Oops. Missed this one. Transformers (UK) #5 hit the stores last week, but should still be up for grabs. Here (belatedly) is a teaser for the issue/UK-exclusive story. In the spotlight this issue is Ironhide, who (in common with Ratchet and Jazz) found himself ‘lost in space,’ far from Cybertron (after events in issue #2). While searching for his Autobot comrades, Ironhide runs into Cybertron’s past in a big way. The original ancients who once possessed (and perhaps created) the All Spark have come looking for their lost artefact, and Ironhide either tells them where it is… or he’s in a whole world of pain! Art this issue is by fan-favourite Guido Guidi, making his TF-UK debut. And lovely stuff it is too. Script (of course) is by me. And if that weren’t enough reason, in and of itself, to go grab a copy, there’s also another head-to-head confrontation (Sam Witwicky versus Frenzy… no, seriously) and character profile (Jazz) and a free Transformers disc-launcher! Click on the thumbnail below for a better view of #5’s combative cover.

9 Responses to TF-UK A-GO-GONE #5

  1. Dawfydd says:

    Out of interest: will the UK comic Vs. fights move beyond the movie cast? I imagine there are some insane (and no doubt amusing) punch-ups that could be orchastrated. For example: Starscream Battle Royale? Take as many different versions of ‘Screamer as possible, throw together and see who starts betraying who first (smart money is on G1…)

  2. Picked this up last week, must say the artwork is easily the best of the issues so far, but that could be because the use of colours is much better with this one, so credit to Jascon Cardy on that. Roll on issue 6

  3. Ralph Burns says:

    Read it last week. Fun comic strip. As for the head-to-head, sorry but Sam is mincemeat.

    It would make my day if Frenzy popped up in the UK script. Such a fun character.

  4. Simon Hall says:

    Really enjoyed the Ironhide tale. Nice to see the proper build up of a movie-verse happening now. The IDW prequel left me a little cold, I’m afraid. I love Guido’s work, will we be seeing anymore of him across the TF titles? And has he done any other stuff besides Transformers?

  5. simon furman says:

    I think Guido did some stuff for Panini UK’s Rampage comic, but I could be wrong. And yeah, look for a Guido (IDW) fill in very soon.

    As for Frenzy popping up in a UK strip, I’d say that was on the cards.

    And yeah, there’s a chance we’ll be doing some head-to-head smackdowns beyond the movie characters (at some point). Not sure about the Starscreams idea, though. Might make an interesting What If?

  6. Dawfydd says:

    Sorry, I keep flashing back to some of the old Dreamwave posters that featured every version of Prime and Megs, for some reason my warped mind can easily picture a simiair one for ‘Screamer, but with each one about to blast another (discreetly of course…)

    Great to hear that we may see head-to-head’s beyond the movie cast though

  7. Simon Hall says:

    thank you Simon!

  8. Madeley says:

    Sorry if this question has been answered already, but are there any plans for a collected edition of all the UK stuff, or for it to be republished by IDW?

  9. simon furman says:

    I’m pretty sure the plan is to collect this material up, once there’s enough of it to merit a whole trade paperback/GN, at which point (my understanding is) it’ll be available BOTH sides of the Atlantic.

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