Announced yesterday at Bleeding Cool News, Newsarama and a host of other sites, Free Comic Day 2012 (May 5th) will feature the official launch of Transformers: Regeneration One, the epic continuation/conclusion of the original Transformers comic series, originally published by Marvel (which ended with issue #80 back in 1991). Transformers: Regeneration One #80.5, featuring all-new story (by me) and art by Andrew Wildman and Stephen Baskerville, will be available FREE on May 5th at all good comic book stores, with #81 following in July. So what can you expect from #80.5? Clearly, I don’t want to give away salient plot points at this stage, but I can say… the story picks up 21 years after #80. Cybertron has been at peace (mostly) for all that time, but — of course — there are loose ends. And as those loose ends involve some of the biggest and baddest villains in the (original) Transformers Universe, it’s pretty safe to say that the ‘peace’ will be shattered in a fairly monumental way. The issue will be pretty balanced between stuff to bring readers up to speed and stuff that propels the new storyline onwards, so whether or not you read the original run, you can still easily jump onboard here. What else? Well, when I was doing the prep for the continuation, I re-read all eighty issues, plus mini-series, and made pretty extensive notes about anything and everything that needed attention or some kind of reference or wrap up, so you can expect a really comprehensive and thorough conclusion to the series (though that’s a ways off yet, in issue #100!), as well as copious nods to what has come before (and not necessarily just in the US comic). What else? Only that Andrew and Stephen are seriously knocking the ball out of the park on the art side. They’re managed that rare trick of recapturing the spirit of the original run but also bringing in another 20 years’ worth of experience to the pages, making each panel worth savouring again and again. Just wait until you see the opening splash and final page of #81. Both are stunning jaw-droppers! Oh yeah, one last thing – categorically, #81-100 are not a lead in to G2. But neither are we exactly ignoring G2 either. Weird as that sounds, I think/hope it’ll kind of work. I’m drawing on everything I can here, and because we know we’re building to a conclusion, you can expect some total bombshells as the issues unfold. Hope that’s whetted your appetite. Keep checking in for more Regeneration tidbits here and on the official IDW website.



  1. Ralph Burns says:

    I am ridiculously excited about this!

  2. Will this be ignoring the UK stories or will you be making any kind of references to it?

  3. simon furman says:

    It’s a continuation, first and foremost, of the Marvel US comic. But we won’t be ignoring the UK by any means.

  4. Darragh says:

    How many story pages will there be in 80.5?

  5. Best news I’ve had this year – I feel like I’m ten years old again!

  6. simon furman says:

    I know what you mean, I feel 30 again. Oh godddddd…

  7. Franco says:

    My gods,
    this is so incredibly TANTALIZING!
    The cover alone is epic beyond words… I so want to read this series.

  8. michaelalexkawa says:

    I can’t wait .It has been a long one ,i was 16 at the time .I wish it would of been a direct conclusion but you say it takes place 21 years later ,so for me there is still that gab between May 1991 -May 1993 .I hate to say this but it would mean you either won’t be telling the story on how Ratchet and Megatron got separated,and how Grimlock got over the effects of the Nucleon,or (what i believe) will be ignoring G.I.Joe #138-#142 , Generation 2 #1-12 .Yes big fan of these books ,and well ,, was looking forward to seeing the 2 years .I am still looking forward to seeing this new direction in the old universe ,and like anything you write ,there is always surprises .

    • michaelalexkawa says:

      Since no one else corrected me ,i will do it .I said “story on how Ratchet and Megatron got separated” BUT Michael Alex Kawa there bodies did get separated as of issue #77 .But i meant there minds and how Megatron survived and fixed the Ark ,and why he revived (to sell figure) Starscream. 🙂

  9. Hmm, dunno mate – I always took G2 as not occurring in a particular year, more like 5 to 10 years in the future. So technically it hasn’t happened yet. 😛

    • michaelalexkawa says:

      Since G2 was connected to the G.I.Joe comic (in the USA at least ) and it was 1993 ,it was only 2 years .Spike did not age all that much when he died in G2 #2 .Also even if you are right about G2 taking place 10 years after G1 ,Simon said ” the story picks up 21 years after #80″ ,that is still 9 years after G2 ,by your count .Unless you mean 10 years from now ,which would make no sense at all ,considering the age of Spike ,and the Joe team .

      • IIRC there’s not a great deal in the G2 series that says just how many years it’s been since we last saw Spike – young men, especially in Marvel, often don’t noticeably age for years.

        That said Spike, and to a lesser extent Buster’s, ages are one of the main problems in dating the length of time in the original G1 series – just about everything else could take place in real time, but both Witwicky boys seem to linger in their positions of high school kid who can drive and college (i.e. undergraduate) student for rather more publication years than they would in real life.

  10. Sean says:

    So looking forward to this. It’s going to be awesome seeing you write these characters again. Which is odd since you’ve never really stopped writing about them. Example being the ongoing, but to me they aren’t th real deal. It’s like your writing an interpretation of the characters you helped create. With these 20 issues your writing the original guys again, and that means a lot. I don’t care about the Shockwave in the IDW comics of today, I want the original bad ass, and thankfully it looks like I’ll be reading about him again.

  11. CanalusTheDevourer says:

    This is amazing beyond words. Congratulations to everyone involved and to all of those who have been waiting for it (like myself) all this time!

  12. pepsimusp says:

    I’m very excited about this–and happy to see that G2 won’t be totally swept under the rug, continuation wise. Don’t know what you have in store, but I hope what you have planned “works” as well!

    • Sean says:

      I think what he plans to do, based off an interview I read, is to take ideas and concepts from G2 and incorporate them into the G1 storyline. Meaning G2 has a continuation of the marvel comic is more or less an alternate timeline now, just like “Another time and place.” However characters like Jhiaxus might appear, or other characters or ideas from G2. Though I think the Swarm might get the axe. The interview was made before confirmation of the G1 comic being broguht back. So who knows what he has planned now.

      • It’s entirely possible Simon’s planning on making G2 still being a sequel.

        Keep in mind there’s an indeterminate amount of time between G1 and G2. So long as Megatron and Starscream end up back on Earth, with Starscream deactivated, there’s not much contradictionwise.

        Heck – this could be used to explain how Megatron even survived and why he sought out Cobra.

  13. Ola Wikander says:

    I just cannot wait. Actually, I have been wating for 21 years, but still … I just hope I can somehow get my hands on the free issue even though I live in Sweden.

    • Ola, are you familiar with the Nordic TransFans Association? (click on my name for the link).
      If you’re uncertain whether you will be able to get hold of the issue from any local comic book store, you can pre-order it from the NTFA’s store a bit further down the line (I think it will be in February, if I count correctly).
      You will have to cover the postage costs, and unfortunately it will be necessary to book it in advance since I have to order the comic from the USA, but it’s one way of making sure that you will get hold of the issue.

  14. jamarmiller says:

    “Oh yeah, one last thing – categorically, #81-100 are not a lead in to G2. But neither are we exactly ignoring G2 either. Weird as that sounds, I think/hope it’ll kind of work.”

    if it doesn’t contradict G2, and it can all fit together, I will be buying multiples of this series. BUT ONLY IF IT DOESN’T contradict G2. I love Simon Andrew and Stephen, its a dream come true, BUT STORY WISE , for me, G2 cannot be erased and if it does I am sad to say, gone.

    • Sean says:

      Why not just enjoy it as the final issues of the G1 story? I’d hate for Furman to feel forced into making everything fit with G2, and thus feel limited in what he can do. I mean that’s part of what this whole thing is about. Furman now has the opportunity to give the fans of the G1 comic the ending he always wanted to give us, plus a little more. Why dismiss that just because G2 will be set aside as an alternate timeline now? Ideas in G2 will in incorportated in someway, along with so much more. Not to mention this might give Furman an opportunity to take those G2 ides and make them better.

    • simon furman says:

      Look, I know the G2 thing is a contentious and divisive thing, but you have to understand, first and foremost, this is a continuation of/conclusion to the G1 comic and that story. Think of this as if the book had continued back in 1991 and G2 never was. That’s how to look at Regeneration One. But, because G2 is out there, I have access to that pool of characters/storylines and some of those will feature in Regeneration One. But not all of G2 by any means, and what there is will be a reimagination. The last thing I want to do it try and wedge the existing G2 into something new.

      • jamarmiller says:

        First, I LOVE SIMON ANDREW AND STEPHEN and Have met them all and I think they are THE BEST at what they do and I dont mean any disrespect but………….

        See this is what I don’t understand, If you are going to ignore the previous official continuation THAT YOU WROTE and WAS PRODUCED BY THE SAME COMPANY and “Think of this as if the book had continued back in 1991 and G2 never was”. then why not REALLY act like it is and DO THAT. If you were REALLY doing that, then start with a new issue 79. Issue 79 and 80 were 2 years of awesome story potential, if not more crammed into two issues, that I was really really looking forward too. I was looking forward to seeing the new characters and the Action Master Concept be fleshed out.

        We aren’t going to get a book on G1 that acts as if G1 had continued like you say, we going to essentially get Generation 2 rebooted. The book takes place 20 years after the original series, will it answer the nucleon thing in the same manner had the book continued ? Will it answer the Last Autobot ? Will it answer all the other things that were left hanging ? In the same manner had the book continued ? Probably not. Yes you have said it will hit all the hanging plot threads but really , it certainly wont be like the book had continued and not been cancelled.

        Sorry I am happy for Simon. Andrew, Stephen and all of you who petitioned for this to happen, Its great IDW listened to you, But since it ignores G2 I wont be on board.

        And I have said my peace, I WONT be raining on this parade any more.

        Good luck to you guys, hope it NEVER ENDS for all of you . For me it ended.

  15. Chris Dickinson says:

    The Marvel G1 run was the BEST of Transformers so this is a dream come true for me.

    So Simon… can we please see Blaster brought back to his bad-ass self? He was dead when you got to him, and when he came back, he was overshadowed by all of the new toys… err… characters. Also, it’d be great if he had his “shades” head, too…

  16. moogley1 says:

    simon, i am super impressed you reread all the past issues and boned up, so to speak. fantastic passion and dedication. i hope an aged buster is brought back. i really enjoyed his character in issues 1-12 of the marvel run. i also am happy to hear the uk stories will not be ignored as i feel the best parts of the saga occurred within and idw is currently reprinting them in their entirety. i would like to find a web page with the official reading order of these books, however. any suggestions? i just don’t know where the black and white five pagers occur. anyway, thanks for concluding one of my generation’s greatest sagas.

    • simon furman says:

      There are plenty of TF websites with reviews of the UK material. I don’t know if there’s an exact chronology. Certainly with the UK 5-pagers, we didn’t always square them exactly with what was happening the US comic.

  17. Sean says:

    Furman, when Larry Hama continuied the GI JOE story he used characters that were based of toys that were released after the original cartoon and comic ended. Will you be doing the same? Clearly you already have a major cast already, but was just wondering.

    • simon furman says:

      Yes. I’ll be drawing on G1 characters who never made it into the original run and G2 characters. Expect a mix of classic, newer and G2 in this melting pot that Regeneration One.

      • Chris Dickinson says:

        Any chance of Japanese or European G1 characters making it in while you’re at it?

  18. Vince says:

    this book better go past issue 100!

  19. BB Shockwave says:

    In can only say – I never thought I’d see the day to have the comic that made Transformers into an integral part of my life finished properly. I am glad the petition worked, and many-many great thanks to Simon and Andrew for coming back to the story – not many authors love their old creations as much as you guys!

  20. Sid Beckett says:

    I’m looking forward to this, I always treated G2 as an alternate world off-shoot to the story of G1 anyway, like an alternate world where all the Transformers watched early-nineties wrestling and wished they could have mullets and tried to be bad-ass. G2 is very much a product of the time, whereas the original G1 – both Budianski and Furman – felt more timeless and absolutely deserves a follow-up.

  21. Venator says:

    I’m so excited I can hardly believe it – this was my favourite comic growing up. Now that it’s happening, I’m starting to have a small concern – you’ve mentioned that we can “expect some total bombshells as the issues unfold”. With #80, although it may have been rushed, we basically had the perfect ending – the return of Optimus Prime, the rebirth of Cyberton, and the total victory of the Autobots coming out of the ashes of total defeat by the Decepticons. Essentially, we get a Utopian vision. Clearly there are a lot of outstanding plot threads that can be picked up on again – Galvatron, Bludgeon, etc. – but by the time we get to #100, could we possibly get as satisfying an ending as #80? Or will our childhood memories be mottled somewhat? That’s the risk we’re looking at here.

    There are essentially two models for ending a Transformers series – issue #80/end of Beast Machines (a definitive Utopia again) or the G2 #12 ending – darker, more ominous, leaving us with more questions than answers (although we did eventually get a conclusion to the Liege Maximo story in, which was great).

    I’m counting the days until we get these issues, and once it arrives I’m going to support it as much as humanly possible (variant covers, you name it) – but at the same time I’m crossing my fingers and really hoping that with #100 we see an end that is both conclusive and satisfying. All the best of luck!!



  22. All we need next is for someone like Panini or Titan in the UK to give us a Transformers title starting with issue 333!!!

  23. Sean says:

    Furman, if it fits in with your plans, please give us an epic Optimus vs Megatron fight. In the cartoon we got a fight almost every episode and it never got old. Plus we got the epic movie fight. However, the comic only gave us a handfull of encoutners that never amounted to much, if anything really. Need I also count the video game match up where Prime died because he killed some teletubbies? You might have a hard time topping that one. In any case, these guys deserve a memorable comic book showdown.

  24. simon furman says:

    Jamarmiller — sorry you won’t be along for the ride. I kind of admire your stand without really understanding it. We’re going to deal with so much stuff that G2 never really got around to showing. Action Masters/Nucleon – how that plays out, Headmasters – likewise, The Last Autobot, Mega-Ratchet… etc, etc. For the first ever I think, we’re going to solidly wrap a Transformers series in quite epic style. Not reading the book because it doesn’t jigsaw together with G2 (which is and always will be it’s own bit of TF fiction – which I happen to love) strikes me ever so slightly as cutting off your nose to spite your face. Oh well…

    • graysmatter says:

      I honestly nearly wet my pants in excitement when I read you were going to tackle how Nucleon affects Headmasters. I was already on board but now you can consider myself and 30 of my friends on board because I am going to be physically threatening them if they don’t buy this book!!

      WOW!!! SO PUMPED.

  25. Steven Acevedo says:

    I have been waiting for a moment like this to come. I feel good because you’ll be at the helm of this glouriois thing after so long. I’m proud of you fr that Simon.

  26. michaelalexkawa says:

    Just a note Simon ,i may have complained about the 21 years later ,but unlike others ,i love and trust your writing ,and know that i am for a ride of a life time .Why Jamarmiller won’t even give it a chance is so beyond me . Reading some more of what you posted ,i am looking even more forward to RG1 .

  27. Franco says:

    Again, it’s so thrilling. Simon, I realize this is a silly question, but… any chances the Transformers speech ballons are drawn in the old Marvel style? 🙂

  28. Assad S Khan says:

    Mr. Furman, you have already made 2012 the best year of my life yet with this news. I was 9 years old when I bought issue 80 at my local comic store in Islamabad and I remember crying for days once I learned it was the end of the run. I’ll be nearly 30 when this new run starts, but I’m pretty sure I’ll feel the same unadulterated thrill I did picking up the G1 issues over 20 yrs ago. Can’t wait!

    My personal request is the return of Thunderwing. I still remember being shocked by him overpowering the matrix/monster thing in Matrix Quest!!!!!!

  29. Vince says:

    oh yea…. I forgot about Thunderwing. He was blown out of the airlock at the end of the Matrix quest badly injured wasn’t he? If sales are high enough when issue 100 happens would it maybe “never end?” and another series of sort take place in the Gen 1 universe?

    P.s.. I’m a HUGE fan of your work!

    • Franco says:

      He was utterly destroyed in issue 75, when the Matrix used his shell to return to Cybertron and attack Unicron ^^

      • Vince says:

        ohh that’s right

      • Franco says:

        I used to read those comics with “religious” awe… I memorized every page and now I just can’t wait for the sequel!

      • Yes but he was in a Marvel comic and many a character has been resurrected from less than that. And there’s an obvious get-out – the Matrix brings life so why shouldn’t the body possessed by it not survive?

      • Franco says:

        Of course I agree that almost anyone could come back (and that’s what I fervently wish for, as my fancomics always prove!): my point was just that Thunderwing’s original saga did not end with him badly injured at the end of the Matrix Quest saga 🙂

  30. Sean says:

    Hey Furman, will Sunstreaker ever get any love?

  31. Al Green says:

    HAPPY CHRISTMAS! Hope you have a great time Simon, all the best for 2012 (Can’t wait for the book!!) 😉

  32. Stewart W says:

    I’ve been told that I won’t be able to get hold of a copy of 80.5 in the UK. Is that right?

  33. Vittorio says:

    I’m very happy that the Marvel Transfomers continuity is going to be continued Simon. it must have been quite something reading through all of those issues again to recap . I was wondering, though, in “Another Time And Place” (which I think served as the conclusion to the UK continuity, although I think that Prime’s reference to a “new, more powerful breed” of Decepticons refers to Jhiaxus and the second generation Cybertronians) it is stated that Ratchet was killed. In the US continuity, this was never confirmed, although I think that we, the readers, were left to suspect that Ratchet had lost hsi life. Do you think that in your continuation we will find out for certain Simon?

    Also Simon, while not part of the same topic, i’ve enjoyed raeding your outlines of the last five issues of Energon which were, sadly, never publsihed. Do you think that IDW could be persuaded to publsih them, maybe if there is a petition?

  34. Bear says:

    I cannot tell you how excited I am about this!! Seeing you and Andrew Wildman continuing what is, for me, the definitive version of Transformers is going to be a dream come true!

  35. Franco says:

    Just saw the new interview…
    This is just beyond exciting!

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