This week sees the in-store release of the much anticipated (not least by me, because, even moreso than usual, I’ve been waiting with bated breath to see what the reader reaction will be) Transformers Spotlight – Arcee. Depending on whether President’s Day impacts on the ship date, it’ll either be Wednesday 20th (US)/Thursday 21st (UK) or Thursday 21st (US)/Friday 22nd (UK). Why so trepidatious and ill-at-ease? Well, I’ve always been fairly outspoken about the redundancy of ‘female’ Transformers (or ‘fembots’). It’s not a sexist thing, it’s just that they’re robots. Why would they have genders at all? Anyway, Arcee (being one such ‘fembot’) was always going to be a contentious issue, especially as (in common with other IDW/TF-verse reinventions) I was expected to put something of my own spin on the character this time around. And I figured I’d attempt to apply a rationale to the whole issue! So, I expect Arcee to be divisive. Though I hope also, regardless of the whole he-she-it thing going on, people will enjoy it for the rattling good actioner I believe it to be. And boy, does a lot happen this issue. Guest-stars abound… Ultra Magnus, Fortress Maximus (taking his full IDW bow), Banzaitron, the Combaticons (also debutees), Jetfire, the Technobots and more! And it all revolves around a certain character whose name has been uttered more and more frequently in various Spotlights (and even the ‘ongoing’ by now… I think), and will play a big part in what’s to come this year. So, while self-contained, this is without hyperbole a KEY issue. And then there’s the breathtaking art of Alex Milne. I can honestly say I’ve never seen Alex so up for a job, and the results will simply knock your socks off (or “shatter your trousers”, whichever is applicable). Anyway, while you (and I!) wait restlessly for Wednesday/Thursday/Friday, here’s a look at Alex’s cover (one of two) for the issue. Click on the thumbnail to view, and (as always) let me know your opinions right here. Putting my ‘flame’-proof gear on as we speak. For more information on all IDW’s Transformers titles check out their website.


44 Responses to ARCEE A-GO-GO!

  1. Mike Moran says:

    Cant wait to read this. You and Alex always put on a great show.

  2. Dawfydd says:


  3. Conor E says:

    Ultra Magnus and the Combaticons? Who’s Swindle going to sell out this time?

  4. Justin says:

    Just like you simon waiting with baited breath, I just hope the rational is rational enough, I really like what I ‘ve seen so far in the Transformers IDW verse and I am really looking forward to this!! πŸ™‚ Also I am also very excited about Alex doing the art I’ve seen his preview on and it is fantastic!!! πŸ™‚

  5. Justin says:

    And the Combaticons!!! Yes!!! I hope Blastoff isn’t a space shuttle. hummmm……

  6. kriscarter says:

    I got to colour over half the issue, so have read the story quite a ways in advance… and personally, I think it kicks all kinds of butt – and I’m eager to see Fort Max get a Spotlight of his own.

    Also, I think Simon has a grudge against a certain Autobot combiner group!

  7. bassbot says:

    don’t tell me the technobots get smattered again!!! heheh, can’t wait to read this simon. Alex’s art looks amazing!!!

  8. notreally says:

    A robot with female characteristics makes more sense than robots reproducing asexually.

  9. Coptur says:

    i ‘m sure this issue will do well.

    I do hope the Combaticons are tough and serious threat especially Onslaught as he’s meant to be a military genius. Either way i’m sure you’ll do them justice.

    Banzitron interesting choice, but will he transform!??!

  10. Lord Unicron says:

    I have been waiting for this issue since I heard about it. I know it will be another great story. I have loved the Spotlight series and look forward to the June Spotlight. But I agree Fort Max needs a Spotlight as well as a combiner team.

  11. dangunn says:

    cant wait to see wats in store, i also hope that maybe we get to see some of the other fembots down the line (moonracer, chromia etc) .. i think they are fantastic. a bit off topic, but i wonder if we’ll ever get to see ‘the fallen’ again. wat a great concept. bring him back! wow.. this idw tansformers universe is knocking shattering my trousers! hahaha.. hahah. love that saying.

    keep it up simon!

  12. Justin says:

    By the way Simon can we please take the stuttering problem from Strafe, call it nerves brought on by returning to cybertron, it makes him sound so pathetic. But as Kris mentions above maybe you do have a gruge? πŸ™‚

  13. partholon says:

    ive NEVER liked arcee as as simon mentions bots with sexuality is just nuts. like it or not they DO reproduce asexually and i for one like that as it emphasises just how alien TF are.
    that said im really excited about this one as furmans given some fairly hefty hints as to the rational for her existance and as long as it makes sense ive no problem with it. i too hope the combaticons get a full on military slant and though its obvious combiners are coming down the line i hope simon takes his sweet time getting to them as its been fun seeing guys like swindle being fully explored as characters instead of just being a limb so hopefully that’ll extend to the various other group bots and cons. as mentioned onslaught is a prime candidate for exploration. hell even scattershot isnt the science guy the rest of the technos are.
    now to the art. i love alex. his stuff is hard to describe but its got that certain quality that evokes sheer emotion which is a tough deal with TF. i honestly put the guy up there with don and geoff and seeing as he was under such preasure on one project and was actually sick on his last (megs) i cant wait to see pure full on milne at his best. from reading his posts on the IDW board he really has a need to prove himself so im looking forward to this.
    i gotta admit the spotlights have turned out to be the best side project in TF in ages. long may they run πŸ™‚

  14. Mako Crab says:

    Just so long as she’s not built to please a bunch of feminists. πŸ˜‰

    Never got what the big deal was about fembots. Quintessons were building robots for their organic clients. Most likely they just built female-styled robots to appeal to their customers more. Simple. Done. At least in the cartoon continuity. πŸ˜›

    Anyway, Arcee being female should’t be her only defining trait, so I’m glad to hear there’s going to be a lot more going to keep her occupied.

  15. Michael says:

    When Simon says:

    “And it all revolves around a certain character whose name has been uttered more and more frequently in various Spotlights (and even the β€˜ongoing’ by now… I think), and will play a big part in what’s to come this year.”

    I think he means Jihaxus as in the most recent issue of Devastation shows Optimus Prime talking to Jetfire about issues on Cybertron…

  16. Mako Crab says:

    Nemesis Prime a.k.a. Prime Nova

  17. clrobe says:

    I liked it…It had a little bit of everything. This entire issue was a big promo for “This IDW-verse is huge and there are tons of things going on across the universe. In one way or another we got ties to spotlights Ultra Magnus, Hot Rod, Dead Universe arc(Nightbeat, Galvatron, Prime). Then there were all the guest stars and I haven’t even mentioned the title character. You put a lot in this one!

    I honestly do NOT understand where all this negative “Arcee is a transexual, so I don’t like this story” came from. I mean, if you didn’t pay attention or read carefully, then maybe. Correct me if I’m wrong, but clearly Simon says that they were genderLESS and then he introduced gender by making her female. So no, she didn’t used to be a guy! And it’s not the shock of being female…it appears to be the shock of having a gender at all.

    Anyways, I thought it was another good one Simon. It was in the same vein as Nightbeat, Galvatron and Prime spotlights where it really adds to the Dead Universe plot while giving us a nice contained story. I really like how you’ve given that subplot significant time in the spotlights BEFORE even bringing it into the main. It gives those spotlights some underlying connectivity and that’s great.

  18. Warewullf says:

    I really enjoyed this issue. The horror Arcee must feel at suddenly being given a gender in genderless society came across really well and she genuinely felt like a threat. I can understand why some fans wouldn’t like this notion, but, frankly, screw ’em. You can’t please all of the people all of the time. You told a very interesting story with a great new twist.
    The art was very energetic, too. Really suited the story.

  19. Mako Crab says:

    This thought occured to me a couple days ago.

    The true essence of a Cybertronian is their spark. The robot body is just a shell. The source of all sparks is Primus a.k.a. the creation spark. Primus was a space-faring energy being long before encasing himself in the rock that would eventually become his new body. On the astral plane Primus projects himself in the body of a man. Clearly Primus knows about gender and the distinction between male and female. With that in mind, it’s not hard to imagine that he’s capable of creating both male and female sparks.

  20. bassbot says:

    loved this issue, Simon. Great job team!!!

  21. sciphiledan says:

    Mako Crab: This isn’t an attack on you personally… but for me, you’ve just neatly covered everything that was wrong with Transformers continuity. I applaud IDW and Furman for junking all that overwrought retocontastic mysticism. It got so big it was dragging storytelling down.

    Loved the issue, by the way.

  22. Mako Crab says:

    No hard feelings. I was just piecing together a simple explanation based on things already established in previous continuity.

  23. mr.terrific says:

    I liked the issue too. It gives a rationale that makes sense and that is borne out in the character’s characterization. Well done. One of your best.

  24. David Ellis says:

    Hi Mr. Wildman! I’ve been enjoying the IDWverse Transformers, and I’ve been really curious about the direction it’s going.

    To be honest, the subject of female Transformers really hasn’t bothered me for a number of reasons. First, why is it that so many ‘genderless’ Autobots and Decepticons can look, sound, and act so clearly male without anyone raising an eyebrow, but the moment there’s one who looks, sounds, and acts more like a female it’s suddenly an issue?

    Second, the Transformers infiltrate different planets’ societies via disguise and learn from cultures as a matter of course (just ask Jazz). While they’d probably start out oblivious to the concept of gender, it’s not outside the realm of possibility that they could learn the concept from plenty of sources.

    And third, I like the diversity that different character types add to the Transformers universe. As much as the Transformers have been engaged in a millenia-long war and have character types suited to that, there are still those who are pacifists, or comedians, or caretakers. From a comic/cartoon writing standpoint (and I say this as an aspiringwriter/fanfic writer), assigning different characterizations to the different characters is a way to keep them from sounding alike. They’re not just anonymous toys, so assigning different personalities and voices helps make them more diverse. And once the movie and animated series made it clear that it was possible for some of the Transformers to be (at least perceived as) female, that opened up some new possibilities. As much as the franchise is geared toward boys, there are quite a few female fans who wouldn’t mind having female characters to identify with. And it works both ways as well: I’m male, but a lot of my favorite characters are female, and quite a few of my female friends enjoy male characters. Again, it’s a matter of diversity. Granted, the idea of gender opens up the issue of sexuality amongst TFs, and maybe it’s not the most flattering picture for the most well-known female TF to be not only pink, but involved in romantic triangles, but hey, the TFs have been engaged in the same war for millions of years, so it’s kind of nice to see more sides of the characters’ personalities than just the fighting.

    Wow, that was long-winded. Anyway, those’re my thoughts on the issue, for whatever they’re worth.

    I enjoyed the Arcee spotlight immensely, because while it was a different take on Arcee than I was used to, I thought it was interesting. She seems like a genuinely conflicted, damaged individual. I actually imagined Susan Blu’s voiceover in her narration and dialogue, and the last scene felt like there’s maybe a spark (pardon the pun) of the G1 Arcee in there somewhere. Should be interesting to see where she goes from here. Hopefully her character will continue to develop so that she’ll be less a one-note engine of destruction.

    The issue raised a lot more questions than it answered, which I expected (because let’s face it, when has an issue of IDWverse TF stood alone without referencing something else in that ‘verse?). Chief among them I’d like to see fleshed out: Arcee referred to herself as “the first” of Jhiaxus’ gender experiments. That seemed to imply there were more. Is it possible that later attempts resulted in females who integrated into Autobot society more? If so, that might not only explain why the others knew enough to even refer to Arcee as “she”, but also reference Elita-1’s cameo in the Megatron: Origin mini (which, granted, was probably just an unplanned crowd scene insertion). I look forward to seeing more.

  25. Coptur says:

    Well i really enjoyed this issue.

    I was doubly pleased to see that the only bot not concerned about Arcees “threat” was Onslaught . What a true solider/, I would like to see more of this from Onslaught in future stories as i’ve always seen him as the guy that didn’t get Shockwaves job albeit be loyal to his superiors.

    thanks again for a great read.

  26. Dawfydd says:

    Finally got my copy last night: Absolutely fantastic. The reasoning behind Arcee’s gender is very groovy, and really makes you wonder what other tricks Jihaxus has up his sleeve.
    Also loving the huge number of characters making their IDW-verse debuts and returns. I suspect some of us readers are going to be going over the names of the characters held in the Rig for some time to come….

  27. K. Lukis says:

    I liked the Arcee Spotlight, but I thought the issue was a bit of a let down after the comments you made about it prior to its release. The art was good. Overall story was decent too but I was hoping for much more as far as the whole “explanation of female” in transformers. This subject is an entire well of untapped potential within the Transformers mythos and I had hoped for deeper meaning. Just being a Jhiaxis experiment? Eh, that’s pretty lame and not up to the usual Simon Furman standards IMHO. What does it *mean* to be female? What, because “she” is PINK?! Wow, what a bold experiment by the mad scientist Jhiaxis!

    With all the (unnecessary) cussing in these books, IDW is obviously not trying to produce a strip made for pre-puberty aged fans. Why not carefully construct a logical rationalle that adds a new layer in this great mythology?

    The biologist in me wanted a closer look at the nature of inorganic life. For instance, one of the fundamental properties in everything we consider “life” is its ability to reproduce, (which certainly does not imply sexual reproduction!) Now, I’m not suggesting you overly anthropomorphize it. We certainly do *not* need any kind of robot sex or robot pregnancy… But perhaps females could have the ability to periodically generate a spark or some such.

    Is it right that the only mechanism for creation of life is through Vector Sigma or the Allspark? Why not suppose that there are a class of robots w/ the ability to periodically produce a spark? Think of Cybertronian civilization like a giant bee hive. You have millions of “worker” bees and “soldier” bees and only a very few “queen” bees. That would explain the fact that there are so very few female Transformers. It would also provide a deeper meaning to the ‘nature’ (pun intended) of being a female robot…

    I dunno, that’s my two cents. Many TF authors have made jokes about the robots trying to make sense of our human civilization and customs. Why not shed some light and deeper meaning on the nature of robot life….

  28. K`thardin says:

    Yes, the subject of Gender amongst the transformers is one of the more…divisive topics I’ve seen in this fandom, but to say this spotlight is ‘divisive’ is stretching the meaning of the word. This barely scratches the surface of the issue, and only adds the barest fraction to the ongoing debate.

    Bluntly, this spotlight wasn’t divisive. The issue was ALREADY divisive…this added practically nothing to it except for the cries of “Transsexual Transformers! Noooeesss!” which I could do without. Honestly, you may need to clarify exactly what Arcee was before she became a she. Was she originally a normal Transformer or was she created? I don’t really care one way or the other myself, but it is a point to clarify.

    Now to address the problems inherent in Transformer reproduction.

    I’m going to say flat out that no author presently (and I’m not counting fanfiction) has had the BALLS to do it, but you just keep painting yourself into a corner on it. By ‘you’ I mean all the authors past and present that work on the Transformers.

    Let’s run through the list.

    The Matrix. Keep using it up to blow up Unicron or infuse things like the Vok with life or just plain flat out destroying it, and the Transformers are fubared. Or hell, toss it into another universe or something so whatever conduits to it, if any such things exist, no longer work…same diff.

    Vector Sigma. Loose the key or blow up Vector Sigma, the Transformers are fubared. Yes, I know they made a new key in Beast Machines, the second notation of Vector Sigma’s destruction means they’re still fubared.

    Non distributed solutions like that have an inherent weakness in that if they’re lost, the whole race is as good as scrapped.

    Next, more distributed methods. The biomorphic reproductive method has the inherent weakness that you keep making copies of copies for too long, you get barely sentient mechs bent on conquest and colonization, not to mention a lot of really dark power that turns into a Transformer massacre in the last issue of an original run of a series. >_> Obviously not a viable method.

    Also, there’s the method by which you take some energon and run it through a machine that matches its wavelength to that of the Matrix. This works…problem there is it only works what…1 in 10 or 100 times? The other 9 or 99 times, it blows up spectacularly causing massive damage. Workable, but both expensive and non viable.

    Have I missed any?

    Then we have female Transformers. The concept introduced in the laughably bad “The Search for Alpha Trion.” And I mean, it was bad even by the standards of the story telling back then…which is to say it’s lightyears ahead of anything we’ve gotten from Takara in that respect over the past few years. Transformers Animated is pretty goddamn good, artwork notwitstanding (and I do mean LOUSY artwork), but I digress…

    I know why the concept was introduced. Painfully obvious really. I know many girls that would have loved to romance a big strong manly presence like Optimus Prime or be ravished by a big strong evil tyrant like Megatron. Hell, if Peter Cullen knew how many girls he made swoon he’d probably die of shear embarrassment. And I know of way too many guys who have thought of making a female robot for…whatever reason. >_>

    Can we not even mention Kiss Play in this? I would be very very grateful if we don’t mention that.

    So yeah, you have that, but by introducing the concept you now have a problem. Why would something we consider to be genderless now have a gender? What do you do if you’re fundamentally against the very IDEA of it?

    Well, for starters, you quit painting yourself into a corner on the methods of distributed reproduction. Conduits to a primary source, such as the Matrix, are not a distributed method…it’s still a central repository…it just has a network connection; kill the server in this case, and there’s no backup that’s going to come on line. Problem is, I don’t see authors not shooting the whole idea in the foot again in the foreseeable future, so we can safely put this idea to rest.

    I’ll mention again that the central repository method has the inherent flaw of being too vulnerable as well. This is why most species on our world have it within each of its members to create another generation. Even hive organisms like ants and bees have millions of queens running around to continue their species’ existence.

    Which then brings me to my point. On a very fundamental level, the organisms on our planet are really just a very specialized form of nanotechnology. Not so different from how the Transformers seem to be described in recent books. Gender based reproduction seems to work pretty well for us, I don’t see that it would be that big a problem for another type of nano based organism to use it as well. This would probably be a major necessity for a war of attrition going on for millions of years…replacement of those fallen is likely one of their biggest issues outside of their search for food…err fuel.

    I’m not saying to get down and dirty with the techno porn here; keep the mechanics of it (so to speak) to yourself. Let the fandom speculate til doomsday, I could care less about the how of it, only that it does happen. But you have a solution here already willing and eager…might as well use it.

    And if someone happens to write a Transformer love story, you can always call up Hasbro and have them okay a G2 style 12 issue blood bath to wash the taste of it out of your mouth if it bugs you that much. Then again, there were problems with that as well…but that’s another topic, heh.

  29. Simon Hall says:

    Perhaps some of the characters we recognise as male are female..? Striker from Beast Machines wasn’t as overtly feminine as Arcee or BlackArachnia…

  30. Simon Hall says:

    Taking into account the above comments, how about this… (assuming certain established bits of other TF continuity exsist in the IDW-verse)

    In G2, the TFs were originally born out of Primus’ very self and then subsequent generations were produced in a similar fashion. The Tfs then develop the ability to replicate a la celluar division. They also have the Matrix which can restore/ grant life. Tinkering with Energon can also do this, as noted in Dreamwave’s series.

    As stated above, tinkering with energon and/or the Matrix is not a sustainable way for a society to develop – certainly not on the scale that the TFs now exsist at (i.e. spread across many many galaxies). From established fiction, we assume that it must be on some variation of celluar divison, perhaps similar to creating a back up file and then making amendments on the copy and not the original – to use a very crude analogy.

    Lets say that as in G2, this ability does get watered down to the extent that the life that is being produced is defective in some manner. TF scientists may then look at other ways to continue their lineage, as the war casualties mount. Perhaps by studying life on other planets, Scientists such as Jihaxus hit upon the idea of mixing in gender and (to tap into Beast Machines teritory) organic matter to encourage the development of new offspring that will not be deficient. Unfortunate TFs are picked at random to be volunteers.

    These experiments may have lead to the ability to ‘birth’ in someway shape or form protoform TFs and/or Sparks. This then becomes the norm for Cybertronian society and leads to some er, interesting developments (e.g. BlackArachnia falling for Silverbolt and Rattrap alluding to topless bars, both from Beast Wars).

    Maybe they mate like on Lawnmower Man… melding into one?!

  31. Chris N says:

    Enjoyed it. Not really got much more to add.

    Massive points for Kick-Off. Wooha.

    And seeds obviously being put down for the future smash hit “Spotlight: Skyjack”. Can’t wait.

  32. Justin says:

    Simon I just read Arcee and I loved it. Alex’s art was perfect for the task. Because you introduced us to Jhiaxus’ work we already had an idea of how radical this guy was and how the transformers viewed him so when we introduce Arcee it’s plausible and fits the character. So first hurdle cleared with a thumbs up! πŸ™‚ Now while we have some questions answered more remain, especially why did ‘fembots’ continue. Arcee bitterly remarks about how she didn’t meet Jihaxus’ ideal and was cast aside but we saw a few examples of ‘fembots’ in spotlight megatron so someone carried on, or Jihaxus made more? I hope this is answered at some point and hopefully soon since Jihaxus is now stepping into the spotlight.

    Scorponok! Scorponok! Ultra Magnus just barely nicked him, nicked him and now half his face is falling off!!! What the hell!? I didn’t see that one coming. Why didn’t he just jump into a cryo regenteration capsule?

    Can you please please let me know what the transformers time scale is compared to ours. Cycles, megacycles, klicks, nano klicks. I’ve read all of the spotlights all of the infiltration, escalation, devastation and I still can’t nail it down. Please help!

    I really love the potential this story has and hope you guys keep up the good work!


  33. Justin says:

    sorrry not spotlight megatron, megatron origin. ( I know what I’m talking about and you know what I’m talking about so there! πŸ™‚

  34. simon furman says:

    Again, thanks for all the feedback. I don’t think there will ever be an explantion for ‘female’ (or ‘male’ for that matter) Transformers that satisfies everyone, simply because it’s like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. It’s like saying the T-X in Terminator 3 is female because ‘it’ looks like one. It’s not. It’s a Terminator, a robot, end of. But I didn’t think ‘looks like’ was good enough for Arcee and the rest. So, for the purposes of the IDW/TF-verse (and I’m not seeking to re-write or overwrite classic TF, that it what it is, like it or otherwise), there is no gender. But someone like Jhiaxus, having witnessed the gender divide in other species, may have become intrigued, and ‘in the name of science’ decided to introduce/force gender on one of their own (to see what benefits, if any, it brings). ‘Transsexual’ means the swapping the characteristics of one sex for another. That’s not what happened here. Arcee is like ‘Eve’, but the trouble is, there’s no ‘Adam.’ And no other ‘Eves’. Or are there?

  35. Charles RB says:

    Only just got the Spotlight and was quite happy with it – my only complaint is not enough on Arcee’s origin, it’s a strong idea and I felt more could’ve been done elaborating on the horror of the experiments, how it drove her mad and all that. I do quite like the understated bit on her isolation though, with people inadvertently reminding her she’s alien every time they _talk_ to her.

    Onslaught’s cool response to Arcee’s debut and Vortex carrying on with the job (and dissing Fort Max as he leaves) were great, fully selling them as super-competent soldiers.

  36. Denyer says:

    “Non distributed solutions”

    Build a neural net, populate it with data. For story balance require resources that neither faction has sufficient access to, and/or cultural stigma directed towards mind copies or lesser, partially-developed AI.

    We’re talking about beings with lifespans in millions of years that can cross interstellar distances, use matter-to-energy transporter tech, destroy or seed worlds, etc. Even humans have been developing basic machine intelligences in the few decades they’ve been discussed.

  37. Jazzblack says:

    A great issue. Good to see that Autobots can lack moral fibre too. I just saw the Mirage spotlight, it is booty. IDW should allow no one but Simon Furman to write Transformers material.

  38. Charles RB says:

    I dunno, Nick Roche did a brilliant Spotlight.

  39. Jazzblack says:

    Charles RB , you are right, I forgot about the Kup Spotlight, it is an impressive story.

  40. Dawfydd says:

    Personally I found the Mirage spotlight to be intriguing, and provided a nice twist on the character. I’m just wondering if this means that there are now two mirage’s tooling around the IDW-verse…
    And the more I re-read Arcee, the more I enjoy it. I’m contiunally blown away with the size of the cast, and how the majority of them get enough dialogue to give us a flavour for the character respective peronalities.
    I’ve also enjoyed reading Simon’s reasonings for why he made the choices he did regarding transformer gender, and just have to wonder Simon, is there any chance IDW might compile some of your thoughts on this subject for the third Spotlight collection?
    Just a thought…

  41. Coptur says:

    Two Mirage minds one body, simliar to Punch/Counterpunch or Doubledealer/Dealer but without the physical change.

  42. Tom says:

    I LOVE it. πŸ™‚

  43. Jenner says:

    Well, are we going to get an explanation for the fembots in Megatron:Origin? Also, when in the IDWverse timeline did Jhiaxus have his way with Arcee?


  44. GuardianPrime says:

    I don’t mind Arcee’s origins but I can’t stand they had to turn her, usually one of the most caring Autobots ever, into a psychotic killing machine who is technically a Transformer Transsexual. A little over the top there.

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