This time next week, I’ll be bound for Derry in Northern Ireland for what to me is one of THE comics events of this or any year — the 2D Comics Festival (which runs over the weekend of May 31st-June 2nd). I genuinely can’t think of a more user-friendly festival than Derry’s 2D, and this year’s guest list is beyond phenomenal. The biggest and best ever. (Well, Derry is the 2013 City of Culture!) I’ll be there on the Saturday and Sunday, for both the daytime 2D Comics Fair (where I’ll have a fixed spot to meet and greet) and the evening panels at Sandinos. And with me will be the one and only Geoff Senior, making a truly rare convention appearance. I’ll have my usual signed scripts, comics and script/comic packs for sale, and no doubt Geoff will have art prints available. And on the Saturday evening, Geoff and I (along with Mike Collins) will be hosting a dedicated Transformers panel/Q&A. And we’re joined over the weekend by a host of the top comics talent, including Andy Diggle, Robbie Morrison, David Hine, Mick McMahon, Garry Leach and many more. For full details (and the full guest list) check out the 2D website here! Look forward to seeing you there!

5 Responses to THE 2013 CONVENTION TRAIL (5)

  1. Luke says:

    I’m hearing that there was a special announcement regarding Mr Senior and future art duties?!?!?!

    • simon furman says:

      Yup. Geoff is one of 5 (count ’em, FIVE!) noted Transformers artists contributing to the innards of issue #0. Just seen some of the art and boy, you are in for a treat!

  2. Ron says:

    Simon…what’s this issue 0 chatter with Geoff on art?!?!

    • simon furman says:

      #0 will slot in between #94 and #95. Stuff that would only, otherwise, have been seen in kind of abridged/flashback form in the final arc now has real room to breathe. Trust me, it’s essentially stuff. So while we are going to kind of leave you hanging at the end of #94 for an extra month, what happens in #0 is going to blow your minds!

      • Patrick Argos says:

        Just a hunch but could issue Zero refer to Zero Space ? If it slots between 94-95 than it could be labeled issue 94.5 . The fact that it is not could be a clue 😉

        Anyways thanks for everything . Sorry you are so busy but the results are worth it . At least to us 😉

        Take care Sir 😉

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