Hot on the heels (paws?) of issue #1 of Beast Wars The Ascending comes issue #2. This week, October 17th in the US, 18th in the UK, sees the release of issue #2 of The Ascending, the continuation of IDW’s series set in and around the Beast Wars world created by Bob Forward and Larry DiTillio in the TV series of the same name. Things are looking bad for the Maximals and Predacons, as an ancient evil once more threatens the very future of Cybertron itself. Their only hope? One Predacon general, Magmatron, currently in temporal limbo and unable to affect very much at all. One Maximal deep cover agent, Razorbeast, currently stranded on prehistoric Earth and embroiled in his own ‘Beast Wars’. This issue, things go from bad… to worse. Even the arrival of The Pack (the Maximals’ crack special forces team) seems destined to be too little, too late. As for Razorbeast, he’s about to undergo something of a transformation, and things will never be the same again! Beast Wars The Ascending #2 is by myself and Don Figueroa. For more details of all IDW’s Transformers titles visit their website here.


  1. Coptur says:

    Hello again Simon,
    Will Star Upper the transforming Kangaroo from the japanese bw2nd comics be appearing in either the ascending or the sourcebooks!?!?

  2. simon furman says:

    Hm. That’s another new one on me. So no. These surplus characters do keep crawling (or bouncing) out of the woodwork!

  3. Dawfydd says:

    I was rather intriqued by the reference in the first BW Sourcebook to Starscream.
    Is this everyone’s favourite treacherous 2nd in command, or a new, ‘zany’ Japanese character who just happens to share the same name?

  4. simon furman says:

    It’s a Japanese BWII character of the same name, who came in a two-pack with BB (hence the cross-reference in BB’s entry). He was one of several G2 repaints absorbed into BWII that retained vehicular alt. modes (instead of having Beast modes). You’ll meet BW Starscream in more detail in issue #4 of the Sourcebook.

  5. Dawfydd says:

    Actually now I think about I think I’ve seen a Cybertron (or was it Energon…) repaint of that two-pack. either way, I love the work you and Ben have put into bringing all of these characters together into one, cohesive universe.
    have you ever considered bring ‘Screamer back? I imagine more than a few of us would be intriqued to see Don or Nick’s interpretation of a full-on, Beast Wars version of Starscream…

    Oh, and enjoyed the shot of Unicron in issue 1. But now you’re telling us he has buddies? Primus gonna need some back-up…

    By the way, is it intentional that the big green glowy dude at the start looks like Rampage? and does anyone else think that the big ‘mech at the end looks like a hybrid of Rampage and Razorbeast? The two rear spikes/ guns look alot like Razorbeast’s whilst the face and colouration resembles both.
    Or I may (possibly) be infering too much from a couple of drawings…

  6. Conor E says:

    He looks like Rampage for a very good reason: Shokaract is a Rampage repaint.

  7. Coptur says:

    Will there be a Where’s Wally/Waldo running joke with the character Beetle !?!
    Only because i’ve been looking out for him, since reading the Sourcebook lol

  8. Jenner says:

    So are those aged versions of G1 Ironhide, Silverbolt, and Prowl ruling over Cybertron?


  9. Coptur says:

    Yeah Jenner thats them

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