With the release of Transformers: Regeneration One #82 now imminent (it hits stores on Wednesday August 1st), it seemed the right moment to delve into the thought processes behind the writing of it, in another of my post-creative script (w)rap muses. As usual, there will be spoiler-ish bits, so beware, but my aim is always to tease rather than reveal too much. If you’d rather go into it cold, do not read on, otherwise…

Here’s what I love doing most, a kind of split issue — where two big storylines are unfolding simultaneously. Lots of action, heaps of those loose ends starting to thread together, and a whole bunch of dead (or dead-ish) Decepticons. Clearly, the Wreckers have survived the orbital missile attack that ended #81. Don’t think anyone expected otherwise. And okay, there was something of an elapsed time conceit between the final two panels of that issue, but showing them running for the escape pods would clearly have dented the drama somewhat. Anyway, strand number one is Kup and the Wreckers on Earth, in not the best of shape, against a wholly deranged Megatron and his zombie-con army. The whole idea of zombie Transformers was something I explored way back in the UK story City of Fear, and this is certainly a kind of oblique nod to that story, but also it’s yet another kind of loose end from the stories that preceded my run on the US book that I felt needed attention. Did Prime have all the Autobots left deactivated after Starscream’s Underbase rampage put in stasis and just leave the Decepticon dead lying around on Earth? It seemed unlikely, so I started to wonder if there was a whole other cryo-unit on the Ark we hadn’t seen, and if so… Well, all will be revealed… eventually. As bad as it’s already got for the Wreckers, there are several more wringers for them to go through. And even then, not all of them will make it out alive!

Story strand two was Grimlock, alluded to briefly in #81, who’s gone rogue in an effort to find a cure for the Nucleon in his system that has rendered him unable to transform (and maybe affected others in other ways??). All the way over in #86, we’ll see the real spur for the start of this quest, but for the moment his burning need to find a way to purge the Nucleon (or even get a whole new body) has brought him to Nebulos, a planet that loomed large on my list of things that needed closure. What happened, I wondered, to the original heads of those who became Headmasters? When their Nebulan Avatars died (in the Unicron battle), did they die as well? What were relations like between post-civil war Cybertron and Nebulos (things were decidedly frosty and unwelcoming back in #42)? All these things roll into what will become the second of our four major story arcs, but it all starts here. Oh, and Ultra Magnus’s icy cool/control finally snaps! And a bunch of other stuff too, like… what became of Ratchet? Though if you’ve seen the preview of the issue, you’ll have a pretty good idea.

23 Responses to SCRIPT (W)RAP – REGENERATION ONE #82

  1. Looks pretty damn good so far, Simon!

    Out of curiosity, is Mr Wildman set for every issue or are we going to see some guest artists here and there?

    • simon furman says:

      So far so good. Andrew has drawn every issue up to #88. And I hope will continue to do so. Depends on schedules and his workloads, but I certainly want him to be there for the final arc.

      • Excellent! And on the subject of the Headmasters’ original heads, I don’t remember Chromedome shuffling off this mortal coil in the Unicron battle, so is he the one surviving member of the Autobot Headmasters (other than Fort Max)?

  2. The Nebulon question is certainly one I’m pleased to see getting some more play time. In addition to the question of what happened to the original Transformers’ heads (I’d always assumed their cerebro circuits had been built into their Headmasters, so what was left was essentially mindless, but seeing that might not be the case… intriguing.)

    Will you be addressing the Powermaster process at all? We saw that Hi-Q and Prime basically became one being, but did that happen to the other Powermasters too? Most of the Autobot Powermasters appear to have died in the battle against Unicron or on Klo (although later revived, I assume Getaway’s Nebulon partner was killed, for example), but Dreadwind and Darkwing seemed pretty okay last time we saw them, so did they evolve along with Prime? Did the other Nebulon bonding processes go the same way? (Of all, I’d have thought the Headmaster process would have lead to an evolution.) Lots and lots of questions there and I’m certainly going to be interested to see if any of them get answered.

    Lots of love for the first issue. For an obsessive reader of the original UK comic, it felt like a love song to my youth in a way that no other Transformers media has in the last decade. Can’t wait to see more.

    • simon furman says:

      I may touch on the Powermasters and Targetmasters, but where Nebulans were more component parts, I think that relationship dissolved with the generally dissolved relationship between Cybertron and Nebulos. My take is that the Nebulans were repatriated and the TFs went back to being regular TFs. With the Headmasters it’s a bit different. They left something rather crucial behind.

  3. theyoungdoctor says:

    Have the movie and Earthforce timelines been wiped out and why is Twin Twist missing from the Wreckers?

    • simon furman says:

      As I keep stating, this is a continuation of the Marvel US storyline. We can’t assume knowledge of the often tangled UK stories or reference them directly. So, in effect, they don’t belong to this storyline. Just like when I was writing the comic from #56-80, the occasional UK storyline is only ever referenced obliquely. So, to all intents and purposes, this is the first appearance of the Wreckers. And just because Twin Twist was in a previous (UK) iteration of the Wreckers, it doesn’t mean he HAS to be in this line-up. He’s just not. That’s the only answer I have.

  4. redconvoy says:

    Will we be seeing more of Optimus mentoring Hot Rod because I am really curious as to Kup’s statement about Optimus passing the buck.

    I am glad that you continued the older story line. I was disappointed when it ended in issue 80. I look forward to seeing how the story is going to unfold.

  5. rob jones says:

    Really enjoying this series so far, and can’t wait to pick up this issue having just spoiled myself over the preview (hope I spelled that right).

    It’s great to see little nods to the UK stuff coming through – the return of the Wreckers is always welcome and also the question of the heads on Nebulos…always wondered about that as a kid, though IIRC didn’t one of the annual stories establish Fort Max as keeping his own head inside a compartment somewhere?

    Poor Ratchet 😦

  6. Sean says:

    Really enjoying this Simon. You must be really attempting to tie up all lose ends by 85. And oh boy, I can already tell your dieing to push the kill switch. Hope we atleast get some memorable deaths.

  7. Of course the question is, will Fort Max’s original head look like Cerebros, as per the old annual story?

  8. Also, I was quite happy to believe that Roadbuster, Sandstorm, Topspin et al had been resurrected via the same method that saw many of the Underbase casualties return in G2 and some prior storylines, but this issue does put a dent in that theory. 😦

  9. Simon, you ask: “Did Prime have all the Autobots left deactivated after Starscream’s Underbase rampage put in stasis and just leave the Decepticon dead lying around on Earth? ”

    Well, no, and why should anyone assume that Prime had to do anything at all when Scorponok had a perfectly usable base in New Jersey at the time (and clearly used it, since Soundwave was destroyed by the Underbase, yet later showed up okay among Scorponok’s troops)?

    • simon furman says:

      True. But a lot of casualties of the Underbase story were pretty much left to the Autobots to sort out. I doubt the Decepticons cared too much about cleaning up after themselves. As for Soundwave, I figure he was only ‘stunned’.

  10. Michael says:

    Great issue. Alas, poor Ratchet. If he’s still barely conscious, I wonder if repairing him would make his thoughts re-invade Megatron’s mind. That’s one possible way to defeat him — interrupt his train of thought in the middle of a fight with Op. Now I’m anxious to see Shockwave and Galvatron. I guess Shockwave could just be one of the zombies, but he seems a cut above that sort of fate.

  11. Paul says:

    I let my nephew (he’s 25) read the first three issues of regeneration one and he said that they were the best comics that he has ever read. Take into account that he had never read the original Marvel run. So, after reading the regeneration one issues he borrowed my trade paperback of the original run.

    • simon furman says:

      That’s really great to hear, Paul. It’s tough to get something completely accessible to new readers, but your nephew’s reaction to it suggests we’ve done enough. Thanks for sharing.

      • Paul says:

        He said that you depicted Grimlock (his favorite Transformer) the way he is supposed to be decpicted. He also, that it was nice that there were autobots that hated eachother, but begrudingly got along for the sake of the group. To be honest these were things that were lacking in the original cartoon. I grew up reading the comics and they were (for the most part) better than the TV series. So, for me, my G1 has always been the comics first and the TV series second. However, I still read the comics and here the voice actors from the TV series.

  12. Darren says:

    This comic keeps getting better and better. I just don’t want it to finish at 100. As it’s doing well surely it can go beyond that?

  13. Darren says:

    This comic keeps getting better and better. I just don’t want it to finish at 100.

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