Out today (October 23rd) is the first issue of the UK’s very own Transformers Animated comic. Each issue features an all-new 11-page comic strip created exclusively for the UK, the first of which introduces an all-new Autobot character, one who’ll make a big impact on TFA universe as the story unfolds. The first story, ‘Burnout’, is written by me and drawn by John McCrea, with colour by Kat Nicholson. What else? Well, lots! More comic adventures with the adaptation of the TV episode ‘Blast From the Past’ (introducing the TFA Dinobots!), puzzles, features, part 2 of the ‘Many Faces of Optimus Prime’ poster/feature (part 1’s in Transformers #17, also on sale now) competitions much, much more. Oh, and a FREE wrist-mounted missile blaster. Everyone should have one! For more news and updates on Transformers Animated and Transformers (UK), check out the Titan website here.

13 Responses to ANIMATED A-GO-GO!

  1. Charles RB says:

    The strip’s fun and very Earthforce (and Bits And Bots is nice too), but my fave bit is the Many Faces Of Optimus poster randomly combining Marvel, IDW, Dreamwave and Sunbow continuity together. 😀

    Will Titan be doing digest-collections of the TF Animated strips?

  2. Jay says:

    That comic sucked.
    Stick to G1, Furman. You lack the versatility to tackle such a fun universe as Animated.

    And by the way, Afterburn sucks.

  3. Ralph Burns says:

    Hardly a helpful comment. Would it not be more useful to give constructive feedback if it was not to your taste? After all, this is the writer’s blog. Show some civility please.

  4. matthessey says:

    Man, took me 2 hours to track this down and I have to say that I quite enjoyed it 🙂 The strip was quite ‘animatedy’ in its general tone and was a good set up for future stories. Don’t know if u can say, but which is the next issue of Animated to be written by you?

  5. Gareth says:

    I also had trouble tracking it down. Fortunately I found a single copy in Borders.

    The lead strip is an enjoyable read. Fan reaction to the new character, Afterburn has been a bit negative during the last few weeks. I quite like him, though I wouldn’t be surprised if he turns out to have an agenda of his own. I was also amused by the three panel ‘bits and bobs’ strip (I have a childish sense of humour, I know). It reminds me of the fantastic Robo Capers that appeared in the first 100 or so issues of the Marvel Transformers comic.

    Of course, there are complaints. I’m not a great fan of the episode screen captures, even if they are well done. I also found the letters page a bit dull in comparison to Starscream’s sarcastic wit in the Movie comic. The responses didn’t ‘sound’ like the characters that they were portraying (if that makes any sense). If given the choice I’d vote for Grimlock (ably assisted by his other dinos) as official letter answerer. Besides being a Furman favourite, he has a distinct personality and an appealing ‘beast’ mode that kids will enjoy.

  6. Charles RB says:

    I second the call for Grimlock doing the letters!

  7. Aesir says:

    Grimlock would be great, or maybe Soundwave?
    I don’t trust Afterburn, but I found the comics enjoyable enough

  8. simon furman says:

    Hey, just so everyone’s clear, I welcome positive and negative feedback. If I’m doing something people dislike I want to know, but more importantly I want to know why. “It sucks, you suck” is hardly what I’d called constructive criticism. It’s just rude, especially here on what is my virtual doorstep.

  9. simon furman says:

    I hope they get Grimlock to do the letters too.

    My next issue is #4.

    And yeah, I’m pretty sure Titan plan to do digest-sized collections of the Animated material (though I imagine it’ll be UK only).

  10. Sekhmet says:

    Disregard the haters, Simon – I found the new comic immensely entertaining, and I’m sure many others do, too. Afterburn and Quake-Maker are interesting new additions to the cast, and I hope to see more of them as the title progresses. Without dropping spoilers, could you tell us if additional new characters (Cybertronians, especially) will be popping up in future strips? Also, can we hope for any collaboration between the UK Animated crew and the US Animated crew? Thanks in advance, and more power!

  11. Donut Prime says:

    Getting Grmlock on the/a Letters Page would be a reference to the old Marvel UK comics. Also, does the name of the US President (Movie comic 15) being THEodore F.ALLEN have anything to do with a Herald of Unicron who is on fire?

  12. Alex says:

    Well i’ll try to keep this constructive, late as it is..I found the comics main story a little sub-par. Dont get me wrong Simon, im a massive fan of all your previous work, the war within being my favourite. (hope im not dredging up any bad memories of dreamwave..) But i did’nt care for this…Afterburn was cliché, and Sari’s reaction to him was utterly out of character. Maybe Animated just is’nt your style? I’ve always thought you did the gritty storylines best with the traditional black humour thats just so perfectly British.

  13. Aesir says:

    I liked the new comic, but Afterburn doesn’t seem right to me, plus I’d have thought his alt mode should be a more sporty design or something, like a race car, or even a speedbike of sorts, like Afterburner (G1)
    I hope the decepticons get stuff to do soon, and the Starscream clones

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