Now my convention-worn feet have had a chance to shrug off their corns, I’m on the road again for the 2014 circuit of conventions, personal appearances and signings. And of course, this being the 30th anniversary of Transformers, that puts an extra spin on this year’s cons for me, especially Auto Assembly in August. But, not to get ahead of myself, my first stop this year is in Maidstone in Kent, at Demoncon 7 (Sunday February 16th). I’ll be there, and so will Geoff Senior and Nick Roche, so there’s a nice old/new TF creators vibe to the event. This is a smallish event, but one that’s been running and gathering momentum for a while, and these often afford more time to actually spend chatting to people rather than just cranking out the signatures. Will I spill the beans about what’s coming up in Regeneration One #100? Well, I may drop some BIG hints. Plus, I’ll have my usual pile of signed script+comic packs, original [facsimile] scripts and comics (Transformers Death’s Head, Dragon’s Claws, etc) with me, so if you get a chance pop along and say hi. Details can be found here, or in the image below.



6 Responses to THE 2014 CONVENTION TRAIL (1)

  1. Chris McAree says:

    Simon, what did you think of Death’s Head’s appearances in the current run of Iron Man? I haven’t bought them yet and wanted an objective opinion.

  2. simon furman says:

    I thought Kieron did a great job with Death’s Head. Well worth a read.

  3. Bloodrose says:

    Speaking of Death’s Head… Now that he is back in the business, how does a Death’s Head – Transformers crossover sounds to you? If TF – Avengers could – sadly – happen… Do you see it as a possiblity? Would a petition help in the case of a book with more than one publishers involved? *dreams on*

    • Chris McAree says:

      In the unlikely event of that happening I would cancel my Sandman subscription if I had to, to afford it!

  4. crazychris says:

    hey simon always wanted to ask you ythis back at tf issue 80 who was it grimlock killed at the end for trying to jump prime weirdwolf or ravage never could tell.

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