Out this week (on sale Nov 29th), from Dynamite Entertainment, comes the fifth and concluding (for my story arc anyway) issue of Terminator 2 – Infinity. John Connor and the nucleus of the human resistence movement make last stands (plural) against the forces of Skynet in 2009, while the Skynet of 2033 continues its attempts to undo the damage it has done to the timestream (and its own future) via the T-Infinity Terminator. Got that? No? Well what did you expect if you’re only coming in now? You’ve missed so much good stuff, not least the, um, dynamic art of Nigel Raynor, whose tub-thumping cover can be viewed below (click on the thumbnail for the larger image). Is that it for me and Terminator? Not necessarily. Keep watching this space.

3 Responses to TERMINUS.

  1. michael the russian says:

    i loved the comic series, great work furman!!!!

    the infinity comic proves that the T2’s/T3’s futures were changed for the worse through the excessive time-travel influences by both the tech-com and skynet becuase

    the more advanced skynet’s killers get for each time-displacing delivery (and equally the tech-com) before the war. The more horrific each subsequent time cycle of point A:Z:A warfare might potentialy becomes before skynet, john or the time itself can start all over again. Based on nothing more than Humanity pioneering the technology seed to a greater level of advancement
    (See T3-style T900 endochassis to punch me in the face) from what Skynet sends back. And starts afresh with.

    This shows a dangerously critical glitch in the timeline which destiny no longer corrects indicating an curruption rather than stability in the timestream.

    To the point where ‘some day’ Reese will face a T1000 or a T-X, maybe not even in 1984 but in 2010. And there will be no hope for the resistance but for skynet’s creation aswell

  2. simon furman says:

    Hey Michael, thanks for the T2 feedback. It’s felt like (after all the Transformers feedback I routinely see/read online) I’ve been writing this series in a vacuum. There’s certainly an escalating sense of threat every time Skynet ‘evolves,’ but as had been made clear to them in ‘infinity,’ they need to be more careful about just randomly sending Terminators back in time. The T-Infinity works because he comes and goes again each time.

  3. killer45 says:

    looking back, this is the sequel script that the luckluster T3 truly deserved and needed. (too bad the PG-13 creedy retards decided brough Brancato and Ferris with Mcg to screw it all up again)

    shame that your “conclusion” Revolution arc failed to hold up and continue by the standards you set in this Infinity arc, Mr.Furman.

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