiction based around TF. Plenty of that out there!

  50. Richard Pearce says:

    Hi, Simon

    I wondered if I could pick your brains regarding “The Dracula File” from Scream!, particularly the credit for “Ken Noble” on some of the episodes. I’ve never been able to find out who he was, and I’ve long wondered if it was a pseudonym for either yourself or Gerry Finley-Day (or perhaps one of others on the editorial team), as I believe IPC were a little bit snippy about particularly prolific writers, and many (John Wagner and Alan Grant in particular) went under several different names.

    Thanks, and all the best!


    • simon furman says:

      Hi Richard, pretty sure only GFD and I wrote Dracula File, so likewise I’m pretty sure than Ken Noble for a pseudonym for GFD. Did you know Hibernia Press are bringing out a collected Dracula File? Will flag it up here in due course. –S

  51. Richard Pearce says:

    Hi, Simon

    Thanks for the info. I’m actually handling design duties for the Hibernia reprints, which is why Dracula File and the identity of “Ken Noble” has been on my mind – long hours spent staring at scanned pages doing clean-up for print tends to make the mind roam!

    It’s a cracking tale, and it’s sad getting to the end of the Scream! run and seeing it come to such an abrupt end. The later one-offs that appeared in the Scream! specials were interesting, but it feels like the main story had plenty of room to run. Shame it didn’t make it to Eagle, like The Thirteenth Floor or Monster.



  52. Katie says:

    My son needs an address to send a question/letter to Simon Furman or James Roberts regarding Transformers ….hope there is some way to get this letter to one of these gentlemen ??? Or Marvel comics? I’m not having a whole lot of success with finding a fan mail address ???

  53. Raymond Honeycutt says:

    Hi Simon,
    As a big fan of your Marvel UK work from the time it was first published I’ve always been disappointed that your “Death Metal vs Genetix” story line was never follow up on past that mini series. What are the possibilities of you sharing you ideas or intentions regarding the child of Krista Marwan?

  54. lowlevelsoul says:

    Like everybody else, I’ve been a fan of your work since the TF days.

    Do you think there will ever be a chance of reprinting Dragon’s Claws in a collected works or as an eBook? I had forgotten all about that excellent series until you keep not mentioning it in TC Classics UK Vol 5!

    • lowlevelsoul says:

      *ahem* Just found the collected works on Amazon (UK). Was confused as it wouldn’t show up in Amazon DE, which usually references things in the UK store for me 🙂

      It should be in my grubby wee hands by next week.

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