I don’t normally blog about collected editions (trade paperbacks), but in this case I’ll make an exception. Out now from Panini is the collected Dragon’s Claws, featuring the entire (10-issue) run from 1988/89 of what was Marvel UK’s first U.S. format comic book series. Dragon’s Claws, written by me with art by Geoff Senior, charts the misadventures (in the dystopian future of 8162) of Dragon and his team (Mercy, Digit, Steel and Scavenger), former ‘Game’ (think, Rollerball but played out across entire continents) players thrust unwillingly into the role of government enforcers in a lawless, violent society. Though not my first comics work by any means, Dragon’s Claws was my first U.S. style series and my first stab at creating an entire world and cast of characters, and still—while a little raw and rough around the edges—I think holds up pretty well today. The collection also includes the Death’s Head (#2) issue featuring Dragon’s Claws and a new/revised full colour version of the Dragon’s Claws 1-page story/epilogue that artist Paul Ridgon and I put together for the Just One Page charity comic a few years back. Plus a new intro by me, an afterword by Lying in the Gutters’ Rich Johnson, new art pieces by Simon Williams and Paul Ridgon, character profiles, rare poster art and a brand spanking new cover by Geoff (click on the thumbnail below). It’s a chunky 182 pages of British comics history. Go on… treat yourself!

11 Responses to GET YOUR CLAWS OUT!

  1. matthessey says:

    Woo! I’ve been meaning to track these down a some point and now it just became a whole lot easier 🙂 Woo!

  2. Chris McAree says:

    #5 still my favourite, Yes?

  3. This was/is a great series and I still have all the originals. It’s good to see it back for a new generation of readers to enjoy. One thing though, wasn’t this series originally advertised as ‘Dragons Teeth’? What was the reason for the name change?

  4. Paul Ridgon says:

    Quote: OneShallStand “One thing though, wasn’t this series originally advertised as ‘Dragons Teeth’? What was the reason for the name change?”

    Simon Explains it all in his intro…

    This collection is fantastic, Dragon’s Claws was my favourite comic growing up and so it’s awesome to see it all collected together for the first time. It was also awesome to be involved in some originated stuff for the collection.

    Simon, how about seeing if Ed wants to feature a DC revival in Marvel Heroes..?

  5. Carl Timms says:

    I loved Dragon’s Claws when I was a kid, even as far as making up a game at junior school based on it that was pretty much one team had to get from one side of the playing field to the other, the opposite team had ot stop them. It got pretty rough at times- happy days…. sigh

    Was gutted when it got cancelled. Actually dug them out last year and re-read and I think it holds up pretty well, just a shame sales didn’t match. I missed one issue though, 8 I think. Must track that down.

    How much are the originals worth these days? Not much I’m guessing cos it got cancelled…

  6. partholon says:

    funnily enough i was just thinking about this series recently . i never got it and didnt think i’d get the oppertunity so this is great news for me.

    im a huge geoff fan so i’ll definetly be getting this one. (along with the Terminator infinity trade ya did) so thanks for the heads up simon !

  7. Charles RB says:

    Got it in the post today, and have stormed my way through the whole thing (I meant to make it last but it’s just too addictive!).

    I’d say I was with Rich Johnson and want to see what happened next, but I’d hope anything that followed would lead up to the Just One Page scene – that right there is a perfect end for the series, anything can happen in between as long as it leads up to that brilliant, unresolved choice.

  8. Jim H says:

    Just bring it back!
    And Death’s Head!

    Will this ever happen or should I give up on the dream?!!!

  9. Dawfydd says:

    Read it, loved it, but why does part of me want to see the Claws throw down with DnA’s Guardians of the Galaxy?

  10. Paul Cannon says:

    The best of the Marvel UK American sized comic books. This book should have run for a lot longer than it did. I still have all of the original run and this collected volume will take pride of place in my collection next to Death’s Head volumes 1 and 2.

  11. Nick says:

    I loved this series of comics as a kid, though the first copy i think I bought didn’t have the poster in it. This series could so make a good film or tele series

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